Maintaining My Voice

I’m still here guys. Let me catch you up to speed:

I’ve been working on my current WIP, Roxy Sings the Blues. Revising, editing, rewriting, . . . and  I just wasn’t happy with it. It wasn’t flowing.  It wasn’t drawing me forward even and I am the author! I had to take a serious look at this and step back to evaluate what I had as opposed to where I wanted this to go.

I set it aside for a couple of days as I researched master plots. This was prompted when I was trying to convey my story idea to a wonderful lady who is kind of mentoring me in my writing. OK, I was a persistent nag until she took me under her wing. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I was working through her class, had fully developed character worksheets,  even made myself character cards to stick on my bulletin board. I spent 4 days working on shaping my plot into a reasonable timeline and developing the major nine points of my plot. I thought I had it all worked out.  It seemed logical. There were twists, turns,  lovable characters, one that you love to hate. . . I thought I was ready to go.

Of course when it was time to meet,  either my computer or hers was acting glitchy and we couldn’t connect for video chat. So we went to the phones.  I have to be honest, the fan-girling  had to be tampered down under control before I could get any semblance of intelligible speech out of my mouth.

She was pleasant enough about it,  but basically, I needed to start over. Maybe not over,  but my starting point was 13 chapters into the story. Hangs head. She was right of course,  it will make the story better. Tighter.

I spent a day sulking and fighting the urge to pig out on pizza. I didn’t have anything to make pizza,  we live in a rural area where there is no pizza delivery so I avoided the pizza. I sulked some more while eating celery. Not as satisfying but I am determined to regain my curves from what has become more of a  Staypuff marshmallow woman blob.

My wonderful friend Misty talked me down off the ledge more than a few times. She encouraged me to not give up. Even while going through an emotionally draining stressful time with a family member, she  offered encouragement. This is the kind of freind everyone needs! You can’t have Misty, she’s mine! Go get your own. I jest, in part.

While sulking I  snuggled up under a blanket with my kindle and a good book, and of course turned on the TV as well. Netflix, . . . that evil bottomless pit of time suck, that shiny den of temptation pops up with a movie I hadn’t seen that had an actress that I like in it and I thought why the heck not. I’m already pouting about my story,  and about not having pizza,  why the heck not?

Best decision I made. Well, maybe going to the gym would have been better but I didn’t choose that because I was sulking ok? Geez – small steps here. Anyway, it got my mind out of the infinite loop of what I had been thinking, because when I  get something in my mind it’s like it’s carved into my gray matter. In the middle of an angsty part of the movie my brain says  ‘What if . . .’

I honestly couldn’t tell you much about the movie as my brain kicked into high gear, working out details to fix my story. It’s not quite there yet,  but  I’m on the right track now and out of the sulking phase. Never did get my pizza fix.

I’m going to focus on this for the rest of the night after dinner and tomorrow I start tackling this again.

That’s what I’ve been doing, trying to maintain my voice as an author without being formulaic but also establishing a good story and writing well.

Write on my friends, write on!