Payne and Pleasure


A short story offering.  Warning: adult theme.

Sondra  moved  to the corner  booth she favored at O’Flannery’s.  It afforded her the chance to people watch, something  she rarely did anymore.  She often came here for a drink before work and lately it had been every day.   It wasn’t so much that she needed the alcohol , no.  It was more that she was bored.

When she had moved here to Le Tumba de Pecado, she thought this was her ideal fantasy life. Her  husband of a brief six months was killed in active duty.  The life insurance and settlement afforded her a  tidy sum.  The miscarriage of their child three weeks after his death was the final straw.  She  sold everything she had and moved out here to escape all the well-wishers that just made it hurt more.  At first, learning the ins and outs of the job was a huge challenge, the experience and  the work difficult as she had nothing to draw on to help her and was learning from scratch  Her natural  tendencies soon took over and she was the most requested domme  at  House of Payne.  Now , she was the owner of Payne & Pleasure.  She bought  it from Michael Payne, master dom.  He was like a big brother to her.   He taught her everything about the business, about the lifestyle, and about the  psychology in it.

Now, Mistress Cassondra ruled a 4 story bdsm club where she only took clients that she chose.  She had no taste for the  curiosity seekers,  had no  patience for  the perverts.  She wanted, longed for even a man who wanted both the feminine side of her and  the domme  side.  A man who longed for variety and excitement and wasn’t afraid of his own sexuality to be too afraid to experiment.  Over the past year, she had  supervised her club more than  anything else.  A lawyer from  the valley piqued her interest for a while, but  it turned out he  was a coke head so she cut him off.

She nursed her drink, a  Manhattan , bored staring at the crown in general.  She shouldn’t feel this way at 34, shouldn’t feel over the hill like there’s nothing out there for her.  She raised her glass to finish her drink when she spotted him.  He wore a black leather jacket, score a point there as she adored her leather.  He seemed unassuming, carried himself with a reserved confidence, something she liked. Score two points for him.  She motioned the waitress, Tara, a girl who worked for her in the afternoons. She requested another drink and promised  twenty bucks to Tara if she’d find out his story for her.

At that very moment, he turned in her direction watching the exchange quietly without expression.  As Tara walked back  to the bar, he watched her movements.  Sondra shifted in the booth removing her jacket.  It was quite a surprise when he carried her drink  to her and sat down with her.  Well mannered  – check, another point.  Well groomed – check, another point.  Killer smile – well hell, that had to be worth ten points.  His voice was as smooth as twenty year old scotch with a distinct  British accent.  Sondra was suddenly  interested.  She knew that the best route was often the indirect one .

The chatted for about fifteen minutes.   A notice sounded on his phone and he  shut it off. “Right.  It was lovely to meet you.  I’ll be back through  here in  three days,  if you happen to be around.  I’d love to   buy you a drink then. Say here?  On Friday? Around 7?”

For the first time in six years Cassondra  agreed to meet  someone.   He kissed her hand then flashed her a brilliant smile before he left.   The strangest thing happened then, she smiled looking forward to something  to something.  Interesting, she didn’t even know his name and he’d made her day.   She left the twenty on the table for Tara, and walked  to the club with some pep in her step.

Once in her office she  donned her  long blonde wig, slipped off her yoga pants  and zipped up the  tight black leather skirt.  She tugged her blouse off revealing the  black and purple  corset beneath it.   Inspired by the  man at the bar, she went for the thigh top  snake-skin tooled leather  boots.  She applied a   coat of  Relentlessly Red lip-gloss and her mask.  She began her rounds going from room to room, observing, checking with her employees.

On the second floor, clients that chose   sissification and cuckolding were enjoying their sessions.  It was on this floor that she observed Corinne with her client.  He was dressed in pale pink ladies panties, a pink satin corset cinched, and a curly ginger wig.  The makeup was done well.  She was a stickler for making certain the  “ humiliation” that her  employees   engaged in was of the best quality.  Quick slaps of makeup on a client that resembled more of a clown was off-limits unless the man insisted on applying his own makeup in such manner.

