Weekend Writing Warriors -Dune’s Date

Hello everyone!

I’ve been sharing from my current WIP, The Blood Key.

Weekend Writing Warriors.


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8 sentences –  I can manage that, can’t I?  That sounded like a challenge and I was off!
Yes, it’s late in the year but what the heck! Maybe this will turn into a regular thing.  I ‘ve been thinking I should share more snippets anyway. I’ve had some issues with my links in the past few weeks, let’s hope it’s all straightened out now. Keep in mind, this is truly a first draft. So here goes:

Dune Jasper stood in Shaya’s doorway filling the space entirely. Even without his armor, he was massive.

Instant heat surged through her body.

Wavy dark locks hung down over his shoulders, reminding her of the Highlanders she’d bedded in the sixteenth century.

His eyes were dark with the shadows of horrific deeds he’d witnessed. His facial features were perfection. She wouldn’t dare speak it aloud, but he was more handsome than her liege, Brogann. Broad shoulders, bulging biceps, forearms, and his hands were more than double the size of her own.


The title of this one is called The Blood Key. It is going to be a novella from my Fae series that I’ve been working on for some time now.  This one is hopefully going into a paranormal fantasy anthology – fingers crossed that I make the cut!

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Write on my friends, write on!

WWW -Blood Key Snippet – Ellie Mack


November is NANOWRIMO, (National novel writing month) I thought it only fair to share some snippets from that. After all, this is my current WIP.

Weekend Writing Warriors.


It’s simple and fun. Sign up on the linky list with your name, blog url, and email address on Mondays, 8:00 AM EST. Each week, the list remains open until Saturday, 11:59 PM. Then on Sunday, post 8 to 10 sentences from a current writing project, published or unpublished. Visit other participants and offer opinions, critiques, support. Writers hanging out with writers, a good time with a great group of people.
8 sentences –  I can manage that, can’t I?  That sounded like a challenge and I was off!
Yes, it’s late in the year but what the heck! Maybe this will turn into a regular thing.  I ‘ve been thinking I should share more snippets anyway. Keep in mind, this is truly a first draft. So here goes! This is from the Prologue:

He clasped Raelynn’s hand, memorizing the soft delicate features of his own flesh and blood before he pulled up the ottoman in front of her. He clasped her hand again. “I” the words caught in his throat as the sense of urgency heightened in his senses. “The trial went poorly. Brogann has set things in motion that may mean war for our realm. Because of his crimes, you and the child are in danger. I have to get you away from here right now. Are you able to travel?”



The title of this one is called The Blood Key. It is going to be a novella from my Fae series that I’ve been working on for some time now.  This one is hopefully going into a paranormal fantasy anthology – fingers crossed that I make the cut!

Be sure to check out the other author’s snippets as well!
Write on my friends, write on!

Weekend Writing Warriors -IT’s NANO time!

Hello everyone! I missed last week but I had a very good reason –  I was exhausted. Seriously, it’s true.

We had a retreat last weekend, Friday and Saturday and I was drained most of Sunday.

So, let’s jump into things now that I’ve got my wits about me again.

I’ve been sharing a bit about Roxy, but since November is NANOWRIMO, (National novel writing month) I thought it only fair to share some snippets from that. After all, this is my current WIP.

Weekend Writing Warriors.


It’s simple and fun. Sign up on the linky list with your name, blog url, and email address on Mondays, 8:00 AM EST. Each week, the list remains open until Saturday, 11:59 PM. Then on Sunday, post 8 to 10 sentences from a current writing project, published or unpublished. Visit other participants and offer opinions, critiques, support. Writers hanging out with writers, a good time with a great group of people.
8 sentences –  I can manage that, can’t I?  That sounded like a challenge and I was off!
Yes, it’s late in the year but what the heck! Maybe this will turn into a regular thing.  I ‘ve been thinking I should share more snippets anyway. Keep in mind, this is truly a first draft. So here goes:

Systematically, Brogan probed their minds. When he came to Tiernan, he came against the barrier. He pushed but the barrier would not give. Brogann mind spoke to him “what is it that you are protecting so desperately?”

