Kentuckiana Authors Book Blitz

I’ve been frantic trying to finish up loose ends and getting things ready for the big event. My box of goodies to go into the bags has been shipped to the event coordinator, Atty Eve.


Which apparently arrived in time – what a relief! I don’t have some of the things I need  but I’ll have to make do the best I can.  My paper swag has not arrived so I won’t have any bookmarks  to hand out – darn it!

While I continue to gather my things and work out a few last details, here is the information for the event.

Kentuckiana Authors Book Blitz

Saturday September 19th, 11 am to 7 pm

At the Louisville Palace Theater

Over 100 Authors!

NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling authors are there to sign copies of their latest work.

Come meet some new talent and stalk some old!

Admission is FREE and the first 100 people through the door receive a goodie bag.

For more information go to

 OR visit Us on Facebook at


Here’s a clip featuring Atty Eve and Lynn Ticher – way to go Lynn!

Wave 3 Listens

Hope to see you all there in Kentucky!  Write on my friends, write on!




Today is the big day!  My book is ready!

As many of you know I’ve been writing for some time.  I’ve pursued the traditional route of submitting to publishers and skirting the self publishing platform. At the beginning of this year,  I made the decision that if I had not had any success with submissions by May,  then I would pursue the self publishing path.

It was either go self publishing or quit writing.  I actually debated that for several months last year. Through some personal issues, marital crisis, and realization of certain business arrangements,  I realized that I had been at this for a long time   – A very long time.  As my mother used to say – either S*** or get off the pot.  Crude, but accurate.

I did a lot of soul searching, evaluating my manuscripts, evaluating the amassed volumes of written material that I have and the lack of success in publication to come to the culmination that I needed to make a decision to either accept this as an obsessive hobby, or do something with it.

Here’s a partial list of projects that I have in various stages of completion. Some are completed and those have been submitted to publishers over time. C denotes a completed manuscript.

  • Realm Wars: Dissension (C) paranormal fantasy
  • Realm Wars: Faere Guardian (C) paranormal fantasy
  • Realm Wars: Fare Warrior paranormal fantasy
  • Realm Wars: Faere  Maiden paranormal fantasy
  • Realm Wars: Faere Lover paranormal fantasy
  • Realm Wars: Genesis paranormal fantasy
  • Drakonica: Kiss of the Dragon (C) epic fantasy
  • Drakonica: Legacies epic fantasy
  • Drakonica: Heart of the Dragon epic fantasy
  • Drakonica: Dragon Fate epic fantasy
  • Love Notes – (C) Romance
  • Arturo’s Treasure Intrigue/thriller
  • Arturo’s Bloodlines Intrigue/thriller
  • Arturo’s Legacy Intrigue /thriller
  • Sekhmet Chroncicles parnomal fantasy
  • Blood Runes sci fi thriller
  • Dallas Lies romance
  • Cabin Fever   Romance
  • Pioneer Spirit (need new title) sci fi thriller
  • Ascension – high fantasy
  • Templar Series – (YA or fantasy)   this would be 8 to 12 books. I have completed outlines and details
  • Cloud Animals – (children’s) kids board book, 16 page prereader,
  • Freddy the Fish –  (children’s )
  • Secrets Romance
  • Valyries Curse paranormal fantasy
  • Roxy Sings the Blues 

And yet, this is still only a partial list.

There was no way that I could walk away from this  burning passion within me to write the stories that plague my mind.  It’s time to get them out!  Having said that,  Eclectic Bard Books has given me that opportunity to step across that threshold.

I know, blah blah blah. . . . that’s not why you came here today.

On to the COVER REVEAL for Red Wine & Roses!

S.L.Wideman Books

S.L. Wideman Books

Madeline Dyer

V. L. Locey

I can’t thank  these wonderful authors enough for sharing my cover today. Leave them a comment,  then come back here and let me know what you think of the cover!! 

Oh and it’s up on Amazon for preorder!

Write on my friends, write on!



Best Laid Plans . . .




I had plans.  I had good plans.  I had plans to host several authors over the summer.  Some I have shared,  others I didn’t get scheduled.  It’s not their fault –  they sent me their stuff.  I’ve been neck-deep in getting things ready for my release. If they agree, I will share  with you in the future but I’ll have to get with each of them individually  to reschedule.

I had plans to work on more posts on writing – I have several in my drafts folder,  that I wanted to fine tune.  Those  will have to wait until a later date.  I had plans to start a series when  college classes began –again,  that was put on hold.

What I have been doing is working on my book.  I’ve been proofreading, editing, revising, looking at proofs, choosing a cover, going back over proofs –  all those little details that nobody but the publisher and the author care about unless an error appears in a book and readers go ballistic.

I have a confession,  I am a terrible typist.  Contrary to what y’all may think, I do know how to spell.  Typing is another matter entirely.  My fingers have a habit of getting out-of-order.  I don’t watch the keys when I type, and if not for spellcheck – well, let’s not go there.

The point is,  I haven’t been laying in the sun soaking up the rays as my summer series picture might have you believe.  This has been one of the most stressful times of my life!  I have a retirement party coming up, my sister’s wedding, then the Kentuckiana event – my weekends are full!

For now however,  I have books on order! YES! They will be available for pre-order soon! I will have my cover reveal on September 4th and I have a few bloggers that are helping me to share the news!

I am going to order a pizza for dinner, set up an appointment for a manicure and kick back  and enjoy a date night with my hubby man!

Write on my friends, write on!