It was at the third strike of the crop on his thigh that Sondra realized his accent. She had to look close. “Please Mistress may I have another.”

That voice!  It was him, her reason for feeling happy.  She stood behind the glass observing.   Corinne wasn’t into it.  Cassondra stepped into the room, and took the crop from Corinne, at first to  instruct.

“I hope you don’t mind having two mistresses.”

“ NO, not at all!”  He smiled flashing his brilliant smile that lit up his entire face.

This wasn’t as easy as she thought as she suddenly felt weak in the knees.  She walked around him inspecting Corinne’s work.  “Why is his corset loose?”

“I didn’t want to make it too tight Lady Cassondra. “  She cinched up another inch and a half until he  made a slight gasping sound.

“ When you hear that it begins to become snug – that’s where you want it tightened to.  She tugged on the panties, brushing her hand over his front. “These are too loose, and cheap fabric.”   Sondra walked to the armoire and took out a pair of silk string bikinis handing them to Corinne.  Have him put these on.

“ Fabric choice is imperative.”  She waited a few seconds then walked to the client with  a blindfold.

“ What’s your name?”   She asked him.

“ Dylan”  he offered, clearing his throat.

“ Dylan, you like being  bound don’t you?”  she trailed the tip of the crop over his bare arm.

“ Yes Mistress.”

“ You want me to punish you don’t you?”

“ Well, not so much as punish . . .”

“ Stop!”  The smack of the crop fell on his thigh.  “The answer required is yes or no.

“Right. Well as I started to say, it’s not as”

SMACK!  The crop fell across the other thigh.

“ OW!  Bloody hell woman,  I’m simply trying to explain.”

She crossed her arms as Corinne stepped back with an expression of shock. “ You dare come in my establishment and   order me?”

“ If you’d simply listen to my request.”

“ UH!”  She held her hand up.

“ But I”

“ UH!”

He made motion as if he’d say something again and thought better of it.  “ Very good.  You can learn.”

Cassondra walked over tracing his cheek with the tip of the crop then leaned down as if she was going to kiss him. “ You need to learn when to speak and when not to.” With that she slipped a gag over his mouth, fastening it tightly at the back of his head.

“You will speak when asked a direct question and only then.”

For all his struggling against the bindings and instruction she could plainly see the evidence of his arousal.   She trailed the crop over his thigh, down his arm, circling around his  groin but never touching.

She leaned down over him again, “I don’t think you are appreciative of the fact that you are receiving the benefits of two mistresses without double charge.”  She slipped a  blindfold around his head, tying tight at the back of his head .

 Once he was blindfolded the fun began.  Sondra cued Corinne on her answers and responses,  while trailing leather gloved hands down his legs. He heard moans of pleasure, sounds of kisses, slaps, gasps, leaving him to  imagining what the two women must be doing, until finally their gasps and moans reached a fevered pitch.

Officially, their business was  hands off, no actual sexual contact. However, Sondra had recently been studying about mind control.  She planted the images she wanted him to have ,  leading him on a merry chase of pleasure and at the   pinnacle of their play acting  he moaned loudly as   the wet stain spread over the silk fabric.

She raised her eyebrows at Corinne, her arms crossed  nodding in his direction.  Corinne nodded silently.

“ Now Dylan, Next time  if you are a good boy or  perhaps a good little girl you’ll receive a reward instead of punishment.  Wouldn’t you prefer your mistresses touch you than each other?  Simply nod or shake.”

 He  nodded eagerly, his cheeks flushed.

She  walked to him, leaning down and for the very first time violated her own rules. She kissed his cheek, leaving a perfect  stain of red lips.  “I hope you enjoyed today, and I certainly hope you’ll come  see me again.”

Sondra walked out, leaving the magical potion in the lipstick to work on him knowing full well  he’d be back to see her.  It was just a matter of when.

Some days you write, some days you write about writing. It’s all good.   Hope you enjoyed it.

Write on my friends, write on.