February Challenge continued

Just a few minutes ago I shared the post that I wrote on Eclectic Bard Books blog – but you can go here if you missed.

I spent the bulk of yesterday running errands.  Driving around to be specific for those who use public transportation.  I don’t want to mislead anyone in thinking that I am actually running when I’m not.  Some day, but not this day.

Today has been spent in the trenches.  I’ve met and exceeded my word count goal! Woo hoo!

My eldest daughter calls from college and tells me ” wanna hear a funny thing?” Then she proceeds to tell me. . . yesterday I was in class. I’m like, “Is that the funny part??”  A mother’s worry about her daughter at college – one of the worries is that she is blowing off  and skipping classes.

She proceeds to tell me, “No mom, that isn’t the funny part. Jeez.”

I swear I could see the eye rolls over the phone.

Being in a particularly good mood I   elaborated on a previous question about her assignment.  You can give your two cents worth as well.  Her  capstone project is about the seven deadly sins and seven virtues.  She is making a character for each one and the discussion was pertaining to envy.

She was making her character a mermaid, based on legends of such to portray envy as a mermaid.  I gave her reasons why this was a brilliant idea.  My argument for: fish are gorgeous in the water.  Consider a rainbow trout, their scales are iridescent, sparkly, shimmery. But you take the fish out of the water and they are slimy and stinky. Then if you consider such fish as barracudas or piranha, with gnarly teeth  it definitely works.  Her professor was not as easily convinced. Of course, this professor doesn’t even know what an incubus is. REALLY??  This is an art instructor. How, just how?

Anyway, since I downloaded most of the thoughts from my head pertaining to  what’s on my mind on the other blog up there,  I will still update the February Challenge.  Just real quick – 4 agreements. Breathe, breathe, breathe. It will all be ok.

On to fun stuff!


Day 8: Awesome moment – 

Wow,  there have been many. Let’s see most recently . . . ah OK.  I  had to  go back into the WIP and rewrite several chapters because my taglines  conflicted with my main plot. I thought  my tagline was creative and I was well pleased with myself for it.  Then the stress began, the mental hand wringing ensued as I  worked out the details so I could use my ending line – because it WAS GOOD! and I Had to use it!  My bullet journal is filled with days of notes for this. THEN I GOT IT!

Day 9: Challenge Overcome – 

For every single story that I have ever come up with, the  conflict.  In Red Wine & Roses,  it was  what conflict is keeping them apart? For Valkyrie’s/Awakening it was how to get her out of the tunnels. For Valkyrie’s/Trial it was  what would the challenge be for the trial.  It took some serious brainstorming to come up with my solutions and I’m certain that there will be critics that don’t like what I did or who dies, or . . . well I don’t want to give too much away.

Day 10:Non-author photo –

Really?  You guys are gluttons for punishment. ACK! I  hate this. Now is the moment that I am second guessing my agreement to do this. IS it too late to quit? What if I just quit? What if. . .   oh fine. I’m not a quitter.

I clean up occasionally.

I clean up occasionally.

Day 11: A fave review

Wonderful Romance, Extra Spicy

I find the irony of this priceless.  I hope that this gentleman wasn’t  too terribly upset with the read, but come on it’s romance.  I take it he’s never read any of the stuff I had posted on Storytime Trysts.  I just love his delicately chosen verbatim – he states that parts were well written, and the plot was good,  just ‘haven’t  you people ever heard of . . closing the doors.’ Hehehehe – what fun would ther be in that?

Write on my friends, write on!