My kids love to watch Scooby Doo. What would they have done without Velma’s Brain?  Did they ever run out of Scooby snacks?  In Scooby Doo the ghost was always uncovered as a villain posing as a ghost.

Abbott and Costello dealt with their fair share of ghosts and goblins in between meeting Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman.  I still love watching these old black and white movies on occasion.  We used to have Sunday afternoon movie matinée when I was growing up.  Creature from the Black Lagoon scared me every time!  I would lay in the floor on my stomach, head propped up with my hands, and watch.  It didn’t help that my older brothers would sneak up and scare the daylights out of me.

During the 80’s Ghostbusters burst onto the scene.  Love that movie!  There are so many funny lines from that movie, such as “Listen, you smell that?”  As I’ll be stuck on the sofa all weekend, we may just have to watch this one!  Sounds like a plan to me.  While my friends are in the theater watching The Hunger Games, me and my leg brace will be reclining at home watching a movie marathon.

Have you ever watched Ghosthunters?  These guys are nuts!  They went to Edinburgh Castle, actually beneath the castle.  Mary King’s Close was buried under the Royal Exchange, which is part of the Royal Mile.  Overcrowding and unsanitary living conditions contributed to the large number of plague victims in this area.  The underground catacombs of this area is said to be one of the most haunted areas in the world.

Across the world, stories of ghosts are common. Some places like Edinburgh, give guided ghost walks to fascinated tourists.

As if a ghost is going to perform on command like a cabaret show!

Some people buy into the ghost thing wholeheartedly, and others are more skeptical.  Whichever side of the fence you fall on, ghosts have made for good storytelling over the years.  Whether it’s Scooby and Shaggy or Professor Venkman, ghosts are good business.

There’s been a recent influx of ghost stories in the paranormal romance  genre.   Here’s a problem: how does the hero and heroine interact when one of them is a ghost? I”m not currently writing a ghost story, but I won’t rule it out in the future.  The idea of solving the abundance of problems for a ghost/human relationship is intriguing.  Sounds like a challenge to me!

Well if you’re not going to write a story about ghosts why are you blogging about them?  I”m so glad you asked.  Opportunity  is knocking all the time.

My daughter had to do some research on ghosts for a term paper.  One of her books caught my interest and I started flipping through it.  I found some interesting “ghost busting” ideas, and jotted some things down in my handy-dandy notebook.  Yes, the old-fashioned spiral kind made from tree pulp that require an ink pen and actual writing.  For anyone that thinks they have writer’s block, you should try this.  I have three or four notebooks filled with seemingly useless information.  At least that’s what my husband thought when he flipped through one that was filled with all things medieval, Knights Templar, Hospitallers, and weaponry.  Interesting facts that won’t help me in my day-to-day life, but is rich fertile  soil for a writer’s idea garden.

In the back section of this 5 subject notebook, It’s all about things that go bump in the dark and the supernatural.  Ghosts, phantoms, apparitions, and famous ghosts around the world are noted.  Famous haunted places, and potentially haunted areas are jotted down with web addresses for further investigations if I so choose.  Ley lines, and places that ghosts are commonly seen are marked in order of interest.

I left room for some more notes on one section marked Magical Hours.  Charm hours, chakras, dreams, and psychometry are discussed.  My Irish Grandmother told me about chime hours and the knowing.  I will have to investigate these other things further as I really don’t understand them.

I’m not going off the deep end into some crazy ghost hunting paranormal adventure just yet though.  In fact it was a welcomed distraction from my current blitzkrieg of writing.  I mentioned that I’ve been experiencing the writer’s high –  when the writing flows in golden prose.  I haven’t crossed the finish line yet, but I had to take a time out.

A little diversion in one area allows the energy bar to replenish in my dragon arena.  You may have noticed before I mentioned the knee brace, I had to see the orthopedic surgeon this morning.  I injured my knee a few weeks ago.  A large tear in the meniscus and a torn ligament have kept me hobbling around here uncomfortably.  This morning the doctor drained 50 cc’s of fluid from my knee and decided I needed a brace on it to keep it immobilized, and crutches to take the weight off of my leg.  Hence the lounging on the sofa over the weekend while watching a movie marathon.

A little ghostly diversion today doesn’t really matter since I”ll be spending some quality time with my laptop over the weekend.  Rendezvous with a dragon, hmm possibly another title for the future.  I’ll just add that to my spiral notebook.

Has a ghost tale ever inspired you to write your own  story?  Do you believe, disbelieve in ghosts?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  Have a great weekend and write on!