MSH Blog Tour – Krystol Diggs

My guest blogger today is Krystol Diggs. Krystol is the new formatter at MSH Publishing.  She’ll be joining us soon on Storytime to share a bit of her work with us on there.  Today we have the privilege of  pre-reading a bit of excerpt from her latest work.  So, sit back and enjoy a bit from  Prison Guard Diaries.


Dear Diary,
I had a great day at work yesterday. My boss didn’t hound me as usual with rounds from the different prison. I love working as a guard but I have better things to do. I was glad to finally taste inmate #24601. He was really good for sure. The fact that he kept his mouth shut made it even better.

You see,when I sleep with the inmates they can moan my first name Porsha, and they are allowed to never say my last name Banks because then the other inmates will catch on and know not only who I am but what’ going on.  UUmmm he tastes as good as a Mr. Goodbar. This is how it went.

“Hey Officer Reynold.” I said in my black police uniform.

“Banks. Your on til 6am got it?”

“Yes Sir.”

I was pissed because it was just 9 pm. I had my coffee in my hand and I was ready to work. And I don’t mean watch inmates all night. I was grabbing my clipboard and night stick when he said, “Oh and Banks…”

“Yes Sir?”

“From now on you will be the only guard on Pod 8 at night. If you need someone else to work with you just let me know.”

Inside I was smiling because I know that I could have all the sex I wanted.
Well, once I got the inmates to agree to it anyway. I walked away and looked at the clipboard and saw inmate number 24601.  I had been eying him some time now. He noticed me to. He was in for some drug
charge. But, the man had a body on him! I couldn’t help but grin as I went to Pod 8 to be the guard on duty. Lights didn’t go out  for another half hour. I roamed the pod as I saw the men talking to one another, writing, drawing, what ever they could do to pass the time. I saw one inmate admiring my curves from afar in my uniform. I must admit I am fine. Light skin, black hair, nice ass and breasts so plump and firm you would think they were plums.

The  men always checked me out. But, I had to stay assertive and firm. I never showed weakness. I kept
roaming from cell to cell when a white man caught my eye crying. I walked over with my f irm tone and said, “Why are you crying?”

“I just don’t want to be here, I didn’t kill that woman.” The man said.

I looked in my chart. It had every inmates  name with their crime. They found his wife in the house
dead. She was stabbed to death. His prints all over the knife, I know he wasn’t set up or was he? Hey,
I could give two shits if these inmates were guilty or not. My job was to guard them not have sympathy
for them. Well…and to fuck on occasion. I mean, why not? All these dicks in here, clean dicks at that….well for the most part.I can spot the faggots easily.

“Wipe your tears. Lights out in a few.” I said.

“Yes, Ma’am. You sure are pretty.”

I looked at him and kept walking. Then there he was. #24601. Just sitting in his cell with his shirt off doing some push-­‐ups. My pussy instantly got wet. He was one of the few inmates without a roommate.
When he was pushing up he noticed me and stopped

I was licking my lips. Sweat was glistening on his body like he just finished a boxing match. I was beyond
turned on.

“Hey Banks.” He said as he blew me a kiss. I just smiled at him “I saw you were at the rec watching me= work out.”

I still didn’t respond although he was whispering to me.

“Lights out in two minutes.” I said.

He grabbed his dick and looked at me. I had an empty piece of paper in my chart and wrote in it.
He had a look of fear on his face thinking I was going to write him up. After I finished writing him I held it


He smiled and sat in his bed. 24601 knew he was fine. His butterscotch skin with that great build, I knew he would be leaving soon so I had to act fast. I walked away from his cell while the other inmates talked to one another and entertained them the best they could. I went into my office and put on the intercom where the whole Pod could hear me.

“ Alright Boys, lights out! Now if you happen to hear any noise just ignore it. Trust me each of you will get a turn, eventually. Good night.” I started filling out the paperwork from my first round of the inmates. I did some filing and other things that my boss Reynolds wanted me do. With my radio blasting and my walkie-talkie on low, I was now ready.  I turned the radio off, took my hat off and my hair out of the bun,it dangled softly and the curls accented the uniform perfectly. I unzipped my zipper and got my cuffs, small flashlight, and night stick.

As I entered my way back on the pod some of the inmates were still talking, rapping, and some even praying. There were only 50 men or so on the pod. I took my night stick and drug it pass every cell when the noises stopped and the whispering began.

