Christmas At Home

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The challenge is to write a flash piece, 500 to 1000 words based on a Holiday tune as a prompt. The author was given the option to select their own or I would assign one. Trust me,  my list of holiday tunage is anything but traditional!

The Island of Misfit Toys

Christmas at Home

Black Mountain Pack

by Miranda Lynn

The offkey sound of four young cubs voices ringing together echoed through the house, each throwing their own spin on a classic Christmas song while their mothers warmed the kitchen with baking.

“Why are we all such a misfits?
I am not just a nit wit!
I’m an adorable
Why don’t we fit in?”


That caterwauling has to stop,” Sterling grumbled.

Rea headed Sterling off as he marched towards the living room. “Let them enjoy themselves. I remember growing up and this time of year was the only happy times I remember. I know their life isn’t like mine was but these classics bring a sense of joy and happiness. Let them be kids.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and silenced his response with a searing kiss.

“Alright for now I’ll leave them. What are you two up to?”

“We’re making Christmas cookies, want to help?” Reana grabbed a pot holder and took out the cookie sheet from the oven replacing it with another full of dough ready to bake.

A cold breeze blasted them as the back door once again opened admitting more of the family. Jerome and Suzanne stomped their boots on the rug before removing them. Suzanne made the rounds hugging everyone. “Where are the cubs?”

In the living room watching Rudolph.” Casey replied kissing Jerome’s cheek in greeting.

“What is that horrible sound?” Mack cringed as he and Sterling came in the kitchen door.

“The children are watching Christmas cartoons and singing with the songs.” Casey answered as she raised her cheek for a kiss.

“They sound like they are dying.” Sterling grimaced.

“Oh give them a break, they are enjoying the classic fun of Christmas shows. Frosty, The Grinch, and currently Rudolph.” Reana laughed.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, we need to introduce them to the real classics. Like Die Hard, now that’s a Christmas movie for the ages.” Mack laughed as he avoided the smack of Casey’s hand.

The singing increased in the living room, the out of tune voices welcome.

“Again, that’s the fourth time today!” Suzanne chuckled moving into the living room. “Who has sugar’s for Meme?” Squeals answered her question.

Jerome smiled as he followed his nose to the finished cookies cooling on the counter. Casey smacked his hand away as he grabbed for one. “They haven’t been iced yet Da, you’ll have to wait.”

“An Alpha never has to wait.” He harrumphed and grabbed for one again.

“If that Alpha wants to eat at all he will.” Casey smacked his hand again.

Mack leaned against the counter enjoying the happiness that filled his heart. His mate, his cubs, his parents, and the rest of those he called family were all gathered for the holidays enjoying some much needed down time. They had gathered at Sterling’s house this year but he planned to have them all come down next year to experience Christmas on a different continent. For now though he would soak up all he could because he knew tomorrow could bring more troubles and dangers. Being shifters, as they were, there would always be fighting one enemy or another.

“What’s running through that head of yours son?” Jerome handed off a confiscated cookie.

“Just trying to enjoy the day, Da. The quiet before the storm you could say.” Mack bit into the gooey chocolate chip cookie his father had handed him.

“As you should, we can’t predict what tomorrow brings, we can only enjoy the joy we find today.”

“Here here.” Sterling agreed handing glasses of eggnog to everyone. “I agree with Jerome, let us enjoy the happiness we have today with each other and let it strengthen us for what may come in the future. Cheers and Merry Christmas everyone.”

Everyone clinked glasses as the cubs ran in hugging their parents and grandparents and stealing a cookie or two from the counter. Jerome and Suzanne gazed on as their son and their closest friend enjoyed the happiness the Fates had provided them and prayed more of their pack would soon find theirs.


About the author:

Travel and Paranormal Romance author. Her Destiny series takes you on a roller

coaster ride through time with sexy

Highlanders and sassy female heroines. If shifters are your kryptonite, then check out her Black Mountain Pack

series, which throws a twist on the traditional shifter lore.

Miranda is a mother to two teenage boys

who are sure they know it all, a 75lb lapdog and a 15lb foot warmer. She is thankful her husband doesn’t mind the extra voices in her head.

Miranda is an only child who grew up on a dairy farm in Illinois which left her plenty of time to make up stories in her head for entertainment. She currently resides in

Tennessee where she wonders if Mother Nature will ever stop with the hormonal mood swings. She fuels herself with coffee, chocolate, and wine.

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