A to Z Challenge – J, K, and other stuff.


Before we dive in . . .

I want to add an important “I” word.



The American standard measurement.  The amount I’ve lost in my waist that boosts my mood exponentially! The difference between misery and comfort in your clothes.

By the way, just in case you missed that –  I’ve lost ONE INCH so far in my waist. That one inch has  lifted my spirits and given me the stamina to persevere in my continued endeavors.

Now, to address J.  AHEM. Well, yesterday should have been J.  I spent the bulk of my free time yesterday visiting with my 92-year young aunt in a skilled nursing facility. She is currently in the rehabilitation section, but will be transferred this week to the assisted living.


Blogging doesn’t  mean that you put everything else on hold.  It means that I fit it in when I can.  The important things in life come first. Family matters. As much as I appreciate my followers and visitors here, the family will always come first.

You may not get that at first from my usual Jovial demeanor,  but my family is extremely important to me. You can call that justification for not posting my J’s  or not, but family is not a JOKE to me even though we laugh and have good times.

However, because  my sense of order and balance requires it,  here are  my J pictures.


J – Jellybeans

I bought this bag of jellybeans for Easter, then promptly forgot to put them out. After photographing them, I did a daring thing –  I ate a couple of the black ones. I usually only pick out the red and orange, but I had a few of each except the white. *shudders*  The licorice flavor of the black can be managed in small doses.  The whatever the heck flavor the white ones are – a big heaping dose of NOPE.  The pink ones –  yeah I only ate one of those, but technically I tried it. Purple – that was so not grape. After a long day, I hate to admit that I ate nearly half of the bag by myself, with the sugar buzz to prove it!


J – Java

Elixir of life, go juice, writer’s lifeblood. The stuff that fantasies are created from, the magical brew that allows morning people to exist, miracle working beverage that transforms the walking dead into vibrant functioning human beings.

If you don’t drink it, I’m sorry you are missing out on its earthy goodness. Non-drinkers don’t get it. But the rest of us – I can see all of those heads nodding, lifting their cups.

My apologies for missing J day,  but then again I make no apologies for giving my time to family.

Shall we move on?

I thought as much.


K- Keys

Keys to open doors, and keys  to entertain.


K- Kale

An amazing super food that is great in soups, salads, and on sandwiches.

Just a note though,  the main stem is woody.  I cut the leaves from that main stem. Also, when the temperatures get above 80 it turns bitter if you are raising it in your garden.

Write on my friends, write on!