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Penned Con 2016 has come and gone.  The adrenaline has worn off,  the euphoria  has subsided, and I am wondering when I am going to get a chance to read all these books! Also,  making sure I am able to attend next year.


Let’s start with my table.  I shared a table with Sela Carson and had to buy a bundle of her books. I’m reading the first one now, so I’ll let you know once I finish it.  So, I did a new thing. Check it out.

You may need to adjust the audio on that one a bit. Feel free to follow me on Youtube! Please. Don’t make me beg. I will, but don’t make me.

Penned Con is  not like any other author event that I’ve been to. Now, I readily admit that I haven’t been to that many,  but since it’s right in my back yard –  I was astounded at how fantastic this one was.

You heard from Rick himself reasons why Penned is set apart. There were 139 attending authors in all genres, newbie or old hat. It’s all about the networking –  authors, readers, and supporters.   I met some amazing authors, wonderful readers, got some new readers, and tried not to embarrass myself by fangirling over a couple of my favorites. (Sorry Quinn Loftis, I hope I wasn’t gushing too much!)

I will be following up in the next few days with some of the other interviews I did.

Shout out to Rick Miles for the interview!

Write on my friends, write on!



Summer Lit Blitz – Miranda Shanklin

My guest this week is Miranda Shanklin, a fellow Eclectic Bard’s Books author. I met Miranda at last year’s Kentuckiana Author Book Blitz. I was such a nervous wreck, I barely remember anything from the event. I do remember Miranda and her lovely daughter. She seemes so relaxed and at ease while I was trying not to throw up on people.  I’ve managed to glean a tidbit  or two from her. I’m not an introvert by any means,  but that first author event was worse than getting up on stage in front of 200 people.

Here’s your chance to get to know a little about Miranda.

1. Tell me a little about yourself

     I live in Central Illinois with my husband and our two teenage children. I work day job as a paralegal. I am also the assistant coach on my daughter’s competition dance team. I have been an avid reader since I was a kid. I have always loved to get lost in a good book. Now that my children are older I am chasing my dream of being an author.
2. What genre do you write?
   Paranormal romance for now…..  I currently have a 5 book paranormal romance series out.
3.  Do you have any future books already planned out?
     Yes. I have a trilogy that is a spin-off from my series that will be coming out probably next year. Then a contemporary romance. I am also researching a paranormal suspense series that will be starting to come out probably 2018.
4. Are you a plotter or a pantser?
   I am usually a pantser. I sit down at my compter and just start typing. I am usually just as surprised at what happens as you are! I have tried plotting and it never goes where I want it to. It is like my characters look at it and start acting like petulant toddlers saying ‘I don’t want to do that!’
5.  Do you have a dedicated writing space?
    Not really. My writing space is my dining room table. It keeps me in the middle of everything. That can be good or bad it depends on the day and how good my focus is that day LOL
6.  Was there a book that was really hard for you to write?
    I am having a hard time writing the third book in the spin off trilogy. The original series is in the process of being re-edited right now and I have written the first 2 books in the trilogy. All that is left is the last book in the trilogy. The whole trilogy still needs to go through the whole editing process but I haven’t been able to even start writing that last book. It will bring an end to that whole idea. It will be a final goodbye to all of those characters. It will be a final end to both the series and the trilogy. The book that started it all and the characters that brought me to where I am will be put to bed. It is more a sentimental thing and I will get over it, I just need to put fingers to keyboard. It is just getting moving on it.
7.  How do you keep track of details?
  Many authors use many different methods for this. I use a whiteboard. It is something that is not the best looking to walk into my dining room and see this huge whiteboard with multi-colored lines and words scribbled all over but I can look across from my seat and know exactly where to look without searching for the information I need for a name, eye color or hair color as I am writing.
8.  How do you come up with names for your characters?
    Most of the names I use I just look up names online. Some of them are from people I know.  I try not to use people I know unless it is a very minor role. I did use my kids names but I made sure it was alright with them and they told me as long it was for characters that were nothing like them. I go to name websites and just scroll through until a name jumps out at me for the character that I am looking for.
9.  Do you have designated writing times?
   No. I write when I have time to. I have such busy schedule that sit down in front of my computer every chance I get. There are times that the hubby will tell me that I am not allowed to be on the computer cause I have to pay attention to him, but other than that I am in front of the computer whenever I am able to be.
10.   What is your favorite thing about being an author?
   I love that I might be able to give to someone else what so many authors have given to me. I have used books for an escape and enjoyment since childhood. If only one person gets that from my books then it is all worth it.
It has been many lifetimes since the cycle began.
The cycle that still haunts Annisa Lawson.
A spell cast in desperation to help, which only caused heartache.

Now, Annisa has found her way out of the varying repeats of her past; only to bring more danger to herself, and those around her. Now she must learn to survive with the help of her friends: Chase, Penelope, and Landon have all gone through each life cycle with Annisa. Sometimes helping, sometimes hindering. Now that Annisa has broken the cycle of their collective punishment, she finds that she needs her friends more than ever to keep their enemies, known, and unknown, at bay. As the group of friends learn of their souls’ journeys through their many life cycles, they must also learn to control the magick they have discovered within themselves and each other, in order to defeat the most feared assassin in their world.

Soul Redemption
Just when Annisa and her friends were starting to think maybe the Counsel would leave them alone, two new students arrive at school. In any other town, new students wouldn’t be a sign that something big was about to happen to Annisa, Chase, Landon, and Penelope; but this wasn’t a normal town and they weren’t normal teenagers. They had come into their powers and defeated the most feared assassin in their world, so the appearance of new witches in their small town could only mean one thing…..the Counsel was ready to make another attempt to destroy them. After watching the new students alienate them from everyone they know, including their parents, Annisa and her friends break through the spell and things start to calm down for them. It’s not until an old enemy returns with news that will shock them that they realize everything is not as it seems. Now they have to decide whether or not to trust an old enemy claiming to help them, or try and fight against the Counsel’s most trusted Advisors on their own. The choice the group makes will change their lives forever.
Soul Knowledge 
Annisa Lawson and her friends were getting pretty good at surviving. So far, they have defeated every force sent to destroy them. So when they are faced with new forces they had never thought possible, they were not entirely prepared. They were scrambling to catch up their magickal knowledge of the forces that were being sent after them. With their newly strengthened bond, they would have to work together to triumph. Just when they think they have it all figured out, something new pops up. They are offered help, but will it be enough to once again overcome the forces working against them? The highly misunderstood forces in play will either help or hinder them; the question is, who do they trust? The collective uncertainty and lack of knowledge could be the downfall of the entire group, testing their ability to trust in their own power, and that of each other. Can they overcome these forces and once again defend their special bond from destruction?
Soul Freedom
With the stress of graduation and planning weddings, Annisa and her group of friends want to end things with the Counsel once and for all. They strengthen their bond to the strongest it can be and go on the offensive. After they achieve their goal, they find that was not their only problem. Now they have to figure out who will be the next Counsel, and how to deal with other realms that have found their way in. While the group guards over the Origin, Annisa goes with members of the other realms to track down the wayward travelers, before they cause too much damage in our realm. To prevent this from happening again or any damage that may result, the group, along with their newly appointed Counsel, must come up with a system to allow other realms access to our realm, so they don’t have to constantly be on the lookout for trespassers from other realms. Can it be done in time for Annisa and her friends to enjoy graduation, and Annisa’s upcoming nuptials? With the help of friends and family, it just may be possible!
Soul Discovery
Annisa and her group have finally made it to the point where they don’t have to watch over their shoulders for someone trying to destroy them. They have put together a system that allows the other realms access to our realm and they are still able to keep an eye on them. Will the faeries and the trolls outsmart them and accomplish their goal? Will Annisa and the others be able to obtain enough support to keep their realm intact? Or will the faeries and trolls destroy all that this realm stands for? Chase and Annisa have taken on a task that they are not sure if they can accomplish without the help of the others who have to stay behind and keep things running smoothly at the passageways. They will have to be creative and convincing to pull this one off and create a truce between all the realms.



