Inspiration Source

What do you do when Inspiration does NOT strike?  It is elusive, evading your every turn, seemingly nowhere to be found. What do you do?

One of the ways I prime my idea pump is by reading other blogs for inspiration, pep talks, encouragement, craft ideas, and general interests.

My TOP 10 blogroll:

  1. Kristen Lamb’s Blog
  2. Terrible Minds – Chuck Wendig
  3. Michael Hyatt
  4. The Better Man Project 
  5. Boho Berry – bullet journaling
  6. HOmetalk
  7. AuthorMistyHarvey
  8. Cathy Writes Romance
  9. Thoughts From A Yodeling Goatherder
  10. Grammar Girl

I hope you can find some inspiration in this list as well!

BONUS: Unfinished Business

Alrighty,  I’ve tried to keep up with this month’s challenge but failed.  Technically I am calling it done,  but in my heart I call this one a fail.  So to pick up where we left off:


Last time I shared a post on this challenge (Challenge Update) I covered thru swag- day 15.  Do you realize that it is the 27th????  Holy hotdogs batman!

Day 16: Where I write – A couple of years ago I moved my desk into the third bedroom when my eldest left for college. Then she comes home for the holidays and the summers.  Hmm,  not really a good set up as I lose my writing space when she’s here.  The basement is cold. Therefore, I have returned to my kitchen table. Most of the time I use a corner of the table with my stuff spread out while I work. Yes, I’m one of those.

When we move,  I am going to have a proper office with a craft area and a writing desk. This shuffling back and forth stuff blows.

Day 17: Where I Relax – Typically the end of the sofa next to the bookcase. Whether I am crocheting, reading, watching a walking dead marathon, or fail army videos – it’s my favorite spot to just chill.  Considering we don’t’ have a pool, it’s the best I can do.

Day 18: Research – My latest research has been on Vikings, Valkyries, Norse gods, norse mythology, pagan rituals, and pagan customs.

Day 19: Your Critique partners – My chatty chicks morning sprint group is also my critique partners.  Specifically Misty Harvey, author of 2 horror books. We are like soul sisters. She keeps me accountable!

Day 20: Fave Chapter Ending – in Red Wine & Roses, my favorite chapter ending was when Julia fell into the ravine – I thought that cliffhanger worked well.   OH, also spoiler for anyone that  hasn’t read it, and if you haven’t  WHY NOT?   For my WIP, Valkyrie’s Curse, it is when the boys translate the rune stones.

Day 21: Your Muse – you might want to sit down, maybe back away from the screen a bit.  I know this is very anti-writerly of me,  but I fired my muse years ago. She was fickle and wasn’t earning her keep.

I guess if anything my muse is my inner voice that alternates between saying ‘you can do it!‘ and the drill sergeant that hovers over me barking – Get off your lazy duff and write the damn story! These things don’t write themselves. What do you think, the words are magically going to fall from your mouth onto the screen??? NO!!! Sit your ass in the chair and write, damn you write! Write like your life depends on it. Write like you  only have a month to live. Write like it’s the key to the treasure in Solomon’s mines. Write – I didn’t say you get up for a break get back in that chair!
anyway. . . .

Day 22: A dedication page – from Red Wine and Roses

For my true love – Larry

Thank you for never giving up on me, or on us and for encouraging me when I wanted to quit. For all the years that I’ve spent pursuing my dreams of publication and understanding,  and not laughing at me, you’ve been there through the crazy highs and lowly lows.


 For my girls, for laughing at my jokes, listening to my scenes and ideas and understanding my “scary” excited expression.

For your sacrifices, family nights missed, thrown together meals, spaghetti nights, and a million questions during a movie because I was thinking about the next scene inside my head. Family is the best treasure and  you three are the best!

Day 23: Bucket List Item –  Visit every Island in the Caribbean!

Day 24: Bucket List Item done – Go to Disney world

Day 25: Pimp a pub-sib –   A fellow St. Louisan – Suzie T. Roos 

Day 26: A fave book outside genre – The Four Agreements

Day 27: Your Signature 


Day 28: Fave event outfit/accessory – pearl earrings and necklace that my husband bought me for our 30th!

Day 29: Favorite character –  Of all my characters, in all of my stories. . . .  well in Red Wine & Roses my favorite is Mr. Jackowski. BUT, my all time favorite is Bran, younger brother to the Laird of the Green Dragons. I guess it made an impression when he waltzed in stark naked, ripped, covered  with the sheen of exertion from flying across the ocean.  I may have to bump Kiss of the Dragon up in my order of revisions.

Write on my friends, write on!