A to Z Challenge – W



W- Wisteria


This is larger than it looks in this image. The span from one side of the wisteria to the other is roughly twelve feet. It’s hanging down over this  cliff, from the top. Fifteen years ago there was a lovely white house above this bluff, that didn’t used to be a bluff.  When the house was sold, it was demolished and they cut into the side of the hill to create this bluff on the side of a parking lot next to the grocery store.  Apparently, the bulldozer missed the tree and the  wisteria.

W- Wine


For medicinal purposes. Seriously. No really, per the doctor’s orders.

W- Wings


I know it doesn’t look like it now, but those are wings. Trust me,  you’ll see when it is completed. Oh, and they glow in the dark!

W- Water



Beauty and grace can be a deceptive thing. Beneath the serene surface, danger lurks. Never the less, the ocean draws me, relaxes me and excites me.  No, not in any weird sort of way. I don’t really put much stock in horoscopes but I am a water sign.

Or maybe it’s the landlocked syndrome of being a midwesterner.  Either way, I can’t wait to  smell the salt air again soon. I’m relating more and more to snow birds. I think I may become one.

Write on my friends, write on.


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