Thank you Miranda for being such a lovely guest and I hope to have you back again when you rerelease the rest of this series as well as the spin off!

Write one my friends, write on!


Summer Lit Blitz – Karen Doctor


Do you like mysteries? Do you like romance? YOU are in luck with this week’s guest because you’ll get both. First,  let’s share our interview then you can read a couple of excerpts.

  1. Tell me a little about yourself.  

I’m an Amazon Bestselling Indie author. I live in the Denver area, and love my Rocky Mountains and the year round temperatures. Yes, it can be 50 degrees one day and in the 80s the next but I love the changeability…generally. I love camping and fishing. I have three children and eight grandchildren. My husband and I ride Bumblebee, our yellow and black Goldwing motorcycle, whenever we get a chance. Everything disappears when I’m on the back of the bike. So relaxing! We even have a pop up camper for the back of the cycle so we can take long trips. We take at least one a year.

 2.What is (are) your goal(s) for June? July? August? (whichever month you are being interviewed for)

 Get caught back up so I can write more. My mother had a serious health event at the end of last month so I’ve been perpetually behind for weeks now and not writing nearly as much as I’d hoped. I really do want to get one of the two books I’m working on out soon!!

 3. I can relate. I’ve had chaos in my life here as well. Nothing as serious as you have going on. You have my sympathy there, that’s got to be very stressful. What is your best time management tip?

 Buy an egg timer and try to schedule your day. I’m scattered in so many directions because I write. I run and manage a daily blog where I highlight guest authors. I’m the Programs Chair at RomCon, a romance readers convention that we organize every year, which generally means I take care of the 60+ authors, their schedules, etc.

 4. What is your best writing tip for newbies?

 Soak up as much craft information as you can, then simply write. You want to learn the intricacies of craft but don’t get so immersed that you don’t write. But you also don’t want to stop learning once you get the craft down. The market is changing so quickly you don’t have a lot of time before something changes and there’s something else to learn.

 5. Do you have a book coming out this summer?

Yes, probably the end of the summer or early fall. Due to personal things, I’ve fallen a bit behind. I’m currently working on the next True Love In Uniform Series contemporary romance called Cop Crashes The Wedding. I’m also working on the second Thorne’s Series book, Dead Ringer. I’m aiming to get at least one of them released by August.

 6. What genre do you write?

I write contemporary romance as Karen Docter and romantic suspense as K.L. Docter. I love writing both light (almost romantic comedy) and dark (there is usually a serial killer ) romance.

 7. What are your favorite summer foods? Activities?

I love watermelon, corn on the cob, barbecued anything. We have at least one neighborhood BBQ on our deck with up to 40 people. Summer is the only time I make my famous potato salad.

8.  I absolutely love summer foods, and like you said anything barbecued. I’e gotten to where I prefer my meat grilled without sauce- especially a good cut of beef.  Now I’m hungry. Will you share a picture of your writing space?

 photo 1

I have my office just the way I want it…and it’s all about to change. I’m giving up my dedicated office space in the basement so we can convert it to a space for my mother when it becomes necessary. However, right now, my office is bright Emperor’s Gold. I don’t generally like yellows but when I’m here, it feels like I’m outside in the sunshine. I’m surrounded by my small collection of Asian artwork and wall hangings…and, of course, my dragon collection. Anyone who follows me know I love my dragons!

9. OK, I’m having some serious office envy right now.  I have been trying to get my office set up,  I am currently using a corner of our kitchen table and I can’t ven begin to tell you how  not effective it is. I have this whole beachy theme for it, had the space all cleared out so my husband could begin with the drywall and . . . let’s just say it’s a struggle. So, continueing on with our   interview, I have two more question for you before we get to the excerpt.  Which book have you read the most in your lifetime?

 Ayn Rand’s TheFountainhead or  Atlas Shrugged. Have read them both numerous times. I also have an old collection of Tarzan and the John Carter series I pull out occasionally, as well as my collection of Star Trek novels, and most of Sherilyn Kenyon, Tara Janzen, Cindy Gerard, okay, there are a lot of authors I can add to this but there’s simply no room.

10. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

 Develop a thick skin and don’t panic when you don’t see immediate results. In this day and age, we’re so used to instant gratification that we forget that it takes time to develop our skills. Don’t rush yourself out there until you know you’re ready. There are a lot of writers who put themselves out too soon and it can actually hurt your career.

 Thank you Karen for a wonderful interview, and for being my guest this week. It’s a pleasure to have you here! Now, let’s share  this excerpt shall we?  My readers are going to love this.  This is from Karen’s romantic suspense, Killing Secrets, Thorne’s Thorns Book 1.Karen wants everyone to know that each one can be read as a stand alone. 


Some secrets are better left dead.

Rachel James’ ex-husband is released from prison determined to reclaim her and her little girl — the child is his key to controlling the James fortune. Frightened, Rachel flees to Denver with the child who hasn’t uttered a word since her daddy went to prison.

Contractor Patrick Thorne wants nothing to do with another of his parents’ charity cases. He failed his own wife so abysmally she took her own life as well as his unborn son’s. After two years, it’s time to concentrate on the bid he’s won and the saboteur trying to destroy his construction firm.

There is no room for trust in either of their hearts. But trust is all that will untangle the secrets that dominate their lives, free a little girl of her silent prison, and save them all from a serial killer who stands too close.

(A Thorne’s Thorns Novel)


Four weeks….

Two days….

Sixteen hours….

…‘Til death.

The first time he laid eyes on her, he stood on the threshold of a doorway he dare not cross. He fell into her fathomless dark gaze, unable, unwilling to shake his soul free and, in that one moment, he knew.

She was meant for him to love.

Untouched by the sordid life that flourished around her, she was sunlight in a gray existence. A smile in a dingy room. A joy such as he’d never known. She was a gift from a cold, unforgiving God. Forever innocent.

Why God would give him such a precious angel, he didn’t know. But he suddenly knew what he was willing to die for. What he’d kill for.

In that instant of clarity the monster that lurked in the dark recesses of his mind was freed. A creature designed to kill. To live and die. Over and over again. Until his angel ascended once more to her place in Heaven at God’s feet where he couldn’t reach her.

‘Til death parted them, she was his and his alone.

Certain she’d been lost to him, the shock of spotting her again in LoDo, a lower downtown section of Denver, nearly brought him to his knees. His brain tried to tell him he was mistaken. She had more curves than he remembered. Her hairstyle and clothes were different.

The others were different, too.

He shook his head against the monster’s treacherous whisper. He refused to listen. Couldn’t listen. His angel smiled at him. His soul recognized her. Somehow, some way, his fractious God had been appeased and given him yet another chance.

The past seven days were hell. Watching her. Wanting to take her. Knowing he couldn’t screw up and lose her again. Tonight, his preparations in place, she’d return to his side where she belonged.

Breathing slow and measured through the full-face ski mask he’d bought at a thrift store, he sucked in a lungful of musty stench. In this uncommon late-May heat wave, he was sweating bullets but the wool soaked it up before it could sting his eyes. The itching would drive him insane, though, if she didn’t come home from work soon.