Tiernan responded through his mind. “I haven’t betrayed you brother I haven’t betrayed you brother. My matters are personal.”

Brogann was not satisfied with his brother’s explanation. There had to be another reason namely betrayal of himself. He quickly ran through all of his siblings, probing their minds looking for any signs. Two of his sisters had their guards up and were trying desperately not to give him away. He would investigate that further. For now, he would focus on Tiernan.

The title of this one is called The Blood Key. It is going to be a novella from my Fae series that I’ve been working on for some time now.  This one is hopefully going into a paranormal fantasy anthology – fingers crossed that I make the cut!

Be sure to check out the other author’s snippets as well!
Write on my friends, write on!

Mythos and Theory

skellig rock

skellig rock

First let me apologize – I can’t access my spell-check. I’m not sure what the problem is. Please just bear with me. It won’t be the first time you find spelling errors and sadly it won’t be the last either.

Fiction writers take great liberties at times with bending the truth, creating truths, twisting the truths, or more often just making up stuff as we go along.

One of the more fascinating things to me is in science fiction where the start of the story, or premise is based on fact, then add on or play what if, or toss the known science out the door and put something else in its place. Actually it’s not just in science fiction. This method is used in romance, in westerns, in drama, in whodunnits, it’s even in classic literature.

Whether we start with the norms of proper society and delve into the life of miscreants and street urchins, or we ride along on Captain Nemo’s fabulous Nautilus, the magic of fiction is that it can transport our minds out of our circumstances into a magical dimension that we find stimulating, calming, exhilarating, or even terrifying.

There is a long-standing heritage as bards and storytellers of this. Each culture has their mythos, stories that are told about the aspects of our world that mortal man didn’t comprehend. Are they made up? Often, there is an element of truth in cultural mythology. This is why the different mythologies across the cultures have parallel stories, have numerous similarities, and why most have gone by the wayside.

Ancient cultures attributed everything to acts of the Gods. Modern Science has replaced a cultural heritage with factual data. I’m all for science, but don’t you find it rather dull at times? Instead of meteorological phenomenon, we would be running to the temple to make offering to Hera, Zuess, Horus, or Quetzalcoatl. Of course the sacrificial offerings might be a problem nowadays.

When studying mythos it’s easy to slip over into theory. Theory is defined as:
n. – A doctrine, or scheme of things, which terminates in speculation or contemplation, without a view to practice; hypothesis; speculation.
n. – An exposition of the general or abstract principles of any science; as, the theory of music.
n. – The science, as distinguished from the art; as, the theory and practice of medicine.
n. – The philosophical explanation of phenomena, either physical or moral; as, Lavoisier’s theory of combustion; Adam Smith’s theory of moral sentiments.

About now, you’re looking at the topics of my blog and wondering where the heck I’m going with this, aren’t you?

Mythos and theory are at the heart of my WIP. It’s about faeries. Not the wee winged creatures that Disney likes to portray like Tinkerbell. Not the wee folk that Darby O’Gill ran into. It’s about a legendary race, the Tuatha De Danaan. In Irish-Celtic mythology, the Tuatha Dé Danann (“People of the goddess Danu”) are the Irish race of gods, founded by the goddess Danu. These gods, who originally lived on ‘the islands in the west’, had perfected the use of magic. They traveled on a big cloud to the land that later would be called Ireland and settled there.
Shortly after their arrival they defeated the Firbolg at the first battle of Mag Tuireadh. In the second battle of Mag Tuireadh they fought and conquered the Fomorians, a race of giants who were the primordial inhabitants of Ireland. The Tuatha Dé dealt more subtly with the Fomorians than with the Firbolg, and gave them the province of Connacht. There was also some marrying between the two races.
The Tuatha Dé themselves were later driven to the underworld by the Milesians, the people of the fabulous spanish king Milesius. There they still live as invisible beings and are known as the Aes sidhe. In a just battle, they will fight beside mortals. When they fight, they go armed with lances of blue flame and shields of pure white.

