3 Days

It’s 3 days until  Penned Con. I’m trying real hard not to freak out.  On a positive note, my books arrived.  That was cutting it  a lot closer than I would have liked  but they have arrived never the less. Whew!

I have my swag. That also arrived in the mail yesterday. Now all I need to do is assemble it. I have packed and unpacked three times. I can’t seem to make everything fit and then realized I am still missing a couple important items for a gift basket.

There are over 900 tickets sold for Penned Con.  It’s the place to be for authors!Well, at least authors that have their act together.  Until yesterday, I thought I would have to be doing a stand-up routine to entertain everyone since I didn’t have books to sign. A portion from sales will go to Action for Autism, so I’m really hoping that  my new book will sell well there.

Keep your fingers crossed! I’ll try to remember to take lots of pictures. OH yes, make sure I bring my charger. *adds to list*   I couldn’t get my manicure today, which was supposed to be a reward for losing 7 pounds. It’s a start anyway, right?  I’ll be calling in a few minutes to see if they can switch my appointment to tomorrow because today I have no transportation. I haven’t decided on clothes to wear. I will be wearing some though, it’s not THAT kind of event.

So many things to do still. Yes, I obsess. Yes, I am nervous.

OH, and one more thing. Quotidiandose:30 Days of Sass is available tomorrow!

Write on my friends, write on! IF you think about it, say a prayer for me. PLEASE!