Penned Con Update

Penned Con has come and gone.



My little corner of Penned Con. OH and hey, I got my hair cut.


Next time there will be more books and less swag! I may still make sure there is chocolate,  but I’m hoping to have a few more books out by then.  Wow, what a tremendous event Penne Con has been.  They had great keynote speakers,  fantastic panels, fun stuff for everyone, and books, lots and lots of books.

Now that I am rested and mostly recovered,  I am going to be sharing all week long some fun little interviews and pictures that my  husband took from the event.  Today is just a small tease of what is to come. Trust me,  there is more. Lots more.

Trust me,  there is more. Lots more.


Did you doubt that there would be books?

Briefly, this two-day event is well worth any book fans time! All money raised from Penned Con goes to the charity Action for Autism.  I have so much to share,  but I need to organize my thoughts better before I brain dump.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day. Go read a good book, preferably one of mine.  LOL IF not mine, then one of my associates!

Write on my friends, write on!

Ellie Mack

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