I Did It!

Remember  my last post?  Not the one I shared from Cathy  Brockman’s romance silly, the one before when I said I was still here??

I DID IT!  I finished  not one but two edit jobs and got them off of my desk.

I finished the  mega file course manual exactly 5 minutes ago. (It’s now 12:10 am!)

Now I can focus on . . . oh wait. I have another book to edit. Well darn it! I don’t care.  I’m getting back to making time for MY writing tomorrow. Can’t even think about it right now as I’m so tired I may just sleep on the sofa because I’d have to walk down a long, long hall to get to my bed.

I’ve been jotting down notes, dictating some  things to my Dragon and building a file for  this next book. I’m so excited to start writing it. Who doesn’t love a murder mystery right?

I will get my copies of Valkyrie’s Curse to beta readers by the end of this week,  and then get that one tidied and polished.

Just had to share the exciting news that I FINISHED THE  EDIT JOBS AND THE  MANUAL!

To whomever it was that sent the chocolate and coffee –  I love you!!

Write on my friends, write on! (I’m going to join you  this time!!)




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