The Epic of the Tuatha Dé Danann is the first Cycle of Irish storytelling.

Fascinating material for a history buff that has ancestral ties to Caldonia and Ireland, but Miracle Gro for a creative mind.

This is a jumping off place. A beginning spot to which I stripped down some things, added on other things, threw on new garbs, tore off that bit there, added a bit more over here and wha-la! My own personal bent on a legendary race of immortal beings. I tried not to clash too much with traditional theory but then again it is just theory after all? Isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you wonder why, such a superior race that defeated the Firbolg and the Fomorian giants would be content to be exiled to the underground while humans roamed free on the surface? Why would they fight alongside these same humans?

Like I said, a jumping off place. As I sat on a high observation point, looking down over a valley of green lush spring grass, the Irish landscape came to my mind and the ideas began exploding like an internal fireworks display. Wish you could have been there it was magnificent! Then again, if you ask my daughter it’s a scary experience.

Soon, I will be on the final draft of this work and be ready to share it with everyone! In the meantime, you might want to invest in a little wrought ironwork around your home. Or a few pieces of galena might make an attractive investment.

Write on my friends, let the fireworks begin!

Harry Potter VS Dragons

While much of the world was obsessed with Harry Potter, I didn’t read any of them.  Shocking I know and I may lose some of my followers with that admission.  I’m not opposed to reading them, it’s just that during the time that Harry Potter books were on the new release lists, I was thoroughly engrossed in a couple of other series.

Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series was in full swing, and well what can I say.  Barrons is the bomb! http://www.karenmoning.com/kmm/novels/fever-series.html  They should be read in order to make the most sense.  Here’s a quick blurb from the author’s page:

MacKayla  Lane’s life is good. She has great friends, a decent job, and a car  that breaks down only every other week or so. In other  words, she’s  your perfectly ordinary twenty-first-century woman.

Or so she   thinks… until something extraordinary happens.

When her  sister is murdered, leaving a single clue to her  death–a cryptic  message on Mac’s cell phone–Mac journeys to Ireland in  search of  answers. The quest to find her sister’s killer draws her into a  shadowy  realm where nothing is as it seems, where good and evil wear the same   treacherously seductive mask. She is soon faced with an even greater  challenge: staying alive long enough to learn how to handle a power she  had no idea she  possessed–a gift that allows her to see beyond the  world of man, into the dangerous  realm of the Fae…

This is a dark, edgy urban fantasy that has some elements of paranormal romance.  I’ve read Karen’s other series, the Highlander series and I strongly recommend them to any romance readers.  We all have our favorites and Karen is one of mine.

During this same time, Christopher Paolini’s books came out.  I bought one of the self published editions of Eragon, and pre-ordered the rest when they were released.  I don’t know how many of you have read these books but they are substantial books, close to 500 pages each.

So while I was living vicariously through Mackayla Lane in Dublin, Ireland and enjoying the fantasy realm of Alagaesia with Sapphira and Eragon, most of my friends were gaga over Harry Potter.  I couldn’t discuss things with them because I hadn’t read it.  They weren’t interested in reading my stuff either, except my one faithful writer buddy Bethany!!!  Love that girl!

Bethany and I share a passion for The Fever series.  I pre-ordered us both a copy of Shadowfever when it was first released, only to find out that her mom had already gotten her a copy.  We never gave the spoilers away, but when we finished a book we were in deep discussion about  anything and everything that happened in the book.

I have several online writing friends, and many were taken aback to find out that I had not read Harry Potter. I’ll get around to it eventually. I find it ironic though that the HP obsession is so pervasive.  How many have read any of the classics?  Shakespeare anyone?   Fyodor Dostoyevsky anyone?  Can you even name one of the books written by him?  What about some Jane Austen? How about reading some Hemingway?  No, these aren’t currently popular, but each has its merits.

