A to Z Challenge -Y


Y -yellow






I know I used them before but they are yellow so I’m using them again. They are just so vibrant and sun-shiny!!!









Just look at these beauties!  I have a couple of people asking me for bulbs once the flowers fade.

Until then, I am enjoying the show!




Yellow Road Lines Dividing The Center Of An Old Road

Yellow lines on the road. A sight that I see on most of these winding country back roads.

Y- Yarn.

20151215_07463120160210_074557Yarn – and look, one of them is even yellow! The three skeins in

<—this photo are for a Frank Lloyd Wright architect scarf for an auction event. —> This is what I do with leftover yarn, make cup cozies! Well, that and some other things. I’ve been cleaning  my basement, *shudders* and discovered that I am on the verge of being a hoarder with yarn. I’ve found 7 skeins of yarn that I forgot I had, 12 partial skeins leftover from other projects, and numerous scraps of partial skeins.  I didn’t count them, but  they filled a kitchen trash bag 3/4 full. Holy cow I’ve got a lot of yarn! Cup cozies for everyone!

I told you all before, I suffer from stuffitis! Apparently bordering on hoarding of yarn and craft stuff.  I could open a craft boutique in my basement if it was in order!  Is there such a thing as a  yarn addict support group? Because I may have a problem here. Maybe.

Write on my friends, write on!






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