Snippet Sunday – Valkyrie’s Pt 4 The Mission

Courtesy of VL Locey

Courtesy of VL Locey

The mission: an archeological expedition to old ruins that are marked by two inscribed rune stones.

Today’s snippet is a bit from Helena’s motivation for taking on this monumental task.

Helena rubbed her eyes. The thin air was playing tricks on them because it almost looked like the pendant was glowing. Lifting it from her chest with it resting in the palm of her hand she scrutinized the stone at its center. A sparkling energy seemed to be dancing within it, but as she focused in on those spots, it was the same old stone. She closed her eyes, inwardly scolding herself for letting her imagination run away.

Letting out a deep slow breath, when she opened her eyes she went back to her notes. This was the nervous energy that tightened it’s grip in her gut. This was the pulsation of every heart beat since the day the picture was taken so long ago. The call of the ancients is how her father had described it. Now she felt it stronger than ever.

In her dreams, she heard the great horn sound. Upon the sound of it, she sprouted wings and took flight saving warriors. She fought bravely, feeling such an adrenaline rush as she swept in snatching brave men, laughing as she moved about untouched. Nothing could harm her, nothing even scratched her. It was her ‘superhero dream’.

Easing back into her seat, she let the memories of those dreams fill her mind as she popped another chocolate piece into her mouth. Helena the Brave, saving the day, setting things right, evening the odds in battle. Doodles filled her journal, drawings of a flying super warrior woman. On one page she had drawn a picture of herself and Gabby flying over a battlefield, their hair blowing in the wind, wings on their backs, portrayed as Valkyrie’s of Viking lore. The image sparked Gabby to make a painting of her simple sketch only with more detail. It now hung framed in their house. It was in fact, the painting that won her a prestigious scholarship.

Their mom was so proud of that painting and dad was beside himself with pride when he saw it at the art exhibit. It was the closest she’d ever seen her dad to crying. She missed them so much. There were times that she would get excited and want to share some news then realize they were gone and get sad all over again. She knew they would be proud of her and her sister.

She could feel the calling, pounding of her heart as the plane drew closer to their homelands. That part of her that was awakened recognized she was going home.

What are your thoughts on time travel? I’ve heard many theories about time travel from various angles. Some are ridiculous and some sound as if scientifically it would be possible. I’m considering sharing  a bit about that for my next snippet from one of the other characters who knows all those scientific nerdy things kind of like Dr. Ian Malcolm except with quantum physics and not chaos theory.

I don’t know. Y’all may think I was smoking something wacky or drinking too much wine (ironically my chiropractor says I should be drinking it more often!) or needed better ventilation while painting. Or I suppose you could be astounded by my brilliance.  It could go either way.

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