Many times authors give the advice to read, and write a little every day.  I’m not downing anything that someone else is reading.  Not everyone is going to like the same things.  I don’t read westerns, but Louis L’Amour has written many great books.  My tastes in reading materials aren’t any better than Joe Schmoe’s, just different.

There are so many books to read and only a certain amount of time that I can allot for reading.  When it came to choosing between Sapphira and Harry Potter, sorry but a dragon trumps a wizard any day in my book!

Speaking of my book, I don’t have a wizard in my story.  I have a mage.  In my world, the blood line of the mages are revered on nearly a god-like level.  My mage is very old, nearly 2300 years old, but then again the dragons are several hundred years old as well.  He’s rather lackadaisical, yet brilliant.  He’s the most powerful mage since his father died at 5600, from a rock slide.   The story is about dragons, legends, and of course the mage is an intricate component on every level of the story.  I think some of his quirks are quite funny, but humor is hard to convey in written form.

I put myself into this story, literally.  One of the characters is me, not in name but it’s essentially me.  Alfred Hitchcock always did it and I thought it would be fun.  I’m having a blast with it, I just hope my readers will  find it as entertaining.

Oh, and did I mention that it is set in Scotland?  Where else would my story be?

What do you think would trump a dragon?  Maybe I’ll write that into the second book.  Write on my friends, write on!

Puppet Masters

A fiction writer starts out as god in their created universe. It’s an ego thing really, and all about the illusion of control.  We create fictional characters to fit into our fictional worlds and begin to manipulate them like puppets on a stage.

Wasn’t it Shakespeare that referenced all the world’s a stage and we but players on it ?  I believe it was: All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.

The expression of the world being a stage goes back to Roman times, but Shakespeare gets credit for it.  This is what we start off doing as writers.  We set our stage and move our characters about, creating a powerful euphoria of being god of our universe.  Then, if we’ve done a good job as a writer our characters begin to rebel against their strings.  They don’t like the scenario you’ve come up with and protest your ministrations.

For nonwriters, this type of discussion can be disturbing and makes them think us writers are all nuts!  We’re not by the way, or at least not entirely.

Some writers claim it’s writer’s block, but I have a different philosophy.  When my characters have become more person than caricature, they start showing their personality.  For instance  Kyle, the leading man in Faere Guardian, is very particular about his clothes.  He doesn’t think he is, but when I put him in an Armani suit, he fidgeted and messed with his tie.  His stance was uncomfortable and a scowl quickly developed making deep furrows in his brow.  Of course what else would you expect from a brooding Scot?

However, when I put him in more relaxed attire such as khakis and a polo, he was quite comfortable and the scowl lines disappeared.  Of course that’s also part of being a writer, cueing off the subtleties of your creations.  I could easily ignore his discomfort and force a certain look, but then that would be counterproductive to the point.

Sometimes I wonder if it’ not a matter of developing your characters, but learning the characters that come to you.  Just like our real life friends, we have to learn their personalities, and determine how they react to the scenarios they are put in.  If we are the puppet masters of our creations, doesn’t that imply that they are flat characters that we can manipulate to our whims, and not take regard of the characters goals and desires?

In essence, we are not to be puppet masters, but rather stewards of our created worlds.  We work our magic like a  conductor directs a symphonic orchestra, building to a crescendo in one area while subsiding in another. Just as the orchestra needs to practice before a concert, a good writer often has to rewrite or revise a first draft.  Those subtle undertones that are going on behind the main melody will soon overtake the melody and make a tumultuous statement, building to that pinnacle moment.

That’s the goal of a writer, to be a masterful storyteller, not just a puppet master.  There are plenty of examples of bad writing out there.  I don’t want mine to be one of them.  Of course based on my rantings here, I’m sure there are those who are already decided that I don’t have the talent.  That’s ok, you can write your own blog in your style.  In the meantime, I”m passionaltely pursuing my dreams in the way I know how, and learning more along the way!


