A to Z Challenge – T



T- Tulips

tulips in a planter

tulips in a planter

I absolutely love the pop of color that these tulips provide inside the concrete planter alongside this building where the owners have painted the brick black.

Funny story – it used to be  just the old bricks. Then this guy drove his car through the side of the building. Poor guy had a heart attack.  Anyway,  after that, they put up a big banner of the Koolaid Pitcher – OH YEAH!

Once they repaired the brickwork, the new bricks didn’t match so the owner painted it black as well as most of the rest of the building.  Inside they need double the lighting that they currently have.

Anyway,  the tulips are pretty!

Write on my friends, and  take time to smell the erm . . . tulips.


3 comments on “A to Z Challenge – T

  1. what gorgeous flowers. They look spectacular against the black. Today in Australia it is Anzac Day, the day when we remember all those who served in wars. Red poppies are every where and at first I thought that this is what they were. All the best with the rest of the A to Z challenge


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