The Glory Hog



We all know them, have them in our lives, deal with them on a daily or weekly basis. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a coworker, they just can’t stand for you to have a “ moment”.

YAY – I finished my term paper with 2 hours to spare! OH? I finished mine 2 days ago, set it aside then went back over it. I even had time to read back through it and catch a few grammatical mistakes that might have lowered my grade.

Woo hoo! I got my driver’s license! You’re what, 19? I got mine when I turned 16.

I got a promotion at work and a 6% salary increase! Oh how nice. I got promoted last fall to a higher position that nearly doubled my salary. I’m meeting with the financial planner after work today.

Cool – I got 2 new followers on my blog! So how many does that make now? I’m up to 22,000 what about you, have you ever broken 200?

Well that was nice, Ms. Thang in the office complimented my new dress and actually noticed that I’d lost some weight. Oh yeah, she’s in a good mood today. I walked past her desk wearing this 2-year-old Versace and my Minolos that are really old but I can’t bear to part with them. She complimented me on the fit and asked if I was working out. I really need a smaller size.

You know the type, they always do everything bigger or better regardless of what your moment of glory is. If they have nothing to top it they instantly begin to tear apart the celebration. By the time they’ve picked apart why in fact you shouldn’t even be celebrating that miniscule little victory you feel defeated and foolish. They are the glory hogs. They can’t stand for anyone else to have a moment in the spotlight.

Sometimes these people are called “Know it alls”. Most people around them find them unpleasant to be around. This goes far beyond the Cliff Clayburn syndrome, Cliffy was a good guy that had a lot of information in his noggin. It may not be a conscious effort on the glory hogs part, but they actively tear you down at every opportunity. So how do you deal with them?

  1.  Don’t give them ammunition! Ever hear that saying , Don’t throw your pearls to the swine? Yeah, you know that if they are within earshot of a SQUEE moment or even hear through the grapevine of your “so called” victory they will make a bee line to your desk or house or to you if you are out in public in order to discount the elation that you feel.
  2. Recognize their pattern of behaviour. They can’t help themselves honestly, it’s just what they do. Whatever synapses in their brains are misfiring, they feel the need to build themselves up by pushing you and others down. Somehow this behaviour reinforces their sense of self import at your expense. Prolonged exposure is damaging to your mental health.
  3. Keep your conversation with them on a level 1: small talk or work related topics only. This can be tricky for those of us that are naturally talkative and expressive. When a SQUEE moment hits, my first thoughts are rarely – ooh, check and see if Ms. T, R, or S is around. Oh, and make sure Mr. G or N isn’t within earshot. NO, my SQUEEs just blurt out in my excitement.

When confronted with a Glory Hog, have pity. The police will not understand a mercy killing so you have to deal with them.  The glory hog not the police – unless of course you snapped in which case plea temporary insanity.

Summon your compassion for their plight and rejoice in the fact that you can find the joy in small victories. Revel in the truth that you can delight in everyday happiness, it’s something that is in small supply in their miserable world.

There are too many things in our every day lives that rob us of happiness, don’t allow a glory hog to steal your thunder! We should rejoice in the small victories, the small successes. Trust me, if you are trying to quit smoking – going a full day without lighting up is a victory. Writing 500 words a day every day for ten days in a row – that’s a victory when the previous week was spent wallowing in self-pity and playing games.

A person that can celebrate smaller milestones is more likely to be happy than the person who only celebrates at the final finish line. Happiness is worth far more than the smug expression on the glory hog’s face.

So go ahead – celebrate!

Write on my friends, write on!