Monsters From the ID

One of the best science fiction movies of the 50’s is arguably Forbidden Planet.  Many of the 50’s movies were cheesy with visible strings, plastic rockets, cheesier costumes, and poor acting.  Forbidden Planet stands out by a mile with state of the art technology for the time. Any good science fiction work will accomplish one thing: make us look introspectively at ourselves.

The storyline of Forbidden Planet, for those not familiar is an adaptation of The Tempest by William Shakespeare.  This is one of my all time favorite movies!

So what do monsters from the ID have to do with the connection in my brain?  Hang on we’ll get there.  Enjoy the scenery along the way.

I was watching – sort of – Burn Notice on tv while I was writing.  I was having a continued flash of my “rockin’ it”  writing that I blogged about yesterday, and only occasionally glanced at the tv.  Anyone else need background noise?  Michael Weston always comes out on top in each episode, yet the bigger  fight of discovering who burned him has continued to elude him.  That got my little brain in high gear, as my villain is hell-bent on his path of destruction.  He is so focused on destroying his nemesis – my hero – that he fails to see the bigger picture.  Suddenly I was engrossed in the show and well, the actor is attractive anyway.  My gears are turning, I”m taking mental notes as Michael does what he does best, all the while explaining to the viewers what he’s doing.  I nudged my  cantankerous villain to pay attention here, maybe things won’t have to end poorly for him.

He hissed at me and went back to his plans of destruction.  He really should have paid attention, it would have helped him in the end.

OK, hang on because we’re jumping tracks for a moment.  My daughter had a friend over, and the discussion came up about writing.  My ears of course perked right up. The younger daughter prepared a snack – toast with Nutella on it.  I couldn’t resist.

I asked the girl ” Did my daughter tell you what happened to Kyle when I gave him hazelnuts?”  (For those who don’t know Nutella is made of hazelnuts and cocoa) This led into the conversation about how Kyle (my hero from first WIP – FAERE GUARDIAN) had a severe allergic reaction to nuts and ended up in ICU from anaphylaxis.  He also received blunt trauma to the head, but that’s a different matter.

She looked at the snack and set it back on her plate.  My daughter explained that Kyle was a character in my book.  A few minutes later, she asked me what some of my hobbies were.  “Devising take over the world plots and the demise of my perceived enemies.”  OK, in my defense I was deep in the zone of my villain’s motives and frame of mind.

I hope I didn’t scare her too badly.  I think the awkward laugh after my statement might  have been over the top.  Later when I took her home, I had a chance to talk with the girl’s mother.  We hit it off pretty well.  We talked about our geekiness and about the sci-fi things we liked; the Doctor Who marathons, the Red Dwarf series, and Star Trek conventions.  I explained to her mother that I was a writer and I maybe might have scared her daughter earlier.  As I explained it to the mother, I think she understood but I’m not convinced that my daughter’s friend will be returning to my home.

OK, back on original track now.  The conversation with this teenage girl came to my mind as I’m watching Michael Weston get out of yet another impossible situation, and glanced internally at the villain I had created in my ID.  He had a long way to go to be truly scary.  I thought about the exchange with my daughter’s friend, and laughed.  Pretty sad when a midwest housewife was scarier than a villainous dragon.

It was time to go to my think spot.  He had to be more.  Had to go deeper, darker, scarier to get a villain that was not just fun house scary, but your worst nightmare come to life scary.  I have had some intense nightmares, so I started looking there.  What is it that  makes something scary?  What characteristics make a really bad villain?  What motive would my villain have to have to psychologically terrorize my reader?  Don’t worry, I don’t unleash his specific brand of madness on the readers, but I want them to get a glimpse of his potential.

Master of the macabre, Stephen King made his name by employing the psychological terror in his work.  The monsters from the ID are truly the most terrifying things we can imagine.  Hmmm, I had to take a break from my writing.  It was time to probe the other 90% of my brain and breathe some truly frightening  ideas into my character.  He really should have paid attention earlier.