The LoDo sports bar where she waited tables closed almost an hour ago. She couldn’t have gone on a date at two o’clock on a Thursday morning, could she?

Three times he’d entered her ground floor apartment after she’d left for work, and he’d seen no sign she was involved with anyone. No jockey shorts mixed with her panties in the hamper. No extra razor. The food in the refrigerator wasn’t enough to feed a cat, let alone her and a boyfriend, and the only scent on her pillows was floral. The sole message from a male on her answering machine had identified himself as a special research librarian from the Denver Public Library reminding her to pick up the copy of “The Warwick Genealogy” she’d requested.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t still involved with him, the almighty scion of Thorne Enterprises. She’s probably crawling into his bed like a whore right this minute, letting him do things to her, making her scream….




“No!  Stop!” he whispered. “That was a mistake!”

Was it?  The insidious question lashed him from the dark place in his pounding skull.

He rejected the smirking voice, the vivid images. Think of something else. Anything else. Forget forget for—


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Author Bio:

Amazon Bestselling Author Karen Docter writes contemporary romance. When she feels the need to feed the dark side, she writes intense suspense thrillers as K.L. Docter. She’s an award-winning author, a four-time Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® finalist, and won the coveted Kiss of Death Romance Writers Daphne du Maurier Award Category (Series) Romantic Mystery Unpublished division.


Twitter: @KarenDocter
Karen Docter FB:
K.L. Docter FB:



Bestselling Author Karen Docter ~ K.L. Docter
Contemporary Romance ~ Romantic Suspense
 Thank you Karen for being an awesome guest.

Thank you Karen for being an awesome guest. I can’t wait to start on this book personally, I hope you will all enjoy it also.

Write one my friends, write on!


Summer Lit Blitz – Madison Granger

I hope that you are enjoying this series of guest authors for great summer reads. Be sure to leave a review after reading a book. Reviews are important for authors, especially Indie authors.

Today’s guest is a fellow Bard author, Ms. Madison Granger. Let’s dive in and see what we can learn from Ms. Granger shall we?

  1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m a young-hearted free spirit mistakenly encased in an aging woman’s body. On the serious side, wait, that was the serious side. If it sounds like I’m stalling, I am. I absolutely hate this question. I’m never quite sure how to answer it. I’m a mom, I’m a grandmother. I’m a full-time legal secretary. And now, I’m an author. Somewhere in all of that, I’ve lived several lives. I’ve done a little of everything, from being a locksmith to a horse trainer. I pull from my life experiences because I have plenty.

  1. What genre do you write?

Paranormal romance

  1. Are you attending any author events over the summer?

I don’t have any plans for author events this year or next year, for that matter. I am trying to line up a few local signings, but nothing more than that. Since I’m just getting started, I’d like to focus on my writing. I’d like to have at least a couple of books on the table before I venture out again.

  1. That  is a good approach. I’ve done a few and I  feel underqualified sitting next to someone who has six books under their belt, and I have just the one. How do you manage writing with the rest of your life? (job, spouse, parent, etc.)

Since I work full-time, writing has become my second job, of a sort. I’m single, so I don’t have to worry about spending time with a significant other. My routine has become: go to work, come home, unwind, catch up on social media, then write.

Weekends, I write.

  1. That sounds like a tight schedule. Who are your favorite authors?

J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Patricia Briggs, Terry Brooks, Kevin Hearne, Lynsay Sands … the list goes on and on.

  1. I absolutely adore J.R. Ward and Terry Brooks. I’ve read the others as well but adore those two. What genre do you read most often?

Paranormal romance and epic fantasy.

  1. Will you share a picture of writing space?


My writing desk

  1. *sigh*  An orderly designated work area.  I am envious.  *sigh*    Moving on –What do you most value in a friend?


  1. Do you use real people as your characters or do you completely make them up? Describe your process.

A little of both. My first book originated from a dream. There are several characters that are loosely based on real people. The rest are all imagination.  I’m working on a short story at the moment. I dream of the characters and they come to life on the page.

      10. How do you handle research? Do you gather all data first or start writing while still gathering?

Again, a little of both. For the third book of my Kindred series, I started researching ahead of time. I knew how that one was going to start, so I had to prepare. I find myself researching as I go along too.

Wow, that time just flew by. We’ll have to do this again when we have more time! Thank you so much for being my guest today, Madison. It’s been a pleasure talking with you!

Phoenix Rising cover

Phoenix Rising cover

Phoenix Rising

by Madison Granger


Torie Masters is a curvy, middle-aged, divorcee with a normal job and family life. Her penchant for paranormal romances leaves her longing for the day she will meet the man who will sweep her off of her feet. She’s been dreaming a long time.

Quinn McGrath is Liege Lord to a centuries old clan of shapeshifters known as The Kindred. All have been promised a destined mate by the Goddess. He has all but given up finding his.

Sparks fly when Quinn meets Torie. Could his ‘Promised Soul’ finally be real? The eternal mates might not stand a chance as man and nature work against them. From assassination attempts to a devastating hurricane, their future is put to the test across the globe. Is their bond strong enough to see them through to forever?



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“Umm, would you do something for me?” asked Torie.

“If it is in my power, you know I will. What would you have me do?”

“Could you shift for me?” she asked hesitatingly.

It was not the question he’d expected first. “Are you sure you want that now?”

“Well, is it gross like on the movies and TV? All drawn out and tortured?”

Laughing softly, he replied to her, “No, it is not like that at all. That would be werewolves, and their transformation is rather painful to watch. I am a shapeshifter, and it is” … he thought for a moment how best to describe it …. “more of a magical transformation.”

“So, could you show me? We’ll get to werewolves later,” she countered, shaking her head, not quite believing they were really having this conversation.

He nodded, walked to the middle of the room, and toed off his loafers. Straightening, he slowly started to strip. Quinn unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it on the floor. Unbuckling his belt, his pants and boxers followed suit.

Torie gasped. She knew he was built, but even her vivid imagination couldn’t have prepared her for seeing him. He was incredible! The epitome of a true warrior, stood tall and regal before her. His arms were corded, the right one covered in tribal ink. His broad chest was covered with a dusting of golden hair that tapered down to a well-formed six-pack. His shaft was semi erect. She could easily discern that he was much bigger than any man she had ever been with. His thighs were thick and well-formed, and his calves were made for running. He was strength personified.

Suddenly the air in the room felt charged. There was a slight shimmering around the tall warrior, an audible ‘pop,’ and Quinn was gone. A huge silver wolf stood in his place. A silver wolf with Quinn’s blue eyes.

Torie was frozen in place, trying to take it all in. She saw it, but was struggling to convince herself that it had actually happened. Slowly, the wolf padded over to her. She sat quietly, watching his approach. His muzzle bumped her hand. Without thinking, she automatically patted his head and scratched behind his ears. Pulling her hand back quickly, she gasped, “Oh geez, I’m sorry Quinn. I didn’t mean to pet you like a dog,” her face reddened furiously.

He nudged her hand again, stepped closer, and licked her face. Quinn sat back on his haunches with his head cocked to the side, tongue lolling out. Torie couldn’t help but laugh. Leave it to Quinn to ease her no matter what shape he was in.

Author Madison Granger

Author Madison Granger

Author Bio:

Madison Granger is a free-spirited late bloomer that stubbornly believes dreams can come true, never giving up, and you’re never too old to try new things. She proved that to herself, and others, when at the age of 30, she got her first horse and went on to become a three-time National Champion in the show ring.

