It Will Be A Happy Christmas

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The challenge is to write a flash piece, 500 to 1000 words based on a Holiday tune as a prompt. The author was given the option to select their own or I would assign one. Trust me,  my list of holiday tunage is anything but traditional!


 Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon.

It Will Be Happy Xmas

by Tricia Anderson

The frozen snow crunched under Micah’s boots as he stormed across the camp towards his cabin. He watched as his youngest brother, Abraham, jogged to his own home. Winter arrived long ago in Northern Minnesota, blanketing the forest that surrounded the ancient summer camp they made their home in with thick white powder. Deep down, he wished the cold, cleansing snow would cover up the evil surrounding the Hallows as well.

A simple trip for supplies to suffice all the Hallow mates while the seven brothers changed into terrifying werewolves as they did every full moon turned into an unofficial investigation into the latest string of suspicious murders in Duluth. Seven were easily associated to the club the vampires took control of, the one that the brothers frequented before Rock and Cort, the leaders of the bloodsuckers, bought into it then killed the owner. By the gore left at the first two, it was easy to tell that Rock and Cort must have done it. The other five were more human in nature.

It was as Micah feared. The vampires turned the humans they brainwashed against each other. Life outside the forest was no longer safe. That didn’t settle well for the expecting father of triplets.

He took the steps of the porch two at a time. It was stupid. He knew that. With the snow and ice, he was certain to break his neck. He just wanted to be in his home with his arms wrapped tight around his wife and mate, Eve. That was if she wasn’t on her laptop. As the resident hacker of the Hallow family, it seemed she spent every waking moment in front of the computer trying to find an end to the war that was brewing. It wasn’t the way they wanted to raise their children.

Micah stopped dead in his tracks as he stepped inside the cabin. Instead of finding the living room dark and empty, there was a fire blazing in the fireplace. Every lamp in the place was shining brightly. Strings of colored lights draped along the crease where the wall met the ceiling.

The most beautiful sight of all was Eve dressed in a pair of flannel pajama pants and a T-shirt decorating the large fir tree now standing in the middle of the room. By the size of it, he hoped that one of his brothers brought it in for her. There was no way she could handle a tree that size with the baby bump she now had. John Lennon’s voice crooned Happy X-mas from the Bluetooth speaker resting on the mantle. The song was ironic compared to the world he left behind.

He gently closed the door behind him. “What’s all this?”

Eve turned to him with a smile that turned his knees to jelly. “Joe was getting a Christmas tree for him and Sarah and asked if we wanted one too. With everything going on with the vamps and the mermaids and lord knows what other magical creatures are out there gunning for us to get Momma’s amulet, Sarah wanted a little Christmas cheer. Caleb got one for him and Meg and baby Ruby. Sam and Henry wrangled a big, full one for them and Delilah. And Abe is in for a surprise because Kai has no idea how to decorate for Christmas. Momma showed us where all the spare decorations were stored. For it being just her and Poppa and you boys before all of us mates showed up, that lady has a lot of decorations.”

Micah chuckled. “So while Abe and I went for supplies, you all turned our camp into the North Pole?”

Eve laughed. “Pretty much.” She suddenly frowned. “You were gone a long time. What happened?”

Micah kicked off his boots then slipped his heavy winter coat from his body. He crossed the room and hugged her tight. “Nothing we need to discuss now. Let’s just enjoy this. You, me, and our little ones having our first Christmas as a family.”

Eve caught his lips with hers in a long, sweet kiss. As they broke it she grinned at him. “I’m too short to put the star on top. Can you do the honors?”

Micah kissed the tip of her nose tenderly. “How about we do it together?”

“How do you propose we do that?”

He let go long enough to reach into the old, dusty cardboard box and pull out the glittery gold star. He held one point and offered her another. She shook her head with a laugh as she took it. Eve lifted herself on her tiptoes as together they reached the star to the peak of the tree.

Micah wrapped an arm tight around her to keep her steady. His hand splayed over her rounded belly. At least two of the three babes tucked safe in her womb kicked him in response. He sighed the happiest sigh he could as he secured the star on the top branch.

