Meme Time: the Power of Four

I had a lot planned, really I did.  However, with my impending deadline hours away I decided to go with this.  Enjoy!

Slight deviation from original plans, but sometimes change is necessary and good. Here’s a lot of useless information about me that you didnt’ need to know.  that picture up there?  Yeah that’s my goal.  To blast through my obstacles achieving both my writing and my fitness goals.  (One day my legs will look that awesome!)

Meme Time: The Power of Four was created to start something fun in updating our blogs. It also gives our readers a chance to get to know us better. Here’s just a bit about me. I copy and pasted the list, put it my own answers, and now I shall tag four other people.

Four Places I have worked/Jobs I have had
U.S. Department of Defense; (Defense Mapping Agency: Aerospace Center); cartographer
Jefferson County Assessor’s Office; cartographer
Hillsboro R-3 School District; substitute teacher
Dino’s Pizza; waitress, cashier, delivery person ( I sucked as a waitress!)
Four Places I Have Lived:
Festus, MO
Cedar Hill, MO
Pevely, MO
Cape Girardeau, MO
Four Movies I Could Watch Again and Again:
The Quiet Man
Rob Roy
James Bond movies – Sean Connery or Daniel Craig especially
Four Television Shows I Watch
Burn Notice
Game of Thrones
Four Authors I Enjoy:
Karen Marie Moning
Katie McAlister
Clive Cussler
Louise Rennison
Four Places I Have Travelled To:
Myrtle Beach, SC
Orlando, FL
San Francisco, CA
Ft. Worth, TX
Four Websites I Visit Daily:
    Don’t really visit any others daily; weekly maybe
Four of My Favorite Foods:
barbecued anything
chocolate ice cream
cherry anything
Four Places I’d Rather Be:
Punta Cana
Nova Scotia
Four People I Want to Tag:
Cathy Brockman
Penelope Price
Tasha Turner
Sian Young
If you’ve been tagged, make your own list and link back to this post.  Have fun with it and have a great day!
Regular blogging will return tomorrow.  I’m on a deadline here people!!!
Write on my friends, write on!