Sunday Snippet – The Paradise Plan

Courtesy of VL Locey

Courtesy of VL Locey

In a previous post, I mentioned about various projects.  I shared some snippets from Valkyrie’s Curse: The Awakening before it was sent to my beta readers.  I received some good feedback from them. Unfortunately, I don’t have any dates or details about a release date  on that one.

However, I can’t just sit idle twiddling my thumbs.  I brainstormed with my friend Misty on how to organize my plot, subplots, and back story in this newest venture. I have the raw material. I have specific scenes.  I have an overall arching plan that may extend into a series. What I didn’t have  however,  is the organized flow for the story.

I would still be fumbling over myself if Misty hadn’t  been my sounding board.  Sometimes, a woman just needs to talk it out in order to unwind the strands of spaghetti.

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To that effect, I share my first snippet from The Paradise Plan. Keep in mind that this is first draft material and unedited.

“Why can’t I dispose of the body that way?” Melissa exhaled a deep sigh of frustration as she grabbed the industrial cleaner from the shelf. A few seconds of pause as she crossed her left arm over her midsection, her head tilted at a slight angle, her lips pursed. She’d thought for days to come up with that particular scenario. Countless hours of YouTube videos, too many to even remember about proper tool handling, had filled those days with one dead-end after another until she lit upon this particular idea of using a pneumatic nail gun to kill the victim, then leave him hanging in the ropes dangling off the 8th floor at the construction site. She thought it was perfectly thought out.

“I don’t see why that is a problem. That’s kind of the point, Roz. So he’s discovered the next day and his partner knows that he could be next.”

Do I have your attention yet?  That is my opening. It gets better.  Let me know what you think about this opener.  Again, it is subject to change as it is a first draft. It’s good to be back in  writing mode again,  but I’m also anxious to get some of these others revised and finished.

Write on my friends, write on!

Til next time,