While having a love for books all of her life, Madison had never tried her hand at writing. After having a story in her head for over three years, in the later part of her life, she has written her first book. She is now well on her way to creating a series for her beloved Kindred warriors.

Madison lives in southern Louisiana. Working full-time as a secretary, she still manages to find time to write. When not working or writing, Madison enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family. Follow her on:









That sounds like some serious summer heat up there.  I may have to invest in a signed copy. It’s on my to be read list,  but I am terrible about reading my ebooks when I have shiny slick covered books demanding my attention.

If you’re in the mood for some summer heat/ shifter romance check  out Madison’s debut!

Write on my friends, write on!


Summer Lit Blitz – Zanzibar

As promised yesterday, my Summer Lit Blitz guest author! My apologies for the nonsensical post. Hey, your brain would be mush after a four-hour meeting too! Don’t judge!

Anyway, My guest is none other than the fabulous Zanzibar Schwarznegger.

  1. Tell me a little about yourself. 

I’m a Figment. This means I’m a character someone created, but I don’t have a book, so no one knows about me. I’m also in the Character Witness Protection Program, so I can’t tell you where I’m from, but I’m currently running around the Pacific Northwest because The Conductor isn’t very fond of rain.

  1. What is (are) your goal(s) for June? July? August? (whichever month you are being interviewed for)
    Goals would be good. Mostly I just write.
    Okay, very untrue. After a little time off for relocation (see Character Witness Protection deal), I am behind on my schedule, so I’m juggling three books in various stages and about to start outlining a fourth. Life is more fun with juggling. Circuses teach us that. Also, magic.


  1. What is your best time management tip?
    Don’t stop writing. Ever.
    Barring that, set goals, set deadlines, and use Pomodoro technique (xx minutes of intense, focused activity followed by a break).


  1. What is your best writing tip for newbies?
    Finish something. Really, finish anything. I think it’s always better if you can start with short stories because those have the quickest turnaround and give the fastest opportunities for learning, but some writers are afraid of short stories. Even if you’re writing a novel, write the whole thing,then whine about it.


  1. Do you have a book coming out this summer?
    I’ve had three books out so far this year (one under a pseudonym because it wasn’t at all funny), so I don’t have anything else coming out until October. A Figment needs to sleep. Okay, I don’t, but I like to pretend I’m real.


  1. What genre do you write?
    Humor, first and foremost. Then you can shunt my stuff into fantasy, YA, romance, and mystery, depending on the book. Why do one genre when they’re all so much fun?


  1. Are you attending any author events over the summer?
    I was supposed to, but I had to cancel. Protective custody isn’t very protective if everyone knows where to find you.

  2. Do you have a vacation planned for the summer? If so where? If not, when?
    My life is always a vacation, but I am leaving the vicinity of the Pacific Northwest for a while and heading to… wait. Is this a trick question? Do you know The Conductor?

  3. What are your favorite summer foods? Activities?
    I love to camp and hike. S’mores are a must, although I’m not greedy, so s’less works, too. Iced coffees and teas, chilled watermelon, and a nice slab o’ dead creature on the grill works, too. Could you excuse me? I’m hungry now….


  1. What quality do you most admire in a woman/man?
    A sense of humor.
  2. What do you most value in a friend?
    I can forgive almost anything outside of walking away from a friendship. That’s getting a little too serious for me.

  3. What is your favorite journey?
    One I didn’t plan, even though I’m a planner. Total plotser with a hint of panting.

  4. Which book have you read the most in your lifetime?
    That’s a tough call. I have multiples that I have read more than five times, so I’m not sure. There’s certain books that are like having a talk with a friend you haven’t seen in years. No matter how many times you come back, the conversation is always fresh and you leave feeling refreshed.

  5. If you could choose to be a character in a book, who would it be?
    I am a Character, I just haven’t found my book yet. Why be someone else when I’m so very awesomesauce on my own?

  6. Will you share a picture of your writing space?
    I’m really starting to think you have something going with The Conductor. No, I cannot share anything that might give away my location.

  7. Who is your favorite hero of fiction?
    A parent shouldn’t have a favorite child and a reader shouldn’t have a favorite hero. That’s just mean to the other kids.

  8. What genre do you read most often?
    I can honestly say that I read everything but erotica and horror (although I’ll dip my toes into horror until they get chopped off). Oh, and westerns.  If I really want a description of a horse’s butt, I’ll go for a ride.

18.  Who are your favorite authors?
The ones I’m currently reading. Outside that, I love humor, so Jasper Fforde, Terry Pratchett (RIP), Douglas Adams. Currently on a Jim Butcher kick because he reminds me of R.R. Virdi, who I also enjoy.

   19.  Do you use real people as your characters or do you completely make them up? Describe your process.

Absolutely no real people. I do not have an evil queen based on the asker of these questions. That would be absurd.
Process: find a real person and force them to give me permission to warp them into something they don’t recognize. So far, it’s gotten good results.

(Permission was granted for the characterization of evil queen and THIS asker totally approves. Well, until she thought I could be easily replaced by a successor. Excuse me while I exterminate the pretenders!)

     20.  Is there one book that you wish that you had written? (Not for the profits – but for the quality of the writing.)

I wish I had written The Eyre Affair because it’s brilliant, but I could do it with less language. I don’t really need curse words to be funny, so I generally skip them. Also, I wish I had created Anne McCaffrey’s Pern. I could play there forever. Dragons rule.

 This has been great conversation, but  our time is nearly over.  Thank you for stopping in and sharing.  Do you have a bit you could share from your books? 



Veneri Verbum

Fantasy humor




Writing a book may be the perfect solution to all of Christopher Cullum’s problems. He’s currently living at home (at age twenty-five), but his mom fears she’ll be doing his laundry forever. If he doesn’t accomplish something notable soon, she may invoke some tough love. He might even have to clean his room.



   “Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like my crown back. In exchange, I’ll give you a free pass to your destination.”

     “If you’re evil, why would you do that?” Elsa asked archly.

     “Boredom, my dear.” [The evil queen] fingered the necklace around her pale white throat. “Besides, I like being the most evil being here. If he stays, who knows what kind of evil would show up?”

     Eric looked at the crown in his hands, then at Elsa and Christopher. He sighed. “Just when I get something nice.” Dragging every step, he walked up to the throne and returned the crown.

     “That’s better.” Ellie seated the crown on her head. Her elaborate hairdo immediately styled itself around the crown. “Time to die.”

     “But you said…”.

     “I’m sorry. Did you miss the part about being evil?” The queen clicked her tongue. “Honestly, I cannot understand why anyone trusts me. It’s like you’ve never read a book before.”

     Christopher blushed. “I read books. Sometimes. I have to read for classes.”

     The queen waved one hand airily. “Not my concern. Time to die. If you could scream a bit, I do like that part.”

 Zanzibar 7. Schwarznegger is a fictional Figment-Writer who escaped through a plot hole into the real world. He resides somewhere on the west coast of the United States and moves frequently under the Character Witness Relocation Program. He has spawned a number of plot bunnies, tribbles and squirrels. His hobbies include oxymoron acrostics, weekend adverbial warfare, and braving the terrors of parody flux on a dare. He occasionally remembers to update his website at


Twitter: @Zanzibar7Writer






Beta Beware

Fantasy humor


DJ needs beta readers. She finds another writer, Christopher, who needs readers as well and offers a trade. What’s the worst that can happen? His book is boring or he doesn’t finish hers. Except there are worse things than boring books in the world of Figments. DJ is sucked into Christopher’s book, playing a game with very real consequences and no do-overs. Bring on the coffee!



“I bet she talks to me first.”

