Penned Con Update

Penned Con has come and gone.



My little corner of Penned Con. OH and hey, I got my hair cut.


Next time there will be more books and less swag! I may still make sure there is chocolate,  but I’m hoping to have a few more books out by then.  Wow, what a tremendous event Penne Con has been.  They had great keynote speakers,  fantastic panels, fun stuff for everyone, and books, lots and lots of books.

Now that I am rested and mostly recovered,  I am going to be sharing all week long some fun little interviews and pictures that my  husband took from the event.  Today is just a small tease of what is to come. Trust me,  there is more. Lots more.

Trust me,  there is more. Lots more.


Did you doubt that there would be books?

Briefly, this two-day event is well worth any book fans time! All money raised from Penned Con goes to the charity Action for Autism.  I have so much to share,  but I need to organize my thoughts better before I brain dump.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day. Go read a good book, preferably one of mine.  LOL IF not mine, then one of my associates!

Write on my friends, write on!

Ellie Mack

Author Table List

Would you like the opportunity to plan your author table stalking in advance? Need to get a feel for the event layout? Penned Con 2016 is taking over the top floor of the St. Louis City Center Hote…

Source: Author Table List


PLEASE NOTE THIS PAGE IS STILL SUBJECT TO CHANGE PENNED CON SCHEDULE   THURSDAY Sept 22 6-8pm Early Attendee Registration 6-9pm Author Setup FRIDAY Sept 23 9:00 am Registration Opens 10:00 am …

Source: Schedule

3 Days

It’s 3 days until  Penned Con. I’m trying real hard not to freak out.  On a positive note, my books arrived.  That was cutting it  a lot closer than I would have liked  but they have arrived never the less. Whew!

I have my swag. That also arrived in the mail yesterday. Now all I need to do is assemble it. I have packed and unpacked three times. I can’t seem to make everything fit and then realized I am still missing a couple important items for a gift basket.

There are over 900 tickets sold for Penned Con.  It’s the place to be for authors!Well, at least authors that have their act together.  Until yesterday, I thought I would have to be doing a stand-up routine to entertain everyone since I didn’t have books to sign. A portion from sales will go to Action for Autism, so I’m really hoping that  my new book will sell well there.

Keep your fingers crossed! I’ll try to remember to take lots of pictures. OH yes, make sure I bring my charger. *adds to list*   I couldn’t get my manicure today, which was supposed to be a reward for losing 7 pounds. It’s a start anyway, right?  I’ll be calling in a few minutes to see if they can switch my appointment to tomorrow because today I have no transportation. I haven’t decided on clothes to wear. I will be wearing some though, it’s not THAT kind of event.

So many things to do still. Yes, I obsess. Yes, I am nervous.

OH, and one more thing. Quotidiandose:30 Days of Sass is available tomorrow!

Write on my friends, write on! IF you think about it, say a prayer for me. PLEASE!

Editorial Comments

I had a long post planned that was all about Penned Con,  all about Bullet journaling, and all about what’s next on the agenda. That is all going to have to wait because:


Friendly Neighborhood Friday

Make sure you visit and say HI!

A quick summary of the above:

  • Penned Con is only 6 Days away!
  • I still do not have my books.
  • My bullet journal is flooded with panicked notes, phone numbers,  notes from each call, shipment numbers, and I’m too stressed to add any purties to it.
  • What’s next on the agenda? You’ll have to tune in next week to find that out.

Meanwhile,  my frantic Friday continues.

Write on my friends, write on.


Panic at The Penned

“I write books not tragedies.”

Let me tell you a sad story. I have been working frantically preparing for Penned Con 2016. I shared the release of my newest book, also a celebration of the fast approaching 500th post, Quotidiandose: 30 Days of Sass.

I ordered some really cool swag items,  made sure that I have  plenty of rack cards to sign,  and planned my  table layout,  down to every detail. One problem, my books that I ordered did not arrive on Monday as they were scheduled. I waited a day, two days, then I called. WHERE ARE MY BOOKS???

They are going to send me a new shipment to correct their mistake,  but DANG IT, I am freaking out here!

So if you go to Penned, I’ll be the one in the corner with the stand up routine laughing like a loon without any books to sign!

I have a few days  that they could come through.  I ‘m trying to remain positive. It’s difficult. Now if you’ll excuse me I hear the wine calling my name.

Write on my friends, write on!

Find your fave author table… — Penned Con 2016

AUTHOR TABLE LIST Would you like the opportunity to plan your author table stalking in advance? Need to get a feel for the event layout? Penned Con 2016 is taking over the top floor of the St. Louis City Center Hotel on September 23/24. With elevators centrally located and registration nearby you will find […]

via Find your fave author table… — Penned Con 2016

Success in September

Ah September!

There’s a promise of cooler weather, at least some of the days. I am looking forward to fall fests! Our local town will be holding  an Octoberfestus, (Town name is Festus –  I thought it was cute) which is the end of September and beginning of October. Penned Con is coming up fast!

As usual, my to-do list for the month is lengthy. I know, none of you are surprised.

