Hell Hath No Fury


 Today I’m going to do a little something different.  Here’s a short piece that I wrote with the intentions of posting it on Storytime, but is actually too long to post there.  Since this is my blog, I  can  share whatever I want.   This was written  for the theme ‘Dark and Twisty’  for the month of October.

Warning:  adult content

His finger poised over the mouse button, “Which do you think I should get?”

He was ordering a new laptop case for when he traveled.  We had gone over the options of what he needed for   protection as well as functionality for nearly an hour.   Then he saw the one with the artistic pictures.  A sleek powerful dragon on a black background, but it didn’t have the support or protection that he would need. Then there was the Technofunk hard case.   It was totally cool! But it didn’t have any room for his papers, or pens, much less the presentation documents for the company.

“ Well these are very cool, I admit but I think you’d better go with the black leather Targus bag; order it and it will be here before your flight leaves next Tuesday.”

I went back to work on grading my student’s papers, sliding my glasses back into place, red pen in hand.

Silence in the room for all of five minutes then a heavy sigh and click, click, click.  “OK, well that’s done and ordered.”  He stood pushing the chair back with his knees, stretched and bounded for the stairs.  Shortly after he bounded back down the stairs quite pleased with himself.  He  walked over to where I sat, papers strewn out before me, lifted my chin and gave me a quick kiss.  “ I’m going to go play a round with Brendan and Rob. Be back in a couple of hours baby.”  He gave me a deeper kiss before  practically running out the door.

Curiosity got the better of me as I heard the ding of incoming email.  He failed to shut down the computer, it was a bad habit he had.  I stood, stretching from side to side before walking to the kitchen to get myself some more tea.  Then went to the computer desk, sitting down and clicking open the email.

“Ugh!  That blasted man!”  Upon opening the email, I discovered an e- receipt for his order. One techno-funk hard case, a shoulder strap (of course had to be ordered separately), three movies and a vibrator. “ What?”

As my mind ignored the vibrator for the moment, my mind reeled at the fact that again, he blatantly disregarded my opinion.  Yes, I knew the case was cool but   it was not practical in the least and he would now have to carry a backpack or some other case in addition to his carry on duffel.  I tried to explain to him that for the purposes of his business trips why I thought he should go with the practical.

It shouldn’t surprise me really.  He’d done it a million times, ask my opinion then seemingly do the exact opposite of what I expressed.  Sometimes I wondered if he did it just to irritate, other times I decided it was just reverting to a childish opinion of “ you’re not the boss of me” which was often expressed after talking to his   older brother.

 I sat back  in the chair, arms crossed, lips pursed.  “ Right.  Time to teach you a lesson boyo.”

Clicking on the site I’d visited a few times before but not actually ordered, a shop   here in town that offered speedy discreet delivery.  I clicked open my shopping cart and eyed the leather corset and thigh high boots I’d promised myself as reward for reaching my next goal.  Well, I only had 5 pounds to go and he needed a severe spanking.   I clicked purchase; go to check out.  I called the number of the store and asked how much the special delivery would cost if I could get it delivered the same day.

“Only ten dollars?  And it will be here within the hour?”  My heart nearly leapt out of my chest.  I clicked purchase on both items, and added a chrome ball cage to the order.  Fantastic I’m clicking buy now.”

 I entered my information and clicked yes on special delivery. The woman on the other end verified my address and said   it would be on the way within ten minutes.

I couldn’t concentrate on the papers any longer.  I paced my room and watched out the window.  Anxious. Nervous.  A little giddy that I’d  gone through with it.   I opened my book of shadows, and found the page I needed.   Reading and rereading it until I had it memorized.  The doorbell rang and I vaulted  down the hall to the door.

The delivery mad was quite handsome, with dark hair, dark eyes, a full chest.  He stood there for a moment waiting.  I wondered if I should tip him or if he knew what was in the package and had ideas.  As I  eyed his motorcycle leathers, I laughed inside getting my  purse and slipped him a ten,  certain that  any idea he  had about what was going to happen was mild in comparison.

 An hour later Derek burst through the door in his usual fashion.  He deposited his golf bag by the door propped against the wall, and  headed straight for the shower.  I knew his routine.  I calmly moved the bag of clubs to the back of the closet not getting angry.  Strolling down the hall I  slipped my boots on over the  patterned thigh high stockings, and  slipped on  my new purchase.  The new leather smelled wonderful.   It was a tight fit over my hips and bust, but checking my appearance in the mirror I had to admit it suited me well.  I waited just outside the bathroom door to  ambush him.