“I bet she’s already talked to me before.”

“I bet she wants to talk to me first, but feels sorry for you.”

“I bet she feels sorrier for you, but still likes me better, so she talks to me first.”

DJ couldn’t figure out which one was talking when and was starting to feel like the net in a tennis match. “How do you tell yourselves apart? Are you twins?”

Again they scowled at each other. “We used to be different people.”

“I was me. He was him.”

“We were separate. It was better.”

“Then the merge.”

“Bit of a death accident.”

“Or train.”

“I’ve forgotten exactly.”

DJ interrupted. “A train? You mean The Conductor got you, too?”

Again they looked at each other, this time without glaring. “We got her.” They smiled simultaneously and fist-bumped.


“But there was dying.”

“Then the train jumped out of the plot hole.”

“Then… merge.”

“Now we’re a little of each other.”

“Less intimate than it sounds,” the dark-haired one assured her. “We don’t share anything.”

“Untrue,” the one on her left said. “We share things. We just don’t do it intentionally.”

“Mostly the same thing and less creepy than saying it the other way.” The one on the right checked his pocket watch. “Isn’t there supposed to be a case today?”



 The Annals of Bobian

YA humor


The Bobian is twelve and has one goal in life: get ice cream. Unfortunately, life seems to be conspiring against him. Birthday parties gone awry. School bullies teaching him a (temporary) lesson in humility. Bratty little sisters and next door neighbor kids stealing his rightful reward. What’s a kid to do? There’s only one solution: The Bobian will defeat them all… even the time-changing aliens who are determined to keep him from summer.


Today was a special test. Today had started with a turkey craft, as if The Queen Mother didn’t have enough copies of his hand as an ugly bird stashed around the house. He tried to throw them away, but she always asked about them. A few of them had bonus trash stains or extra wrinkles.

After crafts, they practiced music, which meant the girls screeched loudly while the boys tried to pretend to sing without really singing. It was a stupid song anyway. Even kindergartners didn’t think turkeys were friends right before they ate them.

Recess would have been better, except that it was raining and the teachers always thought rain would make them melt. Other than the one girl who was allergic to everything and a teacher he was pretty sure was related to the witch who got melted by Dorothy, The Bobian didn’t think water could really hurt you. Soap and water… that was a different story. Plain old rain was no reason to cancel recess. That was just mean.

The day continued to be bad after recess. It was the day for that talk. The girls went away, which was good, but the teacher who came in to give that talk was older than the fossil The Bobian had in his rock collection.

“Alright. Class.” He stopped and looked around, obviously trying to figure out where he was. “Class. Right. We’re here to talk about…”. He frowned, which was like all his wrinkles made more wrinkles for the other wrinkles to talk about. “Oh. Yes. We’re here to talk about bodies. Male bodies.” He pushed his glasses further up his nose and looked around the room. “There aren’t any girls in here, are there?”

He smelled like dust. Not dirt, which would have been kind of cool, but dust. That was just weird.


If you are in the mood for a few laughs or a lot of laughs,  check out these books for your summer reads!

Write one my friends, write on!


Summer Lit Blitz

My first guest for this summer’s blitz is the delightful Ms. Sara DeVaney.  Sara  is the fastest beta reader I have ever sent anything to!  Her observations and comments have been an amazing help to me and I’m sure other authors as well.
1. Tell me a little about yourself. 

My name is Sara E. DeVaney. I am 30 years old and live in Michigan. I am the youngest of four kids, sisters Amy and Brenna, brother James. I have six nephews and nieces – Owen, Noah, Grayson, Rosie, Nylah and Gavin. I have two dogs – Lucky and Lily – Lucky is a 12-year-old Labradoodle and Lily is a year-old Golden Doodle. I live with my parents – Judith and Daniel, both of who are retired from social work.

2. What genre do you write?
I usually write modern-day fiction, comedy and drama.

3. Do you have a vacation planned for the summer? If so where? If not, when?
My parents, brother and his family, and I rented a cottage and we are going August 13-20. Unfortunately, the dogs can’t come, so they are staying with a family friend. I hope to have lots of fun playing with my niece Nylah and nephew Gavin.

4. What are your favorite summer foods? Activities?
My favorite summer activities include – cloud watching, swimming, being lazy, watching fireflies, playing in the sprinkler and having fun. My favorite summer foods are – hot dogs, burgers, kabobs, s’mores, lemonade and strawberries.

I’m not much on hotdogs but kabobs – yum! Love strawberries too!   I remember playing the sprinkler when I was a kid. We had a blast! 

5. Who is your favorite hero of fiction?
My favorite hero – I mean heroine – of fiction is Hermione Granger because she’s not afraid to say how she feels or what’s going on with her. I love how she stands up for others (house-elves, Harry and Ron, just to name a few) and her sense of humor.

6. If you could choose to be a character in a book, who would it be?
I would choose to be either Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson or Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. For guys, I would want to be Legolas from Lord of the Rings or Four from Divergent.

Annabeth –  now I can relate to that!  That is an excellent choice.  I hate to admit but I’ve not read the Harry Potter series,  so I can’t comment on Hermione. From what I’ve heard though, it’s a great character.

7. Which book have you read the most in your lifetime?

The first Harry Potter book – the cover has been taped together and ripped so many times I can’t even count.

8. What is your favorite journey?

My favorite journey is to Hogwarts – Harry Potter was one of the first book series I read – I was eleven when it came out and I felt like I was part of the Trio – playing Quidditch with Harry, going to classes with Hermione and eating in the Great Hall with Ron.

9. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

My advice to aspiring authors is to write what you know and know what you write. Also, read everything, even if it’s a menu – imagine what kinds of foods your characters would eat and what they would drink. If you have pets, imagine what kind of pet your characters would have. Use your imagination every day and you’ll go far.

On a side note, since I’m not published, you can visit or .

My pen name there is LuckyxLabradoodlexLoverx7.

Here’s a blurb of this year’s novel – it’s called “In the Shelter”:

In the back room of Friendly Corners Animal Rescue, the animals of the shelter come together to tell their stories. Minerva and Athena, an owl and crow, run Shelter Group.

Here’s an excerpt:

The wind howled as two new residents – Night and Zirah – came into Friendly Corners Animal Rescue. Both of them growled and lashed out at the volunteers.

Athena watched from her perch, curious to know what was going on. She and the other birds – Minerva the Owl and Boston the Red-Tailed Hawk – watched curiously, along with the King Vulture named Queenie.

“They’ll make an excellent addition to Shelter Group.” Minerva hooted.

Boston ruffled his feathers, not impressed. It was hard to impress Boston.

Meanwhile in the Big Cat sanctuary, Juba paced, then stopped when the door opened. He let out a low growl to let the newcomers know that this was his turf.

“Easy Juba – they won’t hurt you. This is Night and Zirah.” The volunteer said as the door closed behind him.

Juba let out a low growl, “no one hones in on my turf.”

“We’ve had a rough night – leave us alone.” The panther – Night – growled.

The lioness – Zirah – was oddly quiet.

Juba narrowed his eyes at the others, “as long as you don’t make trouble, you’re welcome here. There’s Shelter Group in the afternoon tomorrow.”

“What’s Shelter Group?” Zirah asked curiously.

I can’t wait to read more!  My youngest daughter has fanfiction on there,  I will have to read the rest of this when I read hers!
Thank you Sara for sharing with us today and providing summer reading material!  
Be sure to leave a comment for Sara when you read her work! 
Write on my friends, write on! 
Til next time,

The Ruby Iyer Series

Today my guest is Laxmi Hariharan and we get an exclusive excerpt from

The First Life of Vikram Roy


The Ruby Iyer Series—by Laxmi Hariharan

When I begin to unbutton my shirt, Ash looks at me with raised eyebrows.

