Blogger Interrupted

Welcome to Flash Fest December!

I have some author friends who have joined me in this challenge, and are contributing to the prize baskets!

This is how the prize giveaway will work:

Leave a comment throughout the week on any blog post, whether it’s the blog hop, flash, guest spot, or weekend writing warriors. I will select one of the commenters through Randompicker and post it on Monday’s post ( or rather Tuesday as it’s been lately, since my internet connection has been sketchy.) That person can contact me on Facebook or email me at:

This post will count as well so leave a comment!


Ahem!  So,  my apologies for missing the last few days.  Our internet has been down, and I didn’t have my posts prescheduled as I was planning to fine tune them and run a spell check. Trust me,  I need the spell check! Had plans to get things straightened out today –  only I’ve been to one appointment after another and just got home at 4:30 central.  It’s now 5:30 and I am exhausted so y’all have to wait.

So, for these last few days, I may have to double up on flash features. Also,  I will announce the winner for this week tomorrow, so tune in tomorrow!!

Write on my friends,  write on!

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