Writing is Like . . .

Writing is like crocheting.

You start with  raw materials.

IMG_20150401_145808iPhone 5, Pen And Notebook On Wooden Desk


It’s up to each individual what they create with their raw materials.

Each one is a unique  creation, even though several may start with the same resources.

It takes time to build row upon row until you have  a finished product whether it’s a scarf or afghan, or a novella or novel.

At first it is slow to take shape,  then it can get tiresome doing the same thing over and over again, in a monotonous routine that makes slow progress.

Then one day, the end is in sight! It has taken shape and just needs a few finishing touches.

Finally, when it’s completed there is a sense of accomplishment, elation, and of course the critical eye of the creator taht sees every flaw and error.

Whether it’s an afghan or a novel, the  creator/author is always the most critical of their own work.

Write on my friends, write on!