That’s A Wrap

April is going to be a busy month.

I have 3 editing jobs sitting on my desk that need to be completed.

I signed up for Camp Nano – which begins tomorrow. I have no idea what the final word count will be,  but I have 30 points to work from.

I signed up for an AtoZ challenge on their website –  but I don’t know how to add the badge.

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

I can add it as an image, but it’s supposed to be a badge over there on the right side. this will be a new thing for me – photography. Bear with me because I’m not the most talented in photography.

I’ll explain more tomorrow when I post the first  one.

Wrapping up March –  I hit my goal of blogging 15 times! YAY.  I hit my goal for the year of having 1200 followers – holy freaking wow! (that is including publicize)

I did not reach my goal of having Valkyrie’s Curse ready to send to my beta readers. DARN IT! Soon, though, very soon.

I mailed out prizes for the most recent online event that should arrive next week.

Meanwhile, I am scratching my head wondering where the month went to, while planning out the next month in my bujo.

Fresh month, a fresh start, and a fresh story!

Write on my friends, write on!


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