Eve gazed into his eyes, her own blue ones brilliant. “Are you okay?”

“I couldn’t be happier. This? This is perfect. I never want this to end.”

“Me neither.”

He caught sight of the mistletoe hanging overhead as their lips met again. Yes, the world they left behind was chaos. At some point, they would have to face it and find a way to end it.

But now? Right now it was just him and his mate. And it was the most perfect Christmas he could ever imagine.









The Hallow Brothers Series

By Tricia Andersen

Welterweight (Hallow Brothers Series #1)

A mysterious force binds Meg Riley to the dark, mysterious werewolf Caleb Hallow. Can they put aside their differences and give themselves over to their union, or will their pasts destroy them?

Caleb Hallow doesn’t need anyone. All he needs is to dominate in the MMA cage and become world champion. His plans are derailed when he wakes up with a mysterious tattoo of his ancestors after a one night stand with his opponent’s ex-girlfriend, Meg Riley. Sharing the mark with her joins them as mates for eternity. Can Caleb deal with Meg for the rest of his life? Can he keep her safe from his past as he falls deeply in love with her? And will she stay by him when she finds out he is actually a werewolf?

It was just a fling, a chance to get revenge on her cheating ex. At least that’s what Meg Riley tries to convince herself. But the indescribable pull that draws her to the dark, dangerous Caleb Hallow tells her differently. Although she is furious when she finds the strange tattoo on her back after their night together, and even though he tells her some convoluted story about him being a werewolf, she can’t stay away from him. She can’t stop herself from falling for him. When her ex threatens Caleb’s life, how far will Meg go to save him? Will she be willing to sacrifice her life for his?




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Middleweight (Hallow Brothers Series #2)

Primal attraction brings Eve Romero together with Micah Hallow, one of the infamous Hallow Brothers. Will their union heal them—or destroy them both?…

Micah Hallow doesn’t believe he’ll ever find his mate. That is until a mystic tattoo appears on his back after a wild night with a stripper that marks her as his mate. Despite a life-threatening injury that brings him to his knees every time it strikes, he commits to a fight in the octagon to save her life. What will she do when she finds out he’s one of the infamous Hallow Brothers—and a werewolf?

Eve Romero can’t escape her violent boss, Deacon. That is, until the hottie she slept with puts his life on the line in exchange for hers. She can’t fight the primal attraction to him even though she doesn’t feel she’s worthy of the Hallow brother. Can she overcome her past to be with him? And when a new, murderous threat strikes close to home, will the two of them survive?






Heavyweight (Hallow Brothers Series #3)

A mystic power binds Samuel Hallow to not one but two mates. Can he protect those he loves from the evil that wants to tear them apart?

Samuel Hallow is desperately in love. However, he knows his family won’t condone his relationship with his boyfriend, Henry. The brothers mate for life and neither man has had the mystical tattoo appear that binds… them to the one chosen for them.

Delilah, Henry’s lifelong friend, comes to town and Samuel is consumed with unexplained lust. He and Henry both sleep with her and the tattoo appears on all three of them, marking the trio as mates for eternity. He nearly loses the others when he confesses his true nature – that he, like his six brothers, are werewolves. Although Delilah and Henry are angry and obsessed with their careers, they can’t stay out of his bed.

Can he protect his lovers from the vampires who hunt them, who want to use them to get possession of Momma Hallow’s ancient amulet? And will the Hallow Brothers stand united when they discover that Henry, the man Samuel loves, embodies an ancient evil magic, hell bent on conquering the world?






About the Author:

Tricia Andersen lives in Iowa with her husband, Brian and her three children – her sons, Jake and Jon, and her daughter, Alex.  She graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in English and from Kirkwood Community College with an Associate of Arts degree in Communications Media/Public Relations.

Along with writing (which she loves to do), Tricia practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, coaches and participates in track and field, reads, sews and is involved in many of her children’s activities.


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