Victims of abuse or torture become immune to the fear after a while.  A victim can be turned to an abuser when a line is crossed.  Such is the case with my villain.  Erik’s mother was a bit of a sociopathic dragon you see.  She inflicted her specific poison upon Erik for years contributing to his psychopathic tendencies.  Of course madness is genetically inherited in some instances as well.  There’s a certain amount of sympathy you can’t help but feel for the child that was Erik, the formative years of a young dragon being tormented and poisoned by an insane mother.  It was all very sad, it turned him into a true monster.

For the good of all humanity whether it be in the dragon realm or human realm, monster’s simply can’t be allowed to terrorize and destroy the harmonic balance of the universe.

No power in the ‘verse can stop me now that I’ve unleashed my monster from the ID.  MWAHAHAHA!

A View to a Thrill

Anyone can tell a story but not everyone can do it well.

As a writer, it’s my job to paint word pictures in a fashion that puts the reader in the midst of the action.  It takes a certain degree of talent, but a greater degree of experienced training.  Any high school English teacher can attest that there is a certain degree of talent involved.  Student A writes a paper about King Arthur that has the teacher yawning and reaching for the bag of Doritos.  Student B – K are similar, while she stuffs one Doritos after another in her mouth and washing it down with a Diet Coke.  Ah, but when she reaches Student L’s paper, she sits back in her seat, lifting the paper to her eyes as she takes in the magical illustrative essay that suddenly transports her to Camelot, but not in a way that she’s ever seen on Broadway or on the big screen.  It’s engrossing, entertaining, and leaves her wanting more.

Isn’t that the reaction we’re after?  I don’t want to be student A – K.  I don’t care about the ones after L, I want my writing to grip the reader, put them on the edge of their seat, and keep them turning the page with bated breath.

Anyone can tell the story, but no one else can tell my story.  My story has to be told by me, in my words, in my voice with my own brand of sagacious wit.  Nobody can do the writing for me, and no one else can tell it exactly like me.  I think that the wild imagination I have is a gift.  I can dream up ideas in a flash, it’s the follow through that I get bogged down with.  Yes, the commitment phobia thing.

I had a meeting this morning  to review the workbook for an upcoming seminar that I am one of four speakers. The outline and topics for my presentation were approved.  In fact, they want me to expand on a couple of items.  Public speaking is not one of my fears, I figure if they are willing to listen to me I’ll certainly give them an earful.  It’s easy to talk.  I have an outline, and a person on the front row to flash me a sign when I have 10 minutes remaining,  5 minutes, and 2 minutes.  I’ve tried to check the clock, that doesn’t work for me.  I’m usually busy – arms flailing, right at the punchline when I get the signal to wrap it up.

I’ve mentioned the EIEIO principle – educate, inform, entertain, inspire, outrage.  My job is to accomplish one or more of those things while speaking, and or writing.  The entertaining is the easy part.  Get people to laugh and everyone loosens up a bit.  It makes the somewhat painful lessons easier to take.  While they are laughing at the scene I just play-acted, I can slap their hands and tell them “NO, bad writer!” and they can handle it.  I can inform them of a better way than the rut they’ve gotten into simply by shedding some light through my own struggles.  With a little self-effacing humor, sharing my own struggles and accomplishments, and eventually knowledge I’ve managed to hit every one of those targets.  The Outrage? It just happens.  I get it, my personality just grates on some people and that’s ok.  I make messes in neat and tidy boxes that people lock themselves inside.  Some don’t want to come out of their box and they don’t appreciate anyone else in their box.

