It’s Almost Here

I have spent the bulk of my day  filling out online applications. I believe the online process is designed to test your patience, and provide humiliation for  any possibility of  feeling confident in your abilities.  The need for funds to replace my car, appliances, and pay college bills has me pounding the pavement, and surfing the web.

In between however I have been counting down the hours till Penned Con.

download (4)

I can hardly wait!  I am obsessing over what to wear – it’s a girl thing I know. I have it  narrowed down to 3 possibilities. Don’t judge me!

I  have read over the panel choices and already decided which ones I will attend. Here’s the  rundown:

  • What’s Trendy with Indies?

Where is the Indie market heading for 2014-2015?  Will Romance still be in or will fantasy reclaim its popularity?  What will be the next craze?


  • Battle Axes to Skimpy Dresses

How fantasy authors are successfully making the transition into the romance genre.



  • Wings, Fangs and Fur

Is paranormal a dying breed or is it still in our blood?


  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Getting real about editing, beta readers and dealing with book reviews.



  • Let’s Talk About Sex

Behinds closed doors or letting it all hang out? The nitty gritty of writing a killer sex scene.


  • Judge a Book by its Cover

How to create an eye-catching cover without breaking the bank and the hot cover models we all want to drool over.



  • Battle of the Sexes

Is having a male author name or pen name initials  better than selling as a female?


  • Bad to the Bone

When BAD BOYS make us want to embrace our darker side.



  • Book Boys We CAN’T Live Without

How to create steamy guys who melt our hearts and ensnare our dreams.


  • And Then There Were Two…

How to create an unforgettable couple that will leave fans begging for just one more book.



  • 3,2,1, GO!  

A multi-author interactive session with games and fun!


Seriously, how is a girl suppose to choose? Some of  my Indy friends are already there, checked into their hotel rooms, and I still have to prepare dinner for the family. When what I want to do is go take my shower, dry my hair, drive up to the venue, and hang out with an awesome bunch of peeps.

I shall take pics!  I shall take notes! I am about to fangirl   and squee! Did you see the mention above about cover models?

Yes, pictures with my peeps and  author favorites, and cover models to boot!

I wonder what will be in our goodie bags.  I wonder what books I’ll end up with, I wonder who I can interview . . . I wonder how in the world I will repay my awesome friend Aedan.

Stay tuned for the Penned con report, it’s going to ROCK!

Write on my friends,  I’m going to PENNED CON!

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