Snippet Sunday – Valkyrie’s Maniacal Plans

Courtesy of VL Locey

Courtesy of VL Locey


Now is the real test as to whether my “readers” will like the direction of my new WIP. If you were expecting spicy romance, predictable romance, or . . . . romance you may have to wait for another couple of books. This excerpt is from chapter 8: Maniacal Plans where my antagonist begins his master plan.

Grab yourself a stiff drink and have a seat.

This creature’s purpose was to provide the lifeblood needed to gain the attention of Tyr. It wasn’t a random choice. He watched, listened for clues. The gods didn’t accept random choices, there were specific requirements. She met all those requirements and was eager to fulfill her destiny.

Who was he to deny her fate?

He went to his dufflebag and took out the folded dress bag, the Kjolepose. She was a petite girl, she’d easily fit inside. Carefully lifting her, taking great care to not get her blood on his clothes he transferred her lifeless form to the bag. Brushing the hair from her face, knowing that she was a vain creature, she wouldn’t like her hair being mussed or her clothes in disarray. He grasped at the two sides of the bra, pinning them together with a safety pin. Then he took care to adjust her blouse, smoothing down the front as the blood soaked into the fabric. He couldn’t do much about that. Slowly and carefully he zipped the bag.

“We’re going to the yacht now my darling. You did very well.” He lifted her from the stone, breing very gentle to set her on the ground at his feet, continueing to talk with her as he cleaned the stone.

He took the rags from the bag, and began to scrub. “Your parents would be so proud of you. I”m sure they weren’t too happy with your previous behaviour. Allowing yourself to be used by boys for their pleasure, degrading yourself to gain their attention. I don’t understand why such a pretty young girl such as yourself would demean herself so.”


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