Weekend Writing Warriors

This week my snippet will introduce the third character in Roxy’s saga. You’ve met Roxy, the main character that begins the tale with heartbreak. You’ve met Luke, her fiancee who gets himself into hot water. This week you are introduced to detective Devon Miller.

So, I joined this group, Weekend Writing Warriors.


It’s simple and fun. Sign up on the linky list with your name, blog url, and email address on Mondays, 8:00 AM EST. Each week, the list remains open until Saturday, 11:59 PM. Then on Sunday, post 8 to 10 sentences from a current writing project, published or unpublished. Visit other participants and offer opinions, critiques, support. Writers hanging out with writers, a good time with a great group of people.
8 sentences –  I can manage that, can’t I?  That sounded like a challenge and I was off!
Yes, it’s late in the year but what the heck! Maybe this will turn into a regular thing.  I ‘ve been thinking I should share more snippets anyway. So here goes:


“Two males. Looks like meth heads, but we need to find out what’s going on. This is the fourth time this month that homeless guys have shown up dead. I’m putting you two on the case. Check with Dickerson in narcotics, see if he has any leads.”

Sergeant Brenner stood from his crouched position next to the bodies, flipping the body bag back over the victim’s face. “I want to know what they are taking, who they are buying from and the cause of death. I want a full tox screen and have Simmons report anything out of the order. Anything! Talk to some of the regulars at the shelter up the street.” He tucked his hands into the pockets of his black leather jacket, eyes downcast to the ground.

Excerpt from Chapter 3 of Roxy Sings the Blues.
That wasn’t so hard!
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Write on my friends, write on!