There’s a Hole in My Bucket

This week’s MFRW blog hop post  – week 48 – 5 Things on My Bucket List.

First, I have a couple things to say before we dive in.  I am so grateful to my friend Cathy Brockman, for sharing this blog hop. At a time when I was at my lowest low, thinking I may not survive the breast cancer, this blog hop kept calling to me to get back to writing. Yes, I’m well aware that I can be overly dramatic. My father called me on that one back when I was like six. Anyway, it may sound silly but this blog hop, even though I missed several months for a while, kept calling me back. I have met ( online ) a great group of authors associated with this blog and read their blogs.  I don’t always leave comments, but I read them.

The Bucket List is something that became all too real to me during that time. Focus on what’s important and let the rest go. I had to keep reminding myself of the four agreements, specifically do your best every day.  Some days my best was get to radiation, eat something, and sleep.  That was it.  Cancer treatment is different for each individual and for me,   fatigue was a constant.

It is still a long road to recovery, but I’m getting there!

Now, on to 5 Things On My Bucket List.

  1. Publish 20 of my books. I have a huge file of partially completed and completed stories that I have been clinging to, reluctant to release my babies. Then what did I write them for? Why do I write in the first place?  To entertain others. How is anyone going to enjoy them when they are squirreled away in a locked file?
  2. Decorate my home the way I want!  I spent many years, trying to pease my mother, trying to win the approval of my mother in law.  I spent so long trying to fit in with everyone else,  I didn’t put things on my wall that I like. Currently,  we have very little on the walls. I can’t really use the excuse of we just painted because we painted over 5 years ago. I need to minimize the clutter in my home and organize, and put up minimum decorations in this house, in order to sell.  But when we move, Katy Bar the Door! I’ve got some great ideas saved on Pinterest.
  3. Travel!!! Nova Scotia, Western Caribbean, Hawaii, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Venice, Rome, Australia – not sure I want to go to the outback and experience the wildlife like black mambas – crikey! There are places in the US that I haven’t been to yet, and I want to go. The Badlands, Grand Canyon, and many others!
  4. Be the Keynote Speaker at an Author Event. Someday. I have done public speaking before,  that’s not the challenge.  The challenge is to do it for other writers. It will be so much more fun than speaking of scientific type stuff.
  5. MY OWN OFFICE!!!!  Let me clarify, my own home office. If you’ve read last week’s post about the office you will understand. And here is where we have the hole in the bucket.


There are many more items on my revised bucket list, but I know you have better things to do than stay here reading.  In fact,  why don’t you share something off of your bucket list in the comments.  Come on, do it!  Just one item, you can do that right?

As this is a blog hop, there are many other authors who are participating.  You can check them out HERE: when I scheduled this,  the list wasn’t up yet so hopefully you will be able to go there and get the fresh list.

Write on my friends, write on!



10 comments on “There’s a Hole in My Bucket

  1. Love #2,3, and 5! I’m longing for the day when I can put all my antiques out and not have them threatened by one of the kids tossing their sweatshirt/any sports equipment/book bag/you name it on any blank surface. I want to get my pictures up and my books displayed.


    • My kids are young adults now – 21 and 23 and it’s still the same. They toss whatever wherever without regards to anything. Because you know, it’s just mom and dad’s stuff – the same old stuff they’ve seen for many years so it can’t possibly be worth anything. *ROLLS EYES*
      The hubs agreed to build me shelves to put some of my antiques out! McCoy, Fenton, Wexford, My milk glass collection – I can finally display them! The antique furniture will have to wait except for our midcentury barrel chairs and the credenza which we are using.


  2. I’m with you on #1. I really want to get these stories out the door! As for decorating–I’ve been so lucky in that area. The only person I really had to check in with was my hubby, and he’s pretty flexible. Great post!


    • IT’s not so much that I had to check in with my mother and others, but that I felt like I had to have their approval. I know that doesn’t even make sense. I was way more of a mess than I am now and did a lot of things for approval. Sad but true. I think my hubby is OK with wall decor and home decor, as long as I don’t break the bank! With the exception of the office space, he’s pretty chill!


  3. I agree Ellie , I am glad we found this blog hop. It kept me back on my blogging up till this month, I’ve missed some.

    Nice bucket list as well. I’d like to travel to some of those places. Every writer or crafter deserves their own room!


  4. I agree with you on the home office! I would love to have my own space that doesn’t sit in the middle of the house and I don’t have to share it with anyone. Oh the dreams I have.


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