Monday Madness in Mack World

The new routine begins today.  My kitchen was clean before 7 am.  Yeah!  Got my work out in at the Y, yeah!

Worked on my writing most of the rest of the day and had a lunch date with my sister, yeah!  It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, since her surgery actually.   We talked , caught up on things going on in each of our lives.  It’s sad really  that she lives less than ten miles away and we haven’t seen each other since March.

I miss family gatherings.  I came from a large family and after my mother’s death there have been fractures that have never healed.   There has been some improvements as time passed but there are some hard feelings that I fear may never mend.  I hate that.

Regardless of the water under the bridge there is a connection to family that is always there.  It’s like the friend you haven’t seen in ages, yet when you get together it’s like there was never any  time apart.  There are people  that I’ve instantly connected with.  There’s a spark of some sort.  Sometimes it starts from a common interest, but sometimes it’s more.  There are just people who you click with.  People that become important in your life;  people who become the inner circle.

I am very grateful to my inner circle, and y’all know who you are.  I’m not going to get all mushy here.  Friends that I chat with on a regular basis; sometimes it’s just a little chat about writing,  other times we share personal information about what’s going on in our lives.  Some conversations can get deep, sharing details that not everyone is privilege to.

On the flip side of that, however I’ve shared some personal stuff over on Bruce Blake’s blog in an interview.  Need a good laugh?  Go check out the Mack Attack! Tomorrow I will be hosting Joseph Eastwood again.  This time I get to interview him.  This should be fun!

Write on my friends, write on!

I want everyone to be happy and some people are just determined to not be happy.