“Really?” She smirks. “In such a hurry?”

“It’s not what you think.” I bite out the words.

Before she can ask any further questions, I wrap the shirt around my fist and use it to break off the jagged pieces of glass on the pane. Then, pushing my arm through the square, I open the lock of the window from inside. Opening it, I grab hold of the window ledge and heave myself over, falling over promptly on the other side.

I am stunned, but bounce back on my feet quickly. Coughing out the dust which streams over my face, I tell Ash, “Come on to the front door.”

Running to the front door, I pull at the old-fashioned wooden bar which is placed across it. Pleased when it comes away in my hand, I open the door, panting with the exertion of pulling at the heavy wood. Then, grinning, I bow to Ash, who is standing at the threshold.

“Come in, your highness.” I make a mock bow.

Ash holds her nose in the air, playing her part, and walks past me. It’s gloomy inside but the moon is bright enough to light up the way. Ash follows me as I walk past an overturned chair, a large settee covered in plastic, and take in the paintings on the wall.

“It’s as if the family who lived here abandoned it without moving any of their possessions out,” she says. Holding my hand, she drags me to the staircase.

“Where are we going?”

“On a tour, dummy. Don’t you want to see what’s upstairs?”

I follow her, our shoes making clattering noises on the wooden steps, then, I hear something.

“Wait.” I stop midway up the stairs.

“What?” she says loud enough for her voice to echo around the building.

“Did you hear that?”

“No.” In the silence that follows, she laughs nervously.

Then she hears it too. A soft padding from upstairs, the unmistakable noise of nails dragging on the wooden floor. We look at each other wide-eyed. A chill runs up my back, and the hairs on my forearms spring upright.

“Come on, we have to find out what it is.” Grinning wickedly, Ash leaps ahead and runs, dragging me along.

“Ash, honestly,” I mutter, more scared than I’d like to admit.

We cross the landing of the first floor and walk towards the open door leading to the room on the far side. Once again, there’s the sound of dragging footsteps. I swallow nervously in the darkness, but chivalry gets the better of me and I walk ahead, pushing Ash behind me.

“Stay quiet,” I whisper.

In the dark I see the white of her eyes, rounded in fear. She is not as unafraid as she makes out to be. We slip into the room. The shadows here are darker, and it takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. Then I hear a low growl and the padding sound comes towards me, a flash of black and yellow spots.

“Ash!” I push her out of the way and jump, covering her with my body just as a leopard leaps past us, making for the door.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I swear.

My heart is beating so hard it threatens to leap out of my chest. I look up to the door and am relieved to find there’s no sign of the leopard. Ash’s body is shaking below mine. Her heart, too, is thumping hard, slamming against me. I can’t tell where her pulse stops and mine begins.

“Goddammit, Ash!” I look down; worried she is having a seizure, or worse. Her face is scrunched up.

“Oh my God, are you okay?” My voice comes out all high-pitched.

“Yes. No,” her voice quivers in reply. She opens her eyes finally and I realize she is laughing, silently. At me. Again.

Something snaps inside of me and I know there is no turning back. Not today.

“That was a-a—”

“Leopard,” I say

“Gho-st?” she asks at the same time.

“Yeah, that’s our ghost,” I say, nodding.

I want to stay angry with her, but the sparks in her eyes draw me in completely.

Her skin scrapes across mine. Her dress is around her waist and one of my legs is between hers. My thigh brushes against her frock-covered midriff. The heat rushes at me through the cloth. I am surrounded by her smell. Awareness comes into her eyes at the same time. Her laughter dies and the blue of her eyes dart fire at me.

“Don’t go falling in love with me now.” She tilts her head up.

Her lips are curved. I want to taste them, slant my lips across her mouth. Bending down, I touch my lips to hers. Her breath tastes like oranges. And chocolate. She flings her arms around me and rams my body to her’s with fierce strength. It feels as if she’s vibrating, as if the shudders are running up her body and down mine.

Leopards are my favorite animals from now on.

Want to find out what happens next? Click here


About The First Life of Vikram Roy (Ruby Iyer Series)


His family is being held to ransom by a deadly mastermind.

Vikram never should have left his family, but when Vikram’s father brings his half-brother Vishal home, life will never be the same. Vikram thinks things will be better now that he’s gone. He’s met the love of his life, his future looks bright and then everything is shattered. Now, his family’s life is hanging in the balance, and only Vikram can do what needs to be done to save them. From the bestselling dystopian fiction author with over 200 reviews and ratings of her dystopia books across Goodreads, Amazon and other retailers.




About the origins of Ruby Iyer:


Growing up in Bombay, my daily commute to university was inevitably nightmarish. It’s just how public transport is here. The man behind you on the bus will brush up against you. You know you are going to be felt up on a crowded train platform. All you can do is accept it and get on. Or so you think. I did too, until, a young photojournalist was raped in the centre of Bombay in broad daylight.  It made me furious. Nothing had changed in this city in all these years. Then, I had a vision of this young girl who would not back down; who would follow her instincts, stand up for herself regardless of consequences.  Thus Ruby Iyer was born. Make no mistake, Ruby’s her own person. She leads. I follow. You can download the RUBY IYER DIARIES, the prequel novelette in the series free HERE



About The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer

many lives


2015 Readers’ Favorite (Bronze) YA Action

 YA Finalist 2015 IAN Book of the Year Award

Finalist 9th Annual Indie Excellence Awards
When her best friend is kidnapped, Ruby will stop at nothing to rescue him. 

Criminals run the streets of Bombay. Jam-packed with the worst degenerates. The city is a shell of the pride and joy it used to be. Ruby knows something must be done, but it isn’t until her best friend is kidnapped by the despotic Dr Braganza that she knows that she and she alone must save city, save her best friend, save the world from total destruction. Armed only with Vikram, a cop-turned-rogue they are about to embark on a road they may never return from.  If you’re looking for fast-paced books like Hunger Games or dystopia fiction like Angelfall, the Ruby Iyer series is perfect for you.



The First Life of Vikram Roy, The THIRD book in the RUBY IYER Series, launches this month. To celebrate the launch of the FIRST LIFE OF VIKRAM ROY I am giving away a $30 gift card. Enter HERE. Winner will be drawn, Oct 1, 2015, and announced in my next newsletter.

All SEPTEMBER earnings from the RUBY IYER SERIES will be donated to SAVE THE CHILDREN: SUPPORT CHILD REFUGEES OF SYRIA. All the RUBY IYER books with their brand new covers, are on SALE all this month at 99p/c & Rs 69/49. Click HERE to buy them.

YOU can also donate to SAVE THE CHILDREN directly HERE 




About the author:

She almost died. But when dystopia romance author Laxmi Hariharan had a near death experience, she was told to write. Laxmi is the creator of dystopian romance series, RUBY IYER SERIES (The MANY LIVES OF RUBY IYER – FINALIST Indie Excellence Awards, 2015 Readers’ Favorite, winner in the Young Adult – Action category | FINALIST 2015 IAN Book Of the Year awards. Also the bestselling The RUBY IYER DIARIES & The FIRST LIFE OF VIKRAM ROY), and the Amazon bestselling, eLit Gold winner, The Destiny of Shaitan (Bombay Chronicles, 1). If you’re looking for books like Divergent and Angelfall, you’ll love the RUBY IYER SERIES.

