Editing Services


Accepting manuscripts for October, November, and January!

There are common rates in the industry. These are basic guidelines. Rates vary considerably dependent on the nature of the body of work, the allotted time frame, as well as other factors. These rates are based on the industry standard being 250 words per page.

I  edit as my schedule allows.  In this vein, please don’t expect  an immediate turnaround. If you are interested in contacting me for editing services please email: l.e.mcatee@gmail.com with the subject EDITING INQUIRY.

Include in the body of email: genre, word count, a brief synopsis of the writing, what service you are requesting as well as your contact information.

TYPE OF WORK                 ESTIMATED PACE                                  PRICE

Basic copy-editing                          5-10 pgs/hr                                      $30/hour

Heavy copy-editing                         3-5 pgs/hr                                        $40/hour

Line editing                                     1-6 pgs/hr                                        $40/hour

Manuscript evaluation          *depends on word count*                          starts at $30.

proofreading                                   7-10 pgs/hr                                      $30/hour

transcribing                               *varies for  various factors                     $3/page



1000 – 10k                                                       $50

10k – 25k                                                         $100

25k -50k                                                       $150

50k – 75k                                                      $200

75k – 100k                                                     $250

100k – 150k                                                    $300

150k – 200k                                                   $350

200k +                                          CONTACT ME

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