I distract them with a little standup comedy and some don’t realize that while they are looking at the right hand the left one is smashing their boxes.  I’m weird that way.  But you know what?  In the end, more people express appreciation for my candor than the few who are outraged at my antics.  My personal opinion is that if I were paying money to hear myself or any of the other speakers talk, I’d find something of value in what they said.  I’d take away something positive about the experience.  It’s sort of like going to a Chinese buffet.  There are a variety of things to choose from, the perfect opportunity to taste new things in small amounts.  Ever get a bite of something that you just had to spit out?   Use a napkin if you do, it’s less messy.

I tried some Garlic Chicken at one restaurant and it was so bad I had to spit it out in the napkin.  But I didn’t call it all a loss.  I went back for something else to try, and ended up with chocolate ice cream.  I like chocolate ice cream.  It was the first time I’d had chocolate ice cream in a long time.  So the experience wasn’t ‘the restaurant with the really bad garlic chicken’, it was  ‘the place we went that I got some chocolate ice cream!’  It made everything better, and my experience ended with a smile.

My job is to paint the picture in a manner that my reader feels the tension, can taste the flavors, (bet you want chocolate ice cream now!), can smell the acrid odors in the air, and can feel the hairs on their arms prickling in anticipation as they dare to turn the page almost holding their breath.

See Dick run.  See Jane run to Dick. Dick hugs Jane and kisses her. They do not see the pack of wolves approaching on the edge of the field.  Oh my, what will happen to Dick and Jane?  I just told you a simple scene.

Now let’s try it my way:  Dick searches the horizon for his love.  He spies Jane in the field below the parapets. Racing down the stairs, heart pounding he pushes aside the other guards in his race to reach his love.  Jane turns, brushing the loose strand of hair behind her ear and sees a blur moving towards her. Realizing it’s Dick her heart leaps at the sight of him, her face alight with pleasure.  Dick lifts her in his arms, twirling her around and slowly bringing her down till their lips meet.  HIs lip on hers, one hand clutching at the mass of curls, the other on the small of her back.  He’d thought of nothing but Jane during the battle, deciding that if he survived, he would marry her.  Life without her wasn’t worth living.

As Dick poured his heart out to Jane between kisses they were unaware of the pack of wolves approaching at the far edge of the field.  Unaware that the crowd had left them standing in the field near the main road, they were lost to everything around them.  Suddenly Dick heard the panting as the animals approached.  He moved Jane behind him and reached for his sword – it wasn’t there!

It was just a quick illustration so don’t get your hackles up but you get the point.  Both are telling the story, but one is better.  With a little editing I could make it the best scene, but that’s not the point.  My point is that as a writer it’s my job to tell the simple outlines story in a manner that gives my readers the thrills and chills.  In that particular scene, in my WIP Dick is known as Kyle and the wolves are demonic monsters that are determined to destroy humankind.  Kyle has some powerful weapons but he’s not immortal like the monsters.  Kyle bleeds when they attack, he falters and exposes Lexy (Jane) to the ravenous appetites of the beasts.  When Lexy is seriously injured Kyle becomes enraged and vanquishes the beasts.  He decides his life isn’t worth living without Lexy and makes a deal with the Fae.  Bad news because they always extract a pound of flesh for everything they do.

Ian Fleming was a master of this with his 007 spy thrillers. Whether you’re writing romance, a spy thriller, urban fantasy, action adventure or any of the other genres;  nobody likes a flat Stanley or cardboard backdrops.  We have to be able to visualize it, taste the ocean salt in our mouths, hear the waves crashing on the rocks, and see the blood stains trailing at the edge of the road to the point where the limp body now laying on the rocks below was tossed.  All of these lead to the most important part, leading the reader to a glorious climax!! What a thrill!



Organization is essential in most businesses, as a writer it’s imperative.  Sadly, it’s an area in which I am undisciplined. In previous jobs, I have received awards for organizational ability, so I know its possible.  The hubs once commented “You don’t have to leave that at work you know”.  Profound statement.

