Sunday Snippet – The End Is Near

Courtesy of VL Locey

Courtesy of VL Locey

Last week’s schedule went from normal to off the charts in 3 hours time. Amongst the other items on my todo list, we discovered termites. GAAAAAHHHH!

Priorities – this suddenly became first and foremost on the list. We can’t have our house come crumbling down around our ears. Once that was addressed, it was time to drive south to pick up our daughter for Spring Break. Drive time is a good brainstorming time. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any way to write my thought down while driving.

I’m just about to the point  of sending this to my Beta readers. I’m going to do something that I swore I would never do – share the ending.  This part doesn’t give away the ending, exactly, . . in that sense  . . . but I am pleased with this bit that leads into  the second book.


Aella knelt on the dewy grass, brushing his hand over the thick green carpet. He’d forgotten how good it smelled, how soft it could feel, the vibrancy of colors. His senses were overwhelmed with everything at once. A lone tear trailed down his cheek, his jaw clenched in the realization of the time he found himself in.  The ache in his heart grew into a painful chasm: a chasm beyond time, beyond reality or the dreamworld, beyond his comprehension. Clutching his sword against his heart while bowing his head, he  knew he was truly alone.  

The Valkyries  that stood beside him, the men that were gathered there were strangers to him. Foreigners  in his land but  ones that rescued him from the Netherheil. He swallowed hard, tasting the bile that rose from his gut while at the same time tasting the salt air. The flood of memories washed over  him, nearly causing his knees to buckle. Slowly he rose to his feet, his eyes fixed on the water’s edge below.  With a great heaving sigh, he moved forward accepting whatever his future held.   

“Aella! Where are you going?” Helena took a few steps towards him.  He’d been surly, angry, a pain in her backside but  he was now a part of her circle.  He had the ancient knowledge that she needed and as much as she hated to admit, he’d grown on her. She knew that she  could help him adjust to this time. He couldn’t just walk away.  

Aella stopped,  staring out over the fjord before slowly turning towards her. “I have a debt I wish to repay. A debt of honor.”  

As the group turned  to watch him, Aella trudged down the hill towards the water’s edge.  Fate had spared him this time.  

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