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Poetry is something I enjoy reading, but can’t write.  Trust me, I’ve tried.  Mine always end up sounding like some limerick.  On that note however, I did win a limerick contest about my favorite character, Jericho Barrons.

Todays features are some poems by friends of mine (not EVEN going to post my lame attempts here!)  The first piece is Anna Mace, a 15 year old teen.  Anna loves to write ficiton and poetry, as well as read voraciously. She nejoys chemistry , maybe a little too much as she was fascinated with chemical reactions with a keen interest.  Hmmm, true writer’s mind there.

Your Game


Anna Mace

I’m living with a broken heart,

searching for a brand new start,

slowly, you’ve torn me apart.

We started out as rivals,

forced to fight for our survival,

encouraged to be almost tribal.

No longer will I play this game,

even if I hide in shame.

You will not get the best again.

I’m sick and tired of these rules,

being treated just like tools,

To entertain a crowd of fools.

You act as though you wouldn’t care,

sitting in your golden chair

when truth hits, I only stare.

I didn’t realize you enjoyed this so,

you wouldn’t weep if I should go,

How can you claim to love this show?

I’ll start fixing my own life,

now I kow this is not your strife

and in my place, you’d choose the knife.

The next one is from my friend David Alvin. Here’s his bio:

My name is David Alvin, I was born forty years ago in Illinois, grew up and graduated high school and Stetson University in Florida. Met my future wife Martha online in 2000. Moved up to North Dakota two years later and married her the following year, and we are blessed to live in Minot, North Dakota with our daughter Sarah and our son Jeffrey. I’ve been married nine years and currently work as office manager for a payday loan provider as well as a Sunday school teacher at my church.

Besides poetry which I’ve written off and on, I also have several novels to my credit such as “Progeny” and “Legacy“, books one and two of a science fantasy trilogy, “The Book of Numbers” accounting events in the Bible book of the same name, and several chapter-by-chapter Bible studies.   http://ensign183.multiply.com/journal

When I’m not writing I’m reading, spending time with my family, and developing our own health and wellness business. Anything is possible! 🙂smile

Halt at Ajalon


David Alvin

The sun and moon halt at Ajalon,
King Arthur heals in Avalon
as time holds.

 We’re outside with you, crowning glory
The garage light, on and off, tells the story
my hand holds,

 Beloved great friend of elves, I touch
Your heart across the miles, and so much
more to hold.

Touching, healing, soothing, precious salve
For the merchant, paying free to have
and to hold.

Arouse, awake my love when he please
You’re not, I pray not, prepared to tease
but to hold.

I offer you naught but all of me
The greatest gift I have, you can see,
you can hold.

My third and final offering today is by my friend, Allison Bruning:
Allison Bruning has had a passion for writing and photography since childhood. Allison originally hails from Marion, Ohio. Her father, Roland Irving Bruning, was the son of German immigrants who came to the United States at the turn of the 20th century. Her mother’s family had been in the United States since the 17th century. Allison is a member of the Daughters of American Revolution, tracing her linage to Private Rueben Messenger of Connecticut. She enjoys family stories, history and genealogy. Her educational background includes a BA in Theatre Arts with a minor in Anthropology and a Texas Elementary Teaching certificate. Both acquired at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. She received National Honor Society memberships in both Theatre Arts and Communication. Allison was also honored her sophomore year with admission into the All American Scholars register. She holds graduate hours in Cultural Anthropology and Education. In 2007 she was named Who’s Who Among America’s Educators. She is also the recipient of the Girl Scout Silver and Gold Awards. Allison is currently working towards a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Full Sail University.
Allison lives with her husband in Kentucky. Her interest includes Ohio Valley history, anthropology, travel, culture, history, camping, hiking, backpacking, spending time with her family, and genealogy.  She can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AllisonBruning. She is also on twitter @emeraldkell. Her blog can be found at http://allisonbruning.blogspot.com. Her author page on Goodreads is http://www.goodreads.com/emeraldkell and her Amazon author page may be found at http://amzn.to/LZ0UsT
Allison Bruning
The thought of death doesn’t elude me
As I sit upon the hard, cold ground
Just beside your tombstone
Beckoning my sorrows
I never thought this day would come

Life without you Grandma
Seems so unbearable
Why did you have to leave me?
Memories of those joyous days
we shared fill my mind
The past my friend,
The future without you, my enemy.
Oh how I will miss your
Laughter, wisdom and love.

My heart cries with sorrow!
Who will sing to me the songs of long ago?
Who will listen to my stories?
Who will share a strawberry shake with me at Burger King?
Who will I confide my secrets to?
Now that you are gone?

Grandma, Oh Grandma!
You taught me life long lessons
And showered me with unconditional love
You laid the foundations of my faith
And taught me to chase my dreams

A world without you
How can I go on?
My guide and friend
Blessed by all who called you their grandmother
You possessed a gentle heart
Kind spirit and unyielding faith
Mourned by many
Yet only a few truly knew you

You, my gracious wise grandmother
Rest with the angels now
Reconnected with your mother, brother, father and husband
Never forgotten and always loved

I shall be the woman you want me to become.
Never forgetting you
nor the lessons you have taught me
Grandma, O Grandma
Your time has come.

Do you write poetry?  Have you ever attempted it?  Do you enjoy reading poetry?  As I wonder over Shakespeare’s prose, Emily Dickenson, Pablo Neruda, William Blake , John Keats, and even Edgar Allen Poe I marvel at their brilliance.
Write On my friends, whether in poetic verse or general speech, write on!

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