Snippet Sunday – A Valentine’s Excerpt

Courtesy of VL Locey

Courtesy of VL Locey


Who would have thought finding a romantic excerpt would be so difficult?

I’m sure for anyone that has read Red Wine you are expecting hot and steamy . . . .this isn’t that kind of book!

Keep in mind that this is during revision and prepublication. I shared a snippet from chapter 1 HERE.


Discovering our true destiny is revealed

by our deepest passions.


Helena leaned backwards over the back of the chair stretching. “What do you say we go into Roskilde before the undergrads show up?”

Scott startled. “You mean just the two of us?”

“I don’t bite Scott. Come on we’ve been in the department since we were sophomores together.“ Then she grinned and added, “Well, I won’t bite too hard anyway.”

“Sure, if you can drive.” He shifted slightly. He’d wanted her that long, yes. He wanted her the first day of class, but decided that he’d get to know her better. By the third week of the semester, Bryce had already asked her out. He’d been kicking himself ever since.

“No problem. Let me wrap up here. I’ll meet you at the Land Rover in about ten minutes ok? I’ll just go change into something less grimy.”

He could have done back flips! He hurried to his tent, and quickly changed into a fresh shirt. Scott stood, leaning against the Land Rover when Helena walked towards it, talking on her cell phone. His heart instantly sank. It was probably Bryce.

When she closed her phone and tucked it away, she looked irritated. She climbed silently into the vehicle. He did likewise. She turned the ignition on, then slammed it into gear and sped away, throwing gravel behind them.

“Whoa there Speedy. Want to talk about it?”

She sighed, a very loud exhale before slamming on the brakes and pulling over on the side of the road. “It’s just everything, alright? First Bryce gets alll with me as I’m getting on the plane, now Dr. Montgomery wants to make a camp inspection tomorrow and he’s scheduled the Denmark officials to visit Friday. Hell, we don’t even have the place mapped yet. We just freaking got here! We’re not even fully staffed and he wants everything done now!”

Scott leaned over and took her hand in his. “It’s OK. We’ll do what we can. Brad is holding down camp with his cyber chick. We’ll get on the mapping first thing in the morning.” He squeezed her hand. “Tell you what, I’ll buy. You need to unwind!”

They drove the rest of the short trip discussing the site, the undergrads, rumors about the professor, and reminiscing about their first two digs together. By the time Helena parked the car at Gimle’s, they were laughing together. The shared a quick meal, then headed downstairs to the nightclub area.

Somewhere between the second and third Carlsberg, they shared a slow dance together. Scott held her close, but was cautious about making her feel pressured or obligated.

“You know what Scott?” She laid her head on his shoulder.

He hugged her tighter, his hand gently caressing her back. God she smelled good and felt so good in his arms. “What Helena?”

She lifted her head and looked him in the eyes, leveling a serious look at him. “You are a true gentleman.” Then she kissed him softly. Her lips barely brushing against his, but lingering as she gently sucked his lower lip.

Scott was instantly hard. His body wanted to walk her to the back wall and take her right now in a frenzied fashion. His head said she deserved so much more. As she started to pull away, his hand flew to the back of her head and held her there as he deepened the kiss, his tongue teasing, swiping against her lips, requesting access. Slowly she parted for him. As they stood together in their embrace kissing, the room surrounding them seemed to disappear.


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