I spent the better part of two days searching my computer for ten chapters I had completed for Faere Guardian, one of two current WIPs. I started this particular book over three years ago.  The original manuscript was boring and dull.  Seriously, if I found it boring and dull as the writer, who would want to read it?  I gutted it.  The characters stood by and watched as I destroyed my created world, a cardboard Peyton Place.  I noticed Kyle, the brooding Scot stood with arms crossed a smug look of satisfaction on his face as he watched.

I rewrote it, more to my liking.  What was originally going to be an Inspirational Romance, is now a paranormal romance.  The characters seem much happier.  I had a prereader read the first few chapters of the original version and their response was “Oh, that’s nice.”  After the rewrite the comment changed to “Oh my gosh! It’s action, action, action. When do they get to catch their breath?”  I think that’s a much better response.

I’ve been working diligently, plugging away on the ABC principle.  Applying my Butt to the Chair, and writing.  It doesn’t write itself!  At times it’s a mad brain gush, trying to get things out of my head before I lose it.  Then there are dry moments when I’m undecided about a particular point.  I like to have my details worked out, knowing the long-term result of that butterfly flapping its wings off the coast of Hawaii on the eventual outcome that will play an important part of the meteorological conditions when my characters have to duke it out on a stormy hill in Scotland.

I want to know all the background information of how a certain cure was discovered, developed, and what side effects will there be.  I want to know that the action which seems out of character for Alexis, is actually very in character as she discovers things about herself throughout the story.  The reader may not see it yet, but they will by the end.

I have a folder for all this background information that never gets written in the story.  It will be hinted at or  background information, or maybe expounded on later in an interrogation by the police.  After one of these background story sessions, I had written ten chapters that moved their relationship forward, revealed who the protagonist is if you pay close attention, revealed the dark elements that Kyle the Guardian is dealing with, and the Light Court Fae that Kyle is in alignment with.

For anyone who is a fan of Celtic legends about the Tuatha’ de Danaan, there are certain characteristics of this “superior immortal race”.  Well, they think they are superior which is a key of their characters.  Fae have been described as fickle, manipulative, and have been compared to Greek and Roman gods.   Arrogance is an understatement for my Fae.

I was compiling the edited chapters into my writing software, and reached the point to add the ten chapters that I was proud of.  The faint of heart among you need not read because I tend to be descriptive to a fault.  A different prereader friend said the battle scene had left her nauseous.  Did I really need to show detailed graphic illustrations of the hacking off of limbs?  In order to portray the brutality, the strength required and the emotional impact of the value of life, yes.  I noticed the same person was enthusiastically reading the detailed love scenes and not complaining.  Eros, Pathos, and Thanatos! What is one without the others?

I’ve searched the files and apparently I saved them in a special place with a special name.  I’ve resigned to the fact that I will have to rewrite, because as is the way with most of my special places, they are lost in space.  One day I will find all my special places and I will hit the jackpot!  I’ve put things in special places and never found them.  Apparently they are code name for “black hole ” in the universe. things go in and never come out.

I spent the weekend lamenting over my mess, angry because I have to rewrite. A very nice gentleman has been encouraging me that I can rewrite them better, and maybe this was for a reason.  Maybe, but there’s that Type A part of me that is enthusiastic about efficiency of time.  Rewriting due to disorganization is not efficient.  Why reinvent the wheel when you already have one somewhere?

Alas, they have not surfaced and I will have to buckle down again.  I have a feeling the dark creatures  in chapter 15 are going to pay for my wrath. Mwahahaha!  Maybe, he was right. I can harness the power and use it for good, wreaking vengeance on the world of chaos I’ve created.  Don’t think for a moment that I ‘m not well aware of the fact that as soon as I get them rewritten, I’ll find my missing chapters.

That’s ok! Now that I’ve accepted the mission  of rewriting, I can compare and see what has been improved and what hasn’t.  I can combine the two to make the best option.  If I don’t find them, I’ll go with the new ones.  It becomes simple when options are removed.

Someday however, I will find the black hole of special places and the showers of long-lost treasures will spill forth upon me.  I will then have myself a gleeful giggle fit!  Until then, my text has been lost in space.