BUJO Reflections

You’ve heard me sing its merits, er uh,  maybe not sing.  That would be bad. Anyway, I’ve been talking about the merits of using a bullet journal. Which got me thinking . . . .

Oh yes,  you know that’s bad right?  The gears started grinding,  the smoke was getting thick.

I joined a group on Facebook called Bullet Journal Junkies, it seemed appropriate.  I enjoy seeing the shared images of different bullet journals,  occasionally glean an idea here or there, and the enthusiasm is contagious.

After looking at the lovely artwork,  the page layouts,  the trackers, the beautiful calligraphy I began to feel overwhelmed and outdone. In fact,  my meager chicken scratch seems like a grade schooler attempt next to a master.

Goal setting is an important aspect of my planning.  I set goals at the beginning of the year,  at the beginning of the month and at the beginning of each week.  What do I need to do in order to reach the goals that I have set? What priorities are assigned to which goal?  I have to know these things in order to accomplish anything – honestly.  I am definitely the free spirit,  but I know for certain I absolutely need some semblance of a schedule and a deadline.  Without a deadline I drift aimlessly, distractions take up my time, and I never make progress towards my goals. OOH SHINY!

So back to the Junkies group,  most of the pages that are shared are absolutely beautiful. I don’t have time to make each page a masterpiece.  Some write in pencil first then go over it ink.

Really? You have that kind of time on your hands?  You probably scrub your baseboards too, don’t you? 

Artistic doodles, lovely drawings, perfect mandalas, gorgeous script writing . . . and I feel more and more deflated.

Why do you bullet journal in the first place?

I was ready to throw my feeble attempts in the trash, only  . . . it had all the important stuff in it.  Then I thought about it, about the question above. I put a poll on the group asking how they use their bullet journals. I gave four options, whether it was a hobby, for organizational purposes, for fun, or a bit of all three.  The results were astounding! There are a lot of liars! HAHAHAHA! I’m going to go with that because it’s too depressing to think that they have it all together and I am fumbling so badly. Do NOT leave me a comment and tell me I am fumbling I will hunt you down!

I sulked for a couple of days, not keeping up with my bujo, but then, the light bulb moment. What difference does it make  what anyone else’s looks like?  What difference does it make whether I write in  fancy print or  crayon? It doesn’t!


The reason I started using a bullet journal was  because I was impressed with Ryder Carrol’s video of his system. I needed a system.  I needed a way to organize  my four planners,  my multiple sticky notes, notes scribbled on scraps of paper, and the stack of notebooks that grew at an astonishing rate.

For me, it is an organizational tool. I decorate with some doodles and sketches, mostly when I am on the phone because that is when I doodle. Or when I am daydreaming I sometimes make little sketches. My journal contains a lot of notes, questions, like – What was the motive? Why will the killer kill the second guy? Why is (s)he going after the MC? Layout my breadcrumbs.  Research about the nail gun –  is it feasible?  What about the red herring?

You know what? It works for me! It’s mine! Personalized tailor suited to me by me. I don’t need anyone else’s approval on how it looks or how it is laid out.  I’ve shared my images here in my enthusiasm for finding a tool that helps increase my productivity! If you want pretty, go look at BOHO BERRY.

I don’t need another distraction in my life, and for  a time there, I was distracted  by all the prettiness that others incorporate into their journals. For pretty I bought WASHI tape. OK, a lot  of WASHI tape. That’s another matter.

My point is this: the reason I was so excited and still are about the bullet journal is that in its flexibility I can tailor it to suit my needs. This is a tool! A fun tool but a tool never the less.

What anyone chooses to record in it is their business. For me, it’s  the perfect planner/calendar/notes/tracker/catch-all organizer. Creating order from the usual chaos is a total win for me!

THAT is why I recommend it to my friends. THAT is why I dedicated  several posts to bullet journaling.

A tool is only as effective as how you are using it. Mine is  a one of a kind original masterpiece.

I hope  it works for you! If not,  then find a tool that will work for you.

Write on my friends, write on!