Laxmi writes books similar to Hunger Games while listening to electronica & progressive rock, and downing innumerable cups of extra sweet ginger-chai. She is also an avid photographer of street art and believes she was a tree — a redwood — in her past life. London is where she creates. Bombay is what fires her imagination.
Receive a free copy of THE RUBY IYER DIARIES when you sign up to her newsletter here
Reach Laxmi, on Facebook  Twitter Instagram

Write on my friends, write on!


Doing Wright – Raven Dark

My guest today is Miss Raven Dark.  I met Raven in  my Facebook group for NANO.   In various threads Raven has expressed intelligent answers,  not the typical smart alec,  or flippant things that many answer in trivial fashion. She  offers sound answers or comments. This caught my attention.  Hopefully, she’ll capture yours as well.

  1. Welcome to Quotidiandose. Tell me a little about yourself. 

 I live with my fiancé of 12 years, and our cat (who thinks she’s a dog), in the friendliest place in Ontario, Canada. I swear, Hamiltonians are the most helpful, welcoming people. I struggle with mobility, so I spend most of my time writing, but I also love practicing cover-making for books (not well, but I’m getting better, lol), and editing for other authors.

  1. What genre do you write?

Erotic romance, usually with a BDSM element, or at least kink. Lately, I’ve been churning out books with contemporary settings, but sometimes fantasy or sci fi settings sneak in.

  1. How did you get started?

When I was 12, a teacher asked the class to write a short story. He drew five cartoonish type characters.  All ones he made up, laminated them, and  then put them up on the board. Then he told us to choose one, and base our story on our choice. One of the characters was this…interesting rat sort of creature in warrior’s clothes with a sword. I wrote a 5 page story about him, in which he had to save a princess, from a dragon, I think. The teacher read the story and when he was finished, he was so impressed, he read it to the class. After, he pulled me aside and quietly told me I needed to be a writer. Who was I to refuse? 😀

  1. It’s refreshing to hear some encouragement  to be a writer.  So often we hear  you shouldn’t be a writer,  or get a real job.  Thank you for sharing that! What part of writing do you find to be the most difficult?

Definitely the editing. I think a lot of people would say writing blurbs or synopsises, and I do hate those. But while I always think I can’t write the next blurb for a book, it always ends up being almost easy. Editing on the other hand…*Shudder*. If I could pay someone else to do it, I would.

  1. Which is the easiest for you?

*Hehem* The sexy bits. LOL. The rest of the story I sometimes have to really fight with. Beginnings are like pulling teeth, and I always think my endings are a rush of suck. They turn out great in the end, but doing them is hell. The sexy parts, on the other hand, those just flow. I love a good banter scene between a strong alpha male and a smart-ass heroine, and the hotter the sexy times, the better and the easier to write.

  1. *nods agreement* What is your greatest fear?

Mold. Seriously, the stuff makes me squick. When I reach into the fridge and pull out something, if it has mold on it, I end up screaming and dropping it. Hubby gets a laugh out of it.

  1. What is your greatest regret?

Not studying writing much harder, sooner than I did. If I had started learning the mechanics of writing years earlier, I would probably be a successful author by now. Instead, I let the fears and self doubts eat away at me and hold me back. Which is why I’ve spent the last 4 years studying every writing book and blog I can get my hands on. And it’s why I have a book out today. 😀 😀 😀

  1. That is a very good point.  So many  aspiring authors,  I won’t say aspiring writer because you either write or you don’t, but to be an author you  have to have authored something.  When it doesn’t just automatically “happen” for them,  they give up.  You’ll never accomplish anything if you give up.  Which leads me to my next question,What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Finish. Yeah, that’s it. And that applies to anyone who wants to be successful at something. If I have a second regret, it’s that I spent so long worrying and doubting myself that it took me over 4 years to finally finish my first book. Once I finished that one, the second one, it’s sequel, was a lot easier. The more often you do it, the easier it gets, but you can’t edit a blank page, and you can’t fix a broken story if you don’t finish it. A great friend of mine once said, “The world doesn’t reward perfection, it rewards finishers.”

  1. Do you outline or are you a pantser?

I’m an obsessive plotter. I know a lot of writers like to say you have to pants, or you have to plot, but I believe a writer has to do what works for them. There is no right or wrong. For me, though, stories end up far too much of a mess, and much harder to fix unless I plot them out. In my case, this means being extremely organized. I’m hugely OCD, so I use a spreadsheet, plotting out each chapter, with a description of each scene, and any key details. Then I can see where the story is weak, or lacks conflict, where the holes are, and repair them before I start writing. It saves a lot of rewriting in the end. That said, I have to say, I envy people who can write without all that. People who can just sit down and the story flows out of them. I want that.

  1. You sound like me.  I am rather OCD about my  outlines. If I free  write,  and I do sometimes because it can be cathartic,  I evaluate what I wrote as to whether I leave it in, throw it out,  use it in a different story, deviate from the plan or what?  There are times when the story just flows. That’s the case with my next one.  Is there one book that you wish that you had written? (Not for the profits – but for the quality of the writing.)

Hands down, Bared to You, by Silvia Day. And, hard as this probably is to believe, it has nothing to do with the book being a global bestseller or whatever legendary status it’s at now. The woman writes beautifully and it’s easily my favorite book.

11.  What’s next for you?  What  is on the workboard?

At the moment, I’ve got a lot going on, including writing up Part 3 of Teach Me, tentatively titled Bad Behavior. But I’m also working on the final edits for Unlawful Desire, the first book in my full length, erotic romance series. It’s BDSM, like my other work. Here’s a teaser for the series.


Sounds intriguing! While Raven finishes that one, take a look at her current ones!

Doing Wright

Doing Wright - Raven Dark


“You came here for more than to drop off my bag, Professor, and you know it.”

A soft chuckle drifted up from him. Then he turned and stalked back up the steps, stopping so close she could feel the heat of him. He loomed darkly over her.

“Get inside, young lady.”

When she lifted her chin, he leaned in, so close his breath fanned her face. It smelled faintly of the peppermint gum he always had on his desk.

“It’s not safe for a girl like you to be out here at night. The big bad wolf might eat you.”


19 year old Jacy is a college girl with a wild and wicked streak. She’s always had a penchant for older men, so it’s no surprise she’d fantasize about being taken by her professor in every possible way. Then again, her imagination’s always gotten her into trouble.

 When the sinfully gorgeous Mr. Wright shows up at her door one night, she’s sure she can tempt the brooding alpha male into taking control and claiming what he needs, but at what price?

 He’ll give her a night she’ll never forget, but she’s been to this party before with disastrous results. Will their tryst be the best night of her life, or the worst mistake she’s ever made?

Jacy’s Lesson

jacy lesson raven dark


Class is in session, and Jacy is about to learn a hard lesson. After a wild night of passion together, her hot college professor Tyson Wright completely ignores her. Instead of wallowing in her sudden rejection, Jacy plots her revenge. What will she do when she discovers Tyson has a lesson for her, one she won’t soon forget?

Raven Dark


Author Bio:

As a young girl Raven Dark dreamed of being abducted by a savage alien warrior, whisked away by a brutal pirate, or rescued by a cape-bearing hero. When none of these men came to claim her, she brought them to life in her stories. Then twelve years ago she met the man of her dreams. He doesn’t wear a cape, fly a spaceship, or wield a sword, but sometimes she swears they’ve mind melded.

Raven lives with her dream man and their one cat that thinks she’s a dog in the Mundane world’s version of Ontario, Canada. When she isn’t working on her latest erotic romance novels and crafting interesting worlds in which to set them, she’s spending too much time with friends, feeding her Youtube addiction, or curled up on a couch watching favorite shows with her future husband.

