Journaling and Challenge

I had good intentions for posting yesterday –   it was supposed to be all about my bullet journal.

My new obsession.


2016-02-04 11.17.18

First off, I didn’t spend a fortune as this is my first go at this venture. Here is my 35 cent notebook. Nothing fancy.  In case you haven’t figured out by now,  I tend to the cheap at times.  The fancy Leuchtern and moleskin journals will go on the wish lists for gifts. Pens as always goes on the list. For now,  this is like the pencil draft before applying the India ink.  

I can tell you that I already want one a bit larger as this one is a bit too compact. This is filling up fast! 

Next time – a bit larger.

2016-02-04 11.17.51

My key or legend  – very simple and straight forward. Nothing fancy schmancy yet.  Well ok, my title I played a little with  one of my Calligraphy pens.  You’ll see on the photo – an inspirational photo for a tropical destination that I have written out the phrase that  I liked from the first video –

Track the past, organize the present and plan the future! 

I don’t like my index –  but like I said I considered this a trial run so I’m not fretting over it.

On to fun stuff!


Day 12: Killed darlings – 

In Red Wine & Roses, I didn’t kill anyone. Honest! I wanted to, but it wasn’t that kind of story. I mean JoAnne and Ashleigh, right? But no. WHAT? Why are you laughing?

Day 13: A fave book in genre –  

Katie McAlister – Love in the Time of Dragons.

Nora Roberts -The Reef

Lynn Kurland – A DAnce Through TIme

Day 14:Fav of my covers 

Since this is the only one out –  then the winner is . . . Red Wine & Roses

11924560_1472539119715060_6584436532208606751_n (3)


Teaser for BUllet Journal – check;

Update for February Challenge – check

Blogging on a Saturday – BONUS!

Now get on with the Romancing and chocolate eating!

Write on my friends, write on!