Before I get to the point of  what I wanted to say, I’m going to  take a little side trip. A bit about the to-do list and  the  over scheduling – I went to a training class this past week where we had to do a personality quiz, (yeah, I’ve done those many times and crazy thing – they always come out the same)  and surprise,  I am an overachiever. Was I supposed to be surprised? I mean come on, I could have told them the results before  I ever had to take that stupid quiz. Let’s see on one test – I am

Was I supposed to be surprised? I mean come on, I could have told them the results before  I ever had to take that stupid quiz. Let’s see on one test – I am a choleric/sanguine. On another, the Myer-Briggs I am ENTP,  and on this one – called a DISC test I am a D/I which al translate basically to the same thing –  Type A overachiever.   I’m going to address this again maybe next week,  but for now . . . I was just aggravated that 1. I was required to attend this stupid training class which I have already done before a few years ago and am only required to attend because the director revamped  the courses, but the content is basically the same. Why do I and many of the others have to redo these stupid courses because he feels the need to micromanage and has to redo everything repeatedly? This is the types of things that stress me out. Someone else’s stupidity shouldn’t become a crisis for others. But that’s what happens when you  get a spoiled toddler in charge of things, they get upset and take their ball home when they don’t’ get their way. Or else they make ridiculous requirements for others. Not that I have strong opinions  or anything.

Back to the main point – Success in September.

Part of succeeding at something is planning to succeed.  I am a firm believer in planning. I don’t always follow through, sometimes I change the plans midstream, and other times I toss out the plan altogether.  The point is,  it’s a compass heading.  I have a rough map and a direction to head in.

My success plan for this month is mainly focused on health and fitness. I focused on getting back in my daily habit of writing last month. I plan to continue that while adding another ball in the juggling mix.  Getting myself back to a healthy lifestyle. How in the world did I get so far off track? Oh gosh, who knows! One slight deviation here, a wrong turn there, then  continuing on that path and I find myself miles away from my intended destination. I’m not doing any crazy diet or extreme fitness program.

I shared on Monday with my cover reveal that I get my rights back for my first book in November. I have many many books that are backlogged to be released. Which means I have a lot of work to do to clean them up and  make them presentable to the world. I can’t do that if I am running on empty. The past several months have been  draining for me. Stress has been a constant from various  sources.

Not focusing on the  ” it’s been a bad several months” part, I’ trying to turn things around for the good.  I need to get back to being in charge of myself and my life. I am going to be the captain of Steamship Mack and I am going to need some fuel in the tank.  I have  just a couple points I am going to focus on.

  1. Eating healthy foods in appropriate portions.
  2. Daily movement. Starting off  with just ten minutes of movement,  by the end of the month I plan to be active for thirty minutes a day.

Sounds simple enough right? Well the overachiever part of me has already been fighting my beginning point. ” You should be able to do at least fifteen minutes starting off.” I had to remind myself of the  guidance in a medical journal that stated, to START SLOW in order to avoid injury. I tend to ignore that voice and I’ve injured myself by pushing too far too fast.

I’m not ignoring  that guidance this time. I can’t afford the downtime for injury. Besides, it will give me more chances for stars in my bullet journal!

What are your goals for the month? What area are you focusing on?

Write on my friends, write on!




My special guest today is my friend Cat Banks. I’ve  shared her work before but today I have a special reason to share. One of her books that is up for an award happens to be a book that I edited.  I hope with all my heart that she wins. Yeah,  it’s for selfish reasons as well. 

Please welcome,  Cat Banks!

I need your help! Several of my books have been nominated in multiple categories and I need all of you to vote! It is a huge dream of mine to win an award for one of my novels and I now have that chance.


Below are the categories I have been nominated in and the books in each category. Please note that the book that is bold and has the asterisk next to it is the one that I am asking you to vote for in that category. Links for the voting forms are next to each category. You can vote once per day for ten days. I’m up against some great authors, several of them are my friends, and many have large fan bases. So, I’m asking every last one of you to please vote each day. I know it is a lot to ask, but I really need your support.


Here are the instructions from the site running the awards: Keep in mind these voting links will not be active until midnight Central US time on the early morning of September 1. Readers and fans can vote in any or all genres at the different links. Voters can choose multiple books in a genre as long as they check mark ALL their selections in the genre BEFORE they click vote the first time! Poll Maker will limit voters to one visit per genre per day, so make sure your fans know if they want to choose more than one book, they must mark them all before voting. Voters can return to vote again each day. Voting will cease at midnight Central US time on the early morning of September 11.



*Pirate Princess by Catherine Banks
Daughter of Lions by Catherine Banks

NA New Adult
*Pirate Princess by Catherine Banks
Daughter of Lions by Catherine Banks


Novella/Short Story
*True Faces by Catherine Banks


*Daughter of Lions by Catherine Banks
Pirate Princess by Catherine Banks
Mercenary by Catherine Banks
Song of the Moon by Catherine Banks


YA Young Adult
*Pirate Princess by Catherine Banks

Daughter of Lions by Catherine Banks
Song of the Moon by Catherine Banks

Thank you so much for your support and I hope to report good news back at the end of this voting period! Even if I do not win, it’s a huge honor to be nominated. Thank you!

 You can check out additional information about these on her blog:  CatherineBanks 

More of my friends have their books nominated in various categories. Go vote for your favorites!

Write on my friends, write on!

Ellie Mack