Last Christmas

Welcome to Flash Fest December!

I have some author friends who have joined me in this challenge, and are contributing to the prize baskets!

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The challenge is to write a flash piece, 500 to 1000 words based on a Holiday tune as a prompt. The author was given the option to select their own or I would assign one. Trust me,  my list of holiday tunage is anything but traditional!










Sounds easy enough right? Coming in under 1000 is a challenge for me.  Here’s the first offering.

Last Christmas by Wham


Not Like Last Christmas

by Ellie Mack

“My ride’s here. Have a good one!” Tony tossed over his shoulder as he hoisted his duffle heading out the door.

“Yeah, you too! See ya next year.” Clint had one more final before he could head home for the holidays. He had his bags packed, all he had to do was a few tidying things before checking out of the dorm. Now he needed to focus on this last final.

Biomedical studies was his most difficult class. The final on toxicology and bacterial pathogens had him stressed to the max. His entire future hinged on this test! Whether he got an A to keep his scholarship.  He desperately needed an A in this class because he already knew he was getting two Bs.

Well, not all of his plans hung in the balance.  He held his head in his hands,  elbows propped on the desk, staring at the book, looking right through it. He had to focus on this final, not Kayla.

Last Christmas played in his head. He gave her an engagement ring but, she gave the ring back the day after Christmas breaking up. It was all for the best, he kept reasoning with himself. He had another year to finish his bachelor’s, then years for his masters, then a doctorate and internship, practicum.

Nope! He didn’t have time for a relationship and she had done him a solid!

He didn’t take the rejection well, ended up crashing his dad’s truck and landing his drunken ass in jail.

He never wanted to be in that place again. It was part of why his future hinged on the scholarship, because his savings went to pay lawyer fees, replace his dad’s truck, and medical bills.

“Focus!”  He took a swig of his Coke. Nervously flipping the pen against the paper.  His eyes blurred.  It was as if his brain refused to absorb any more information.

“Fine!” He closed his book, stuffed it into his backpack and headed out at a brisk pace. ‘Seriously, I have to have this scholarship or else it will take me twenty years to get through medical school. Please help me retain the information and pass this class with an A.”


He shook his head, confused about what had just happened. In front of him was a girl in tears, bent down picking up scattered papers. She was mumbling something through tears.

“Excuse me, what?”

“I said, why don’t you watch where you’re going.” She continued with the papers. A gust of wind picked up a few spreading them further out.

Clint took a few steps chasing after them, snatching one of out midair.

“I’m very sorry. Here, let me help you.”  He handed her the pages and helped her up. She came barely to his shoulders. Her hair pulled back in a ponytail, looking like she did it in a hurry. There was a purple and teal streak in her light auburn hair. When she looked up, her beautiful green eyes were sad,  it tugged on his heart.

“Where you headed?”

“Science Hall.”

“Me too. Look, I’m real sorry about running into you.  It’s not like me.  I can help you get your report back in order if you like.”

“It’s fine. Really.  I know it wasn’t on purpose. Just,. . .  emotions, you know? Finals are . . .” her voice trailed off, her lip quivering.

“I’m Clint. I’m not normally this clumsy. Finals are a bitch this year.”  He swiped a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “Could I buy you a cup of coffee after this final?”

“You don’t have to. I’m sure you’re anxious to get home.”

Not really. He had no one to share his holidays with and wasn’t looking forward to staying at his parent’s home now that he was twenty-three. “It’s fine.  Nobody is waiting for me. Let me make it up to you with a drink at least.”

She adjusted her notebooks. “Tell you what. I’ll meet you at the UC  in two hours. I have to turn in this paper, drop my books, and check out of the dorm. That OK?”

“Yes. See you there.”

Clint opened the door for her to the Science hall. She went to the stairs to the left, his class was down the main corridor.

The final seemed ridiculously easy, which had him worried that he had totally screwed up. Now for the worst of it,  the waiting. He headed back across campus to the library to turn in his own books before meeting her. He hadn’t even asked her name.

“Way to go Clint. She probably won’t show.”

He wandered over towards the University Center at a slow pace. His head down, he kicked a few rocks on the way as he mentally beat himself up over how stupid he had been.

“Wow! Way to show some enthusiasm.  You know, if it’s that much of a chore, then just forget it.” She sat at the end booth just inside the door, her arms crossed before she harumphed and reached for her bag to leave.

“No! I mean, yes I’m enthused!  Look, I thought you ditched me. Can we start over?”

She eased back into the seat crossing her arms and offered a shrug.

He went to the counter and ordered two large hot chocolates. With a half grin, he sidled up to her. “Hi my name’s Clint. I thought you might like some chocolate as a reward for last day of finals.”

She blushed accepting the cocoa.

Delaney was an interesting girl. They talked for a long time. So long in fact that the coffee shop was closing and it was dark outside.

“OMG! I totally lost track of the time. I have to run. Call me over the holidays, maybe we can get together.” Pushing a small piece of paper across the table as she stood.

She grabbed her bag and dashed out the door turning at the last minute with a huge grin. “Merry Christmas!”


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