I heard a voice, “Yo, that’s Banks, I bet it is.”

I just smiled. I stopped the noise with the stick and opened the cell with the keys. I turned the small flash light on and there it was. Standing at salute. I smiled as I motioned for him to turn around. He
smiled and did as he was told.

I quickly cuffed him and pushed him on the bed.Since it was ready for me, my small framed body automatically went to the hot spot. Before I started to have my fudge bar, I whispered in his ear,
call me Porsha and don’t be so loud.

He said, “Okay, Porsha. I hope you know I’m gon fuck the shit out of you. I’ve been down 2 years too.”

I smiled and scrolled down. I looked at it, made sure there were no bumps andthen I gave him an oral exam. I took him in, slurped him hard as he moaned,

“Oh Shit. Damn Porsha.”

I could hear the inmate next to him say,“ Who the fuck is Posha?”

Then everyone started whispering and talking. I kept doing my duty while on duty. 24601 gripped my long hair while he was in cuffs. I couldn’t help but moan because I loved that shit.
“Fuck Porscha.”  He said in ecstasy.

I whispered to him, “MMM.  I thought you’d never ask. Don’t worry I’m putting the condom on you.”

“Good looking, Ma. Oh yeah, . . . when I’m hitting that fucking spot, call me daddy. okay?”

“Yes daddy.”

I placed the magnum condom on him as my wet pussy began to gyrate.  I was riding him like I was riding a horse.

“That’s right Porsha, ride this dick.”  He said as he placed his hands on my hips pulling me hard on it.

“Yes, daddy.”  I managed to say.

The other inmates were still talking loudly.  some were even jerking off as they heard the sounds  and smelled the sex through the air.

I stopped riding him and helped him stand up as I bent over.

“Oh, this is how you want it Porsha?”

He was no longer whispering.

“Yes, Daddy, keep going, I’m going to cum.”  I said in a British accent.

“That’s right bitch, cum on all daddy’s dick.”

I heard an inmate say, “Yo Finch fucking a British chick.  How the hell she get in here?”

He started pounding me faster as I heard him cumming. His breathing intensified and I moved away from him causing him to remove himself from my inside.  I whispered to him, “Don’t move or make a sound.”

He did as he was told.

I slowly pulled the condom off him with his remains inside and tied it in a knot.  I grabbed the keys and uncuffed him. I whispered, “See you on Wednesday, Daddy.”

He grabbed me with his hands and kissed me.

I quickly grabbed his hands tightly and said, ” No kissing, it’s too personal.”

He said, ” Sorry, It won’t happen again.  You’re very beautiful.”

I got myself together in routine and left the cell.  In my British accent I said out loud, “Inmate number 406201 you’re tomorrow night.”  As I walked back to my office I heard, “Yes. I’m going to handle that pussy better than Finch.  Nigga wasn’t doing it right.  She wasn’t loud enough.”

I smiled and went back to my desk.  As I put my hat back on my walkie went off, “Office on Pod 8, everything clear?”

“Pod secure.”  I said.

“10, 4.”

“Over and out.”

I looked at my watch adn it was 3:45 am.  I still had some time before my shift ended.  I sipped my cold coffee and began reading my book.  I was hooked on Zane this week.  the Sex Chronicles.  i was so wrapped up in my book that I didn’t realize it was now 5:45 am.  I got up and went back on pod 8.  the inmates were sound asleep. I went back into my office when Reynolds walks in to start his shift.

“How  was your first night at work, Banks?”

“Oh, it was fine.  The inmates actually followed direction and behaved quite well.”  I said.

“Yes, this bunch is quite good.  I”ll keep you here since it’s easy for you.”

“Okay sir.”

“good, banks.  Go home and get some rest.”

“Thank you sir.  I’m pretty beat.  Had a long night, with the paper work and all, but I got it all finished.”

“Great!  Most officers on duty usually leave the paperwork for me to do. ” He said.

“No it’ fine, I don’t mind.”

Well then, I’ll have you do that and make rounds. Have a good day.  See you tonight.”

“Oh yeah, I’ll definitely be here.”

I smiled and left the office.  I went to my locker and got my purse and jacket.  As I  was leaving the facility all the officers said hello as they were coming in.

I got in my car and smiled as I pulled off Hyde Park Correctional Center.  so, I had a great first day at work.  I think I’ll like it here.  Until next time diary,

P. Banks

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