February Challenge


A friend shared this with me today on Facebook. I had never heard of this, but  hey I didn’t have a February challenge yet so . . . guess what? TADA! My February Challenge for 2016 is #authorlifemonth.

Since I’m a few days  behind I’ll play a bit of catch up.

Day 1: My books.

I only have the one so far, but many others lined up for publication. Red Wine & Roses has received great ratings so far!

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Day 2: Your author photo: 

UGH!  I hate sharing my photos. Well here goes:author photo 011


Day 3: Your last 5 star read. Domechild  by Shiv Ramdas.

I’ve read more than a few books since then, but it did say 5 star. I don’t like to leave reviews for books that I deem less than 2 stars,  and the 2 stars are rare.  If I like a book it’s 3, if I think it’s pretty good  it’s a 4,  if I think it is really good then it’s a 5!

Day 4:Your WIP

Valkyrie’s Curse:  The Awakening

Helena Eskildson has always been obsessed by Viking legend and lore. Little did she know that she and her sister are descendants of the key bearer, Eskeldor. They are, in fact, Valkyries, the fearsome warrior maidens that choose who will die in battle and who will live. Helena’s obsession leads her to her father’s hometown of Roskilde and the two monolithic stones that mark the journey of Vikings.
As Helena and her archaeological crew begin working on the dig, a sinister presence lurks on the ancient site. Through a freak accident, Helena’s Valkyrie blood allows her to slip through a hidden door. What waits inside for her is beyond her wildest imagination.
Is the site cursed by Loki, the Trickster, or is the danger more human in nature? Can Helena’s friends decipher the rune stones and find the key before the killer finds them or will the gjallerhorn be blown to signal the beginning of Ragnarök, the end of days?
Genre – Action adventure/Paranormal Fantasy

I was going to go ahead and share Day 5,  but I have to do some research.  I’m not sure what that even is.

*scratches head*  I already have tomorrow’s scheduled – sort of by request of Dana I’m sharing more about my bullet journal. If I can figure out what the next few are, I’ll share them on Saturday.

Write on my friends, write on!