Challenge Update


I’ve been really bad about this. Gee is it the 20th already???? How did that happen?

Alright well let’s get to it.

Day 15: SWAG

I like swag. Contrary to a few others, I love swag, love to see what swag others come up with. Most people put out bookmarks, rackcards, maybe a business card. Not me, nope gotta be different.

So, here’s my swag.

2015-09-09 12.56.00

Wine charms for Red Wine & Roses!  I thought it was a fitting match.

Day 16: Where you write

Most of the time I write at our kitchen table.  I had a desk set up, but then when my daughter came home over the holidays, the desktop got covered with her things. I haven’t cleared off her stuff yet, so I set up at the table in the morning. I am remembering why I moved in the first place –  distractions.

Day 17: Where you relax

OH, you mean besides going to the Bahamas?

2015-09-28 18.22.42

OK, so that has only happened once.  I guess the  in home relaxation spot would have to be  on the sofa, either reading or crocheting.

Day 18: Research

I can get lost online researching data.  I hit the library often.  I ask people that I know from a place for details.  Occasionally I get the chance to actually go to a place.

Day 19: Your Critique partner

Actually I have a couple of them. Emily, Misty, Vicki and Cathy.

I swear I will do better for next month’s challenge. Technically I am doing this, but I don’t count it as a win.  More next time – write on my friends, write on!