I love to meet new friends and readers. You can find me at-

Amazon page –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Website and blog –

Thank you Raven for a lovely interview! Be sure to leave a comment for Raven today!

Write on my friends, write on!


Interview with MOI!!

Cathy Brockman has me as a guest over on her blog!  This was a very fun interview!  She includes my NINE playlist that I mentioned previously!

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G. Mitchell Baker Interview

Today’s guest is a charming man with a vivid imagination.  For all of my sci-fi fans, I think that you’ll find his books enjoyable. I found it quite interesting poking around in his mind, and I hope that  you will agree. Tune in as he answers my questions, then tomorrow he will share an excerpt. 

Please welcome G. Mitchell Baker! 


Tell me a little about yourself.

Always a work in progress, sometimes I wonder whether the creative tension comes from me, or from the stories. I have lived in many places and done many things. It is nice to draw on experiences lived, but I never draw on any one experience exclusively … Oh wait … there is one project, Lethal Believers: DVM (Master Koda Select Publishing, 2013) where I drew on an experience after learning about it in a veterinary malpractice case. It involved the abuse of a horse. Simply put, there was no other way to write the scene after being the attorney in deposition, who solicited the testimony of a ketamine abusing sociopath and horse killer. I guess, having said as much, if there is a little about myself to be said, I have never shied away from tough situations, and, as in this example, have always tried to bring compassion to the party when possible.

What genre do you write?

I am, or have been published in genre to include Paranormal/Mythology (Lethal Believers Series); Young Adult Contemporary Fiction (Soccer Tommies Baseball Mommies); Science Fiction (ANNT: Axiom Series); and, Contemporary Fiction (Emerson Series).

What genre do you read the most?

My reading has always been diverse and I have never landed and settled in one genre. There are genre I am not interested in, like the prurient ‘romance’ but otherwise I read a lot of different stuff from a broad range of interests.

OUCH! I’m crushed.  You wouldn’t read my book? It’s a contemporary romance. The next one is a different genre, but with an element of romance. Anyway, moving on.

Which book have you read the most in your lifetime?

No question, the book I have read the most throughout my lifetime is The Bible (versions of The Bible). I heard, it was by far the most read book in the world so I guess that makes it the longest running Number 1 Bestseller. Kind of humbling for this novelist.

I would have to agree on that point,  The Bible is probably the book I have read the most, and keep reading. I am surprised at the number of people who claim to be Christians that have never read the Bible.  In my opinion, if you are going to profess a religious belief then you should know what it is that you are professing. But that’s just me. Anyway, moving on. What do you most value in a friend?

It has to be respect … respect that flows easily back and forth as a mutual respect. Respect allows for the sharing of beliefs and other common values, which in turn strengthens the friendship. I fear there are too many young people who are not experiencing these values given their preoccupation with social networking and access to far too much information that is salacious, prurient or simply what I call ‘Nut Celebrity’ or ‘Fool Celebrity’. Gosh, we owe our children more than what we offer now. Are we even friends with our kids anymore … of not is it because respect is just so lost in all the noise and distraction out there?

Which book that you have written is your favorite?

The Involvement of Emerson, 2nd ed. And soon to be released in series, The Consistency of Emerson are my favorite novels. These books contribute a whole lot to the conversation about friendship, fathers and families values. I know the topic isn’t that sexy, but I do a good job with the characters and thematic and will always be proud of this work.

ANNT: Axiom is also a favorite because this Sci-Fi Series, is written so young adults may feel comfortable critically thinking about science, technology, government, and society as they grow on into their near futures.

I hope to continue writing the Emerson series planned, to include The Awareness of Emerson and The Nurture of Emerson. I believe I could write the ANNT Series forever, and as long as there is an interest in the material.

Where do you get your greatest ideas for writing?

In my latest Blog on Tonto (UK) I write about this and, while providing an example from a current project. I talk about electronic Flight management (EFM) and Exceptional Father Management (EFM). Go figure. Kind of lets my audience in on a fun aspect of my writing process.

Do you use real people as your characters or do you completely make them up? Describe your process.

No. I do not rely on real people to create a character. In general, character development in my work is a two-step process. First, I will take at least three character/appearance traits (often many more) and combine them. This will be a starting point. Usually, about a third of the way into the writing the character starts to take over and leads the way. However, there are times when the character is just not that original or interesting. At this point, I will pause and ask myself what, if anything, I can do to make the character more original or interesting. Usually I do not whittle the character at this point and do what I call ‘180’. The 180 is taking the character and rewriting it to exactly 180 or the opposite of everything I have already written. More often than not, the results have been quite fascinating. This process usually energizes the project as well and by this time, there will be no ‘real people’ remotely similar, unless by total coincidence.

How do you handle research? Do you gather all data first or start writing while still gathering?

I have always loved research. I will sometimes start out with a researched concept, but for the most part, I will sense inspiration or work in Picasso moment and when I feel the idea is solid some may require research and others not. If the developments requires research I will do it immediately and satisfy and outstanding questions before I proceed. I find research contributes new fuel, a positive energy to my writing process.

For example, in the ANNT Axiom project, there is a lot of research to make sure the science is solid. For me it never seems like work. It always helps to continue with new idea and to move the story forward.

In ANNT: Axiom, I recall researching the Square Cubed Law, (or cube-square law) which is a mathematical principle, applied in a variety of scientific fields. It describes the relationship between the volume and the area as a shape’s size increases or decreases. It was first described in 1638 by Galileo Galilei in his Two New Sciences. This principle states that, as a shape grows in size, its volume grows faster than its surface area. When applied to the real world this principle has many implications, which are important in fields ranging from mechanical engineering to biomechanics.

It helps explain phenomena including why large mammals like elephants have a harder time cooling themselves than small ones like mice, and why building taller and taller skyscrapers is increasingly difficult. Well this could have killed the entire series… then I started to research other science and technology and the genius characters in the book had viable alternatives to work with, courtesy my research and my draw from other incredible scientists and prodigies. The Square Cubed Law should be a real problem in the Jurassic park movies, but alas is not … I kind of like the idea my geniuses dealt with the problems straight up. I’m not sure libraries even wonder about things like this anymore… again … I am trying hard to promote critical thinking in kids … not just the irresponsible sensitization.

Wow! That’s some  interesting research.  I have to say,  in a world that has gone mad over bad writing and sensationalized stories, I won’t mention the titles of best-selling erotica or sparkly vampires, ahem,  it was refreshing to read Ender’s Game.  It involved critical thinking, and I feel that the world in general has been  in autopilot mode  to the point that they don’t engage their brains AT ALL.  

This reminds me of  Michael Crichton’s books, (since you mentioned Jurassic Park)  in which he  had a tremendous amount of scientific research.  In Timeline (much better book than movie by the way even though it did have Gerard Butler in it) his conveyance of quantum physics is delightful.

Alright, moving on to the next question. Do you outline or are you a pantser?

Never outline. Too much of it in law school. My structure comes from the process of naming my chapters in early drafts. The chapter titles are detailed enough to always remind me where I am in the story. In the later drafts, if it is adult fiction the titles are dropped. If it is a young adult project, I usually retain the chapter titles and hone the titles.

Having said as much, the word ‘pantser’ is intriguing. It is a NaNoWriMo term that means that you ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ when you are writing your novel. I can’t say I do that … between the research, processes for character and structure, I’m pretty sure I’m not flying anywhere and that the seat of my pants is not an issue. *smiles*

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