A to Z Challenge – U,V



20160425_080046A familiar thing that we can’t seem to function without!  To connect my phone to the computer to download my pictures, then be able to upload them onto here. Only one problem with that, yesterday and most of today I have not had any internet access.  Isn’t it amazing how fast we become dependent on technology? Ten years ago I was quite happily oblivious to computer usage except that which I used for work.  For the past couple of days, when I have internet access, it’s like having dial up again. Talk about wanting to bang your head on the wall. The other U word I came up with was undies and I’m not posting a pic of those. Yeah, there are  some things that  the world does not need to see.

Moving on!

V – Virginia



My mother – Virginia. She passed away April 11, 2009.  She  had many good qualities, would help anyone that needed it, would give you the shirt off of her back, and greatly enjoyed giving to others. She was hard on her  children, because she wanted us to excel in our lives.  She doted on her grandkids, every single one of them.

Fresh Vegitables On A Table

V- Vegetables

So colorful and healthy! (Can you tell I just went grocery shopping?)  Quality food begins with fresh produce! Well, that’s all the time I have for today since the internet has been wonky. Write on my friends, and  take

Write on my friends, Write on!