Soon the water was shut off, I could hear him talking to himself as he dried.  “Hey Jeannie, you want to catch a movie later?”  He said it just as he turned the knob.

The towel was thrown over his head and tightened at the neck so fast he dropped his own towel.   I roughly drug him by the neck to the bed, tossing him up on it, allowing the towel to fall free.   Fists on either hips, lips pursed I replied “Sure baby, that sounds like fun.  Later.”

 I moved to the bed, securing his wrists to the bed posts, his eyes wide with surprise and delight.   The evidence of arousal poked me in the thigh.  “I love it when you get like this Jeannie.  Love it when you’re my baaaad girl.”

 I wasn’t in the mood to listen to his talk.  I grabbed the ball gag and fastened it roughly around his head.  “Now, you will listen. “  I walked to the drawer of goodies as I talked, then rocked back into a pose, one hip jutting out.  “You’ve disregarded my opinion once again.”  I stepped closer, smacking his thigh with the crop.  “Your choice, you are not obligated to take my suggestion.  However.”  I climbed up on the bed on my knees, staring into his eyes.

“Don’t”  I swatted his thigh an inch closer to his erection.

“Ask”  Another blow just on the inside of his thigh, his breath catching.

“My” A blow over his hipbone.

“Opinion” Another on his lower abs, brushing against his cock. A gasp escaped his lips at that time.

“ And” A blow landed   a fraction of an inch from his cock making him gasp.

“ Disregard it.” One final blow , this one hard landing on  his chest.

 His eyes were as big as saucers now.  We’d played rough a few times, had dabbled into the bdsm  after his friend’s wives were all a tither about  50 shades.  My inner dome excited him on one level and scared him on many more, which is why we only dabbled.  I wanted more but I wanted his cooperation.  Today, however all bets were off and  he would pay the price.

“You’ve ignored my requests.”  Another firm swat on his chest.

“ You’ve ignored my opinion – which you asked for.”  One across his right nipple,   causing him to  wince.

“You’ve pissed me off Derek and now you’ll pay.”  He groaned , every muscle in his body tightened expecting the blow.  There was none.

 I moved from the bed,  his cock fully erect, jerked in excitement as I deliberately raked the heel of my booted foot across him.  Moving to the dresser I picked up the tablet, pulling up the image I’d seen of the  teddy I wanted from the  local store.   I made mental note of the alterations I wanted and said the words to transform.

 Instantly his body convulsed.  His eyes grew wide in horror as he tried to scream.   A blurring of lines occurred as I watched it happen.  Watched my Derek transformed into my “ custom made” teddy .  An intricately tooled design of a  powerful dragon  that would encircle my body.  I unzipped my new dress stepping out of it.  And slipped on the teddy, carefully tightening the lace up back.   The mouth of the dragon was at my mound that would massage and tickle while I wore it.  The dragon’s strong front talons gripping my breasts, kneading and massaging. The strong hind legs of the beast, positioned over each  full cheek where the outstretched talons could squeeze and grip while the wings made up  the  top portion that laced together.  The part unseen was what happened after donning my  Derek teddy.   The  life force in his form would push up through the fabric at the crotch and  fill me with his most intimate parts, pumping hot passion at whatever tempo or  force I decided.

 Instantly the warmth and  power of the suit overwhelmed my senses.  My hands over his on my breasts.  His tongue lapping, swirling  as I felt him enter me.  My knees nearly buckled as I walked carefully to the bed, falling onto it.   I hadn’t  anticipated the power, the   intensity that I would be bombarded with.   I soon lost myself in the suit, until the thrusting brought me to a fevered pitch of my own and I screamed with such release I collapsed drained onto the bed.

The charm would only last one phase of the moon.  By the next moon his life force would wane and become just a piece of clothing.   I didn’t want that, but I could already tell that it was dangerously addicting.   When I woke I had to try it again and again.  By the second day I lay  limp, with exhaustion.

Just once more and I’ll remove the teddy, and the spell.

* sigh*  OK, well I can get back to my usual scheduled  life of writing, editing, and  regular day job.  Sometimes we just need a cathartic cleansing of those bad vibes.

Any